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Supplier Location:  United States (My Country)
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  • Buy New G684 Granite

    Request Supplier Location: China
    we are looking for new G684 material for stone housing projects in Europe. 
    Please contact us if you can offer replacements for G684 shipped from Xiamen port. 
    Ideally we would prefer if the production is located in Fujian (Shuitou) and the goods can be shipped out from Xiamen port. 
    Best regards,
    Slovenia Aug 21,2018
  • Buy Turkish Black Queen Marble Block fro Sculpting

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey

    I want to buy Black Queen 150x200x100cm What price and when available? 

    Thank you.

    UK-Edinburgh Aug 21,2018
  • Buy Marble Gangsaw unit in Vietnam

    Request Supplier Location: Viet Nam

    Want to put up a marble Gangsaw unit at Luc Yen in Yen Bai Province Vietnam or near marble quarries in Quy hop . 

    If possible in collabration with some quarry owners.If anybody is ready to . 

    Contact with the terms of co-operation. 


    Bạn muốn đặt một đơn vị Gangsaw đá cẩm thạch tại Lục Yên ở Yên Bái Việt Nam hoặc gần các mỏ đá cẩm thạch ở Quỳ Hợp. Nếu có thể trong cộng tác với một số chủ sở hữu mỏ đá. Nếu bất kỳ ai sẵn sàng. Liên hệ với các điều khoản hợp tác.

    India-Tamil Nadu-Madurai Aug 21,2018
  • Buy Azul Macaubas-Aurora Blue Quartzite Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,Italy,Brazil,Spain,China

    I am looking for Azul Macaubas-Aurora Blue Quartzite Slabs. Please advise size and price of slab. 


    Singapore Aug 20,2018
  • Buy Absolute Black Granite Block

    Request Supplier Location: India

    I am looking for Absolute Black Granite Block 5.3 meters long x 1.7 meters high x 40cm thick. for custom monument. 

    Can you provide?


    Canada-Ontario -Toronto Aug 20,2018
  • Buy Blue Van Gogh Quartzite

    Request Supplier Location: Brazil,United States
    I want to buy Blue Van Gogh Quartzite 
    USA Aug 20,2018
  • Buy Classic Beige Travertine Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Dear Sir/Madam, 

    Kindly quote for Travertine classico 120cm x 60cm x 2cm, 3cm - 850M2 (Filled and Honed finish) 

    60cm x 30cm x 3cm,2cm - 850M2 (Filled and Honed finish ) 

    Your offer C&F Bahrain in USD

    Bahrain Aug 19,2018
  • Buy Turkish Light Beige Travertine

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey





    India-Rajasthan-Jaipur Aug 18,2018
  • Buy Flamed Granite Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hello . I need tiles of 60x60x2 flamed, the color must be beige, cream, or light brown. Looking for the lowest price
    Romania-Bucuresti Aug 18,2018
  • Buy Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    We required marble blocks. kindly send your product details. Delivery Term : CNF Dammam Port, Saudi Arabia. Required Qty : Several containers
    Saudi Arabia-Riyadh Aug 18,2018
  • Buy Light Emperador Dream Marble

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for Emperador Dream.light colour 

    polished tiles 30x60x2cm, 60x60x2cm,

     polished steps 120x33x3cm 

    beveled & polished risers 120x15x2cm and 

    polished and beveled skirting60x10x2cm 

    2X20 container FOB and CRF Bahrain

    Bahrain Aug 18,2018
  • Buy Bulgaria Grey Porphyry Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Italy,Bulgaria

     I am looking for this material: Grey Porphyry Bulgaria. 

     Do you have a distributor in the US? 

    The material will be used in an outdoor bar at an apartment building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

     We need slabs that are 3 cm thick. 

     Approximately 3 slabs. 

