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  • Buy Indian White, Black Galaxy Granites from China

    Request Supplier Location: China
    Dear Valued Suppliers, 
    I am Hieu from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 
    I am looking for suppliers from China who can supply some Granite colors including Indian White, Black Galaxy,...and other colors with specifications as follows:
    - Colors: Indian White & Black Galaxy and other colors. 
    - Size: 90-240cm long x 60-100cm wide x 2.0cm thick
    - Appearance: Machine polished, no lines on surface, good quality. 
    - Expected prices: will discuss on whatsapp. 
    - Expected payment: LC 100%, means we will open LC 100% in the bank. And we will make entire payment after the granite arrived at the buyers' workshops in Vietnam. 
    - Type of cooperation: long term 
    Hope to receive messages from valued and suitable suppliers. 
    We can invite suppliers for visiting our buyers' workshop physically. 
    Thanks and best regards
    Viet Nam Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Piedra Alcaniz Sandstone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Italy,Bulgaria,Spain,Germany,Greece

    I want to buy Piedra Alcaniz Dear Supplier, Please can you provide a quotation for the above stone. We are looking for approx. 150m2 at 40mm or 50mm thickness. 

    Kind regards

    UK-Day Redruth Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Perlato Tirreno Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Italy
    I want to buy Perlato Tirreno Slab must be very close to the photos attached in terms of colour and texture. This is for a restoration project and the new stone will sit beside the existing stone
    UK-London Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Blue Stone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    I am looking for Blue Stone that really looks like blue stone. I am from Belgium so I know. I am doing a 6000 square foot house in Houston TX. I attached you the picture I really like. What is your price and your delay for delivery. 


    USA-Houston Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Lunel Rubane Marble

    Request Supplier Location: France
    I am looking for Lunel Rubane slabs and blocks for big project. do you have this material? thanks
    Italy-San Gregorio Magno Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Red Granite Cube Stone

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    I want to buy Red granite cubes 10x10x10cm about 200 m2. How much? 

    And what time you could prepare and delivery?

    Lithuania-Raseiniai Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Absolute Black Granite Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: India,China

    We request absolute black granite price in slabs of 2 cm or pieces of 100x85x2, 100x90x2, 100x100x2. 


    Spain-Sevilla Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Brazilian yellow quartzite tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Brazil

    Hello! Our company is situated in Russia, Moscow. 

    We have a very large order. We need 8500 m2 of brazilian yellow quartzite tiles. 

    Dimensions: 1000*1000*40 mm 

    Can you make that quantity of tiles in that format? 

    We hope we will build a strong partnership. 

    Also we want visit Brazil and your factory. 

    Thank you!

    Russian-Moscow Sep 20,2017
  • Buy Thala Beige Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Looking for Thala Beige 10 000 sqm please supply price for tiles and slabs
    Morocco-Casablanca Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Cheap Granite Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: India,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,China,Egypt,Viet Nam

    Hi, We need some cheap granite for a project, about 23000sqm, color is YELLOW, RED, GREY, BLACK. Please offer your pictures with the FOB price, size is 20x20x8cm, top bush hammer or flamed. We need the best price for it.

    Thank you!

    Pakistan Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Saint Croix Limestone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,Italy,Spain,China,France,Germany

    I'm requesting quotes for the following materials: 

    - Saint Croix Limestone - 3/4" thick - sizes 1'x7' and 2'x7'  

    Quantity: 18,000 sq.ft. 


    USA-California-Brisbane Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Second Hand Wire Saw Machine

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hello I am looking for second hand crne 25-30t and second hand single wire saw.
    Bosnia and Herzegovina-STANARI Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Arctic White Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Arctic White Marble block.
    Italy-Carrara Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Green Spanish Slate Roof Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Spain

    Hi, we are looking for a supplier for green Spanish slate roof tiles .

    Please can you call Jason

    UK-Blackburn Sep 19,2017
  • Buy G341 Granite Kerbstone

    Request Supplier Location: China
    we are looking 3000 meters of curbstones 20x30 lenght 80-120 cm slot 4 cm by 12 cm. material G341 or similar, price FOB Qingdao
    Poland Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Granite Pavers, Cobble Stones

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Granite Paver as follow Yellow color Red Color Black color size should be 200x200x80mm total quantity is 20,000m2
    Qatar-Doha Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Solnhofen Flagstone

    Request Supplier Location: Germany

    Dear sirs, we're interest in your Solnofer flagstone about thickness cm 4/6. We are importer and exporter of natural STONES. Please send us hte price for ton about all you thickness of flagstones and the weight for sqm Tell me about the Ex works price and address of the quarry. 

    Thank you much. 

     Best regards

    Italy-Rovigo Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Eiffel White Marble

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hello,now we are bidding a large project with Eiffel white. we may need more than 20000 square meters tiles. If you have them, please send me more photos, contact me as soon as possible 
    China-Fujian-Xiamen Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Black Storm Granite Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Brazil,China
    I am interested in Black Storm Granite Slabs,. Do you have a representative who are selling this stone in China?
    China-Fujian-Xiamen Sep 19,2017
  • Buy Colombia Perlato Marble

    Request Supplier Location: Colombia
    I am looking for Colombia Perlato. I want to know how your company are selling this product for a small qty of sq meter or whole container. I also want to know if your company ship to the Caribbean island and at last your price per sq meter. thnx in advance
    Antilles Sep 18,2017
  • Buy G687 Granite or G640 Granite Steps and Risers

    Request Supplier Location: India,Iran,China,Pakistan
    need cheapest steps and riser for project.
    160x33=600 (pcs) 30mm one side edge polished (steps)
    160x15=600 (pcs) 18mm) riser
    130x33=600 (pcs) 30mm one side edge polihsed
    130x15=600 (pcs) 18mm riser.
    i need cheapest granite for this project, price should be cnf.
    and all price should be in (shuiba port)
    colour will be acceptable (g-687,g-640 similer to this colour cheapest colour).
    note:- edge polished means only 1mm edge ( no need bull nose or half bull nose) 
    all polished granite.
    i will tel my target price,if this target price meet your requirment please let me know.
    steps = 12 $ cnf including 1mm edge polished
    riser= 8 $ cnf
    this is my target price.
    thank you.
    Kuwait Sep 18,2017
  • Buy Moon Limestone Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey

    I want to buy Moon Limestone Hello sir, We would like to have your best offer for the material mentionned bellow: Description : HONED,Brushed,Rough, Dimensions : Slabs of 3cm thickeness. 

