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Supplier Location:  United States (My Country)
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  • Buy Calacatta Gold Marble Slabs

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: Italy
    I am looking for Calacatta Gold Marble Slab or quarry blocks. 12 containers .
    USA-Texas-Greenville Nov 09,2017
  • Buy Limestone Paving Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Hello, request for paving: 

     Material: limestone. 

     Finish: honed / polished.

    Colour: V. Beige and blue Size: 100 mm. 

    Best regards.

    Morocco-Temara Nov 09,2017
  • Looking for Golden Melody Granite Island Top

    Request Supplier Location: United States

    I installed Golden Melody on an island in my kitchen 11years ago.

    I would now like to replace the counter tops with this same Golden melody granite. 

    I live in El Dorado Hills, outside of Sacramento CA. Is this possible?

    USA-California-El Dorado Hills Nov 09,2017
  • Buy Diamond Wire

    Request Supplier Location: China
    Hi we are looking for this Electroplated diamond Wire, please find below details, you have size quote your best price 
    1. FD LSR-A ø 8,5mm 30GC L. 25,40m LSRA8 Electroplated diamond wirecomposed with 30 tapered beads ø8,5mm per meter, assembled with SHXpolymeric coating and springs in closedloop, 25,40m long. Product made withOriented Crystal® Technology. QTY 9Nos
    2. FD VIP-A Ø6 30GC -ML14.30 Electroplated diamond wire, typeVIP-A with 30 beads/m Ø 6, assembledwith vulcanized rubber and sprigs inclosed loop lenght 14,30 mt, realizedwith "Oriented Crystals" technology ®.Patented. Qty 5Nos

    UAE-Dubai Nov 09,2017
  • Looking for Stone Machines

    Request Supplier Location: Italy
    3.BIZZO / BISSO X2
    5.PILLARS X2
    FOR granite slabs and blocks size

    South Africa-Gauteng-Pretoria Nov 08,2017
  • Buy Sandstone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: China

    Greetings sandstone suppliers, I am looking for best quality sandstone slabs with dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 50mm thick. Colours I need are white, beige, cream, grey. Finish to be sawn on all sides with no saw marks top and bottom. I am looking for some pricing FOB per container load. Could you also please advise how many square metres can fit in one container (24 tonne capacity) and also which port this container will leave from. 

    Thank you

    Australia-New South Wales-Sydney Nov 08,2017
  • Buy Simec Block Cutting Machine

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for Simec Marble/Granite Block Cutting Machine.
    Pakistan-Rawalpindi Nov 07,2017
  • Buy swimming pool overflow drain grate

    Request Supplier Location: Greece
    Hello- trying to price your overflow drain grate please 120 linear feet
    USA-Missouri-Springfield Nov 07,2017
  • Buy G654 Granite Paving Tiles, Curbs, Steps

    Request Supplier Location: China
    I would like to ask you for quotation of G654 or alternative black material:
    - cubs, one side flamed, other sides cut, format 8x8x8cm, quantity 386m2
    - paving, format 50x30x8cm, flamed surface, other sides cut, quantity 47m2
    - paving, format 60x60x8cm, flamed surface, other sides cut, quantity 7,35m2
    - steps, 40pc 16,8x125x5cm, polished surface, two short sides polished
    - steps, 40pc 33,7x125x5cm, polished surface, one long side and two short sides polished
    - skirting, format 100x10x5cm, 33linear meter
    - paving, format 60x30x5cm polished surface, cut sides, quantity 71m2
    We need:
    - unit price for m2 (unit price have to be final - no additional fees, I mean packing fees, ....), format of available slabs
    - validity of your offer
    - payment conditions
    - indicative production time for the supply 
    - your pictures of the stone 
    - FOB
    With best regards
    Slovakia-Cadca Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Verde Fountain Granite Tiles

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: Brazil,China


    I am interested in the Verde Fountain granite 2 cm. Will need this in different sizes, 100 pcs 24"x24" , Inches 50 pcs of 16"x48" Inches Please let me know what the cost will be to produce this including the time frame. 

    Also I will need a current small sample of this granite. The granite will need to be ship out to USA, California


    USA-California-Hayward Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Artificial Stone Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Need Orange color, Yellow color and Red Color natural or artificial stone of the size 96 inches X 36 inches - 8 numbers. Shipment to Farmington, Michigan, USA. Please call me at ...... 

    Please provide an image of the product and a quote. 

    Please email me 

    USA Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Ocean Blue Marble Slabs

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hello - I am interested in 9 slabs of ocean blue marble. Can you please tell me if you have this and how much the cost is. Also how long to ship to Stuart, FL 34996
    USA Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Bubble Onyx Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey

    Dear Sir or Madam, We would like to buy the blocks of onyx Bubble. Could you give a price by EUR/m3. 

    With best regards

    Montenegro-Danilovgrad Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Moca Creme Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,Spain
    I am looking for Moca Creme Blocks, Moca Cream Fine Grain Limestone.
    Greece- -Thessaloniki Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Limra Limestone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey
    I want to buy Limra Limestone 30*60*2 cm
    Saudi Arabia-Jeddah Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Pure White Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Looking for Pure White Marble Blocks for more Please send us email
    Italy-Verona Nov 07,2017
  • Looking for Sky Blue Marble

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Sky Blue Marble for an interior in Mumbai, India
    India-Maharashtra-Mumbai Nov 07,2017
  • Buy Granite Splitface Wall Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: China,Viet Nam
    300*600*30 &600*600*30 : 500m2 with natural granite as attached files with FOB price
    Viet Nam Nov 06,2017
  • Looking for Rocas Azul Limestone

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for Rocas Azul baseboard
    USA