    Thank you

    USA-Pennsylvania-Plymouth Meeting Aug 17,2018
  • Buy Palissandro Classico Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Italy,United Kingdom
    Looking for Palissandro Classico 305 x 305 x 10mm x 50m2
    UK-Bucks Aug 17,2018
  • Buy Light Beige Travertine Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    looking for very light beige color travertine tiles. need 400/m2
    USA Aug 17,2018
  • Buy Coffee Granite / Coffee Pearl Granite

    Request Supplier Location: India

    Looking for Coffee granite / coffee pearl granite rate with GST At our vadodara- Gujarat site.

    Q: 10000 sq ft 

    Kindly show us fare rate approx up to Vadodara-

    India-Gujarat-Vadodara Aug 16,2018
  • Buy Crushed Pebble, Coarse Aggregate, Gravel

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey

    Hello there 

    I'm looking for Coarse aggregate chip 1 and chip 2, and also fine aggregate stone dust 0-4 about 3.000 tones delivering in Rhodes Greece with a ship at Lardos port.

    Please provide me any info you can like price details of transportation etc.

    Thank you in advance 

    Greece Aug 16,2018
  • Buy Rainbow Sandstone Honed Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: United States

    I am looking for Rainbow Sandstone Honed Slabs. 

    I was talking to someone on Tuesday and they kept dropping the call. 

    I need to know price, size of the slabs, shipping and availability please. 

    USA-Utah-Murray Aug 16,2018
  • Buy Colonial White and Colonial Gold Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: India,China

    Please quote your least price for the following items.Please mentioned the delivery terms and payment terms for Salalah(Sultanate Of Oman) 

    **Granite (Colonial White 30x60x2) - 1000 m2 

    **Granite (Colonial Gold 30x60x2) - 1000 m2


    Oman Aug 16,2018
  • Buy CNC Stone Cutting Machine

    Request Supplier Location: Italy,China
    We are Dealer in Chile: Please sen price for dealer of following models. INNOVA 2500 INNOVA 3000 -  Cnc Stone Cutting Machine for Marble and Granite
    Chile-Santiago Aug 16,2018
  • Buy Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Respected Sir / Madam,

     I Yash from Chennai India is looking out for good, nice and different kind of material in natural stones like Imported Marbles.

     If anyone is having good blocks of marble kindly update me with the images and prices.

    India-Tamil Nadu-Chennai Aug 16,2018
  • Buy Vietnam SL White Granite

    Request Supplier Location: Viet Nam

    Hello! I am interested in granite White Sl in the following sizes and quantities. 

    30x60x1,5 polished, tile -198 m2 

    120х80х6 polishing front and back -19,2m2 

    120х12х10 polished, pedestal -2,88 m2 

    180x60x3 polished - 43.2 m2 

    180x65x3 polished -23.4 m2 

    188x22x3 polished -16,54 m2 

    174x22x3 polished -7,66 m2 

    174x25x3 polished -8,7 m2 

    180x20x7 polished -7,2 m2

    Belarus-Hrodna Aug 16,2018
  • Buy Avallon Grey Limestone

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,Spain,Tunisia,Morocco
    I am looking for Avallon Grey Limestone.
    Australia-Western Australia-Osborne Park Aug 16,2018
  • Buy Classic Beige Marble

    Request Supplier Location: Pakistan,India,Iran
    I want to buy 2000 sq. ft. Classic Beige Marble
    India Aug 15,2018
  • Buy Sapphire Brown/Sapphire Blue Granite Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: Greece,Portugal,Spain,Italy,France,Turkey,Germany
    Dear Sirs,
    We need Sapphire Brown/Sapphire Blue granite blocks from a stockyard in Europe. The delivery time must be 7-10 days by truck.
    Thank you very much.
    Yours sincerely,

    Belarus-Minsk Aug 15,2018
  • Buy Indian Black Stone

    Request Supplier Location: India
    We are looking for Indian stone rough (Black) Sizes 30 * Longest Open Thickness 2 cm
    UAE Aug 15,2018
  • Buy White Onyx Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iran,Bulgaria,Macedonia,Turkey,Greece