    Please note we're interested in 2 Containers. 

    Make sure to contact me on my mail. 

    Waiting for your feedback 

    Sincerely yours

    Morocco Sep 18,2017
  • Buy concrete bath and concrete basins

    Request Supplier Location: Indonesia

    Hi I am visiting Bali, Indonesia in November 2017 and would like to purchase a concrete bath and 5 x concrete basins and have them shipped to Sydney. Can you please advise of a manufacturer in Bali that I can visit to order these items please and have them organise shipping. 

    Thank you. 

    Australia-New South Wales-Maxcot Sep 18,2017
  • Buy Port Saint Laurent Marble

    Request Supplier Location: Italy,France

    I want to buy Port Saint Laurent Marble 

    200 m² 60x60x2 cm 

    100 m² 2 cm slabs 

    100 m² 3 cm slabs

    Austria-Styria-Graz Sep 18,2017
  • Buy Quartz Stone Production Line, Quartz Stone Pressing Machine

    Request Supplier Location: China
    Hello I need the machines to produce 800 * 3100 mm plate I want to learn the whole plant price to produce 4000-5000 m2 per month It is also possible to produce the following stones with these machines. 
    Turkey-Sakarya Sep 17,2017
  • Buy Filetto Rosso Trani Limestone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: United States

    I am looking for Filetto Rosso Trani Limestone Tiles. Please let me know where I can purchase in the USA. 

    Thank you, 

    Best Regards, 

    USA-Texas-Friendswood Sep 17,2017
  • Buy Fossil Beige, Agora Beige, Perlato Fiorito

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Contact me on whatsapp .... I am interested in blocks of fossil beige .
    India-Jaipur Sep 17,2017
  • Buy Grey Granite Kerbstone, Pavers

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,Romania,Italy,Serbia,Bulgaria,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Czech Republic,Turkey,Egypt,Greece

    Hi, I need for my business 

    Grey Granite Kerbstone naturally split granite, 140 pces 100x20x5 and for testing Granite Cube Stone 2m2 6X6X4 Grey Granite Paving Stone 2m2 :20X20X4 2m2 :20X40X4 2m2 :20X60X4 delivery in france next to paris. 

    Is it possible, can you tell me the price. 

     Best regards 

    France-Fontenay-sous-Bois Sep 17,2017
  • Buy China Green Granite Countertop

    Request Supplier Location: United States

    I need to secure a small countertop for a new counter added to a kitchenette. Am desiring to match the "China Green" Granite. Am hoping you can provide such service or direct me to who has this color available!!! 

     Sincerely Steven

    USA-Utah-Washington Sep 16,2017
  • Buy Pakistan Green Onyx Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Pakistan
    I am inquiring for following Slabs 25mm X 2000MM X 3250 MM polished Onyx Green 5 Each Pakistan Popular Luxury Green 5 Each Lucky Multicolor 5 Blue crystal; 5 Green Jade 5 Yellow Gold 5 Pakistan Blue Back Lit 5 Each Red Jade 5 Each Dark Green 10 Each Green Onyx pedestal Sinks 4 Dark Green Balustrade for Dinning Talble and 4 Dark green Balustrades for Coffee Tables
    USA Sep 16,2017
  • Buy San Vicente Limestone

    Request Supplier Location: Spain

    I want to buy San Vicente Limestone 4cm thick and 8cm thick brushed finish and flamed finish for external cladding. stone height is 45cm with different width not less than 62cm. total quantity is 4700m². 

    Pleases send me your prices with an updated for the existing stone you have.

    Lebanon-Beirut Sep 16,2017
  • Buy Onyx White Jade

    Request Supplier Location: Pakistan,Iran,China,Turkey

    Dear Sir, dear Madam, we do need Onyx White Jade 400sqm 80x80x1,8 or 2cm Alternative 90x90x1,8 or 2cm Approx. 50sqm Slabs 3cm Approx. 30sqm Slabs 1,8 or 2cm

     Please contact us

    Germany-München Sep 15,2017
  • Buy Natural Chinese Basalt Wall Panels

    Request Supplier Location: China,United Kingdom
    I am looking at sourcing 4no 2ft x 4ft 25mm thick structurally re-in-forced Natural Chinese Basalt panels, in a flamed finish, Royal black colour. We are to repair an externally cladded wall, and I’m looking for a product to match the existing material. Please find attached photos for reference Is this something you supply or can produce? if so please provide details and a quotation. Thank you in advance, Elena Bassom
    UK Sep 15,2017
  • Buy SL White Granite

    Request Supplier Location: Viet Nam
    I am looking for SL White Granite. Can U Please quote the best price for 2X1 2X2 4X2 3.5X4 6ftX FL 4Ft X fl Please call me
    India-All-Chennai Sep 15,2017
  • Buy Vanilla Ice Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey,United States
    I am looking for Vanilla Ice Marble Tiles Abbouth 2000 sf 12X24 OR 24X24, Beige Marble Flooring Tiles Turkey.
    USA-New Jersey-Hackensack Sep 14,2017
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