    Hello, We are looking for the best quality of White Onyx blocks, in order to buy them and process them in our factory. The blocks we are looking for should cover the following dimensions : - 2 pcs of 260 x 130 x 46 cm - 2 pcs of 260 x 170 x 62 cm Beside those 4 massives, please take into consideration that we will need 1 or 2 blocks as substitute, depending on what we will find. We will need the highest standard quality material, without veins, cracks, or other defects. I would like to mention that these are for a big and fastidious project, and other orders will follow. The quality is the main factor for this project. If you can provide White Onyx blocks that meet our requirements, please send us a list with the blocks and their dimensions, in order to identify blocks that we can come and inspect at your factory in the following days. Looking forward to recieving your reply. Please send me an e-mail in order to be able to send you some pictures with the quality of the material we are looking for. 

    Thank you very much and best regards.

    Romania Aug 15,2018
  • Buy Turkish Travertine Tiles & Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey
    We look forward to Travntin Turkish Unpolished 30 * Sizes longer open thickness of 3 cm( vein cut) honed please send details by email 
    UAE Aug 15,2018
  • Buy landscaping stones and flagstones

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries


    I am looking for landscaping stones and flagstones, different colors, regular and not regular sizes. 

    If you have what to offer please send me a pictures of your products to my email. 

    Also will be glad to get a price list also.

    Lithuania-Panevezys Aug 14,2018
  • Buy Tundra Gray Marble

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Dear Sirs/Madams, This is Hannah writing from (....) – British furniture manufacturer based in Vietnam. We are in need urgent 2 pcs this kind of Tundra Gray stone. MB-01-490: Dia.150 x 95 mm / Honed (J) – block stone.

     We would like to get quotation and ETD confirmation ASAP if you can offer. Kindly advise. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

    Thanks & Best regards, 

    Viet Nam-Thuan An Town Aug 14,2018
  • Buy Granite White Viscount 3cm Countertops

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    White Viscount 3 cm Countertops, polished with a flat edge and square corners, 64 total pieces, Will be shipped to Springfield Missouri. 

    Drawing is attached. 

    The drawing does not include sink cutouts out of concern of breaking during shipping. 

    Would prefer to have sinks cutout if possible. 

    I can provide that drawing at request. the larger counters will be the ones with the sinks.


    USA Aug 14,2018
  • Buy Bianco Perlino 20mm Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Italy
     We are trying to 230m2 20mm polished slab of Bianco Perlino May thanks
    UK-Stockenchurch Aug 14,2018
  • Buy Mugla White Marble Slabs,Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Bulgaria,Macedonia,Turkey,Greece
    I am interesting in Mugla white marble about 300-500m2 in slabs or 60x60cm. Th.2cm,Finish - polished.
    Czech Republic-Brno Aug 14,2018
  • Buy Mures Quartzite, Romania Beige Quartzite

    Request Supplier Location: Romania,Bulgaria,Greece
    I am looking for Mures Quartzite, Romania Beige Quartzite Slabs & Tiles.
    Czech Republic-Prague Aug 14,2018
  • Buy Artificial Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    160 cm x 320 cm x 2cm 102 items.
    1 Pure-White - 10 plate.
    2 NG-01 Fantasy Royal - 10 plate
    3 Light Grey - 10 plate
    4 NG -41 Cloud Gray -5 plate
    5 NG- 28 Whit Cristal stone - 20 plate
    6 NG-38 Classic Microcrystlline -5 plate
    7 NG- 07 Snow White Crystal White - 30 plate
    NG - 83 Calacata - 12 plate
    160cm x 320 cm x 2 cm
    Write how much you have to wait for the stone.
    Best Regards 
    Poland-Szydłowiec Aug 14,2018
  • Buy Thala Grey Polished Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Tunisia,Egypt

    I need URGENT quotation for Thala Grey polished in 60 x 120 x 1.5 or 2 cm for 3,500 sq mtrs please reply URGENTLY 

    Best regards

    Mexico-Naucalpan Aug 13,2018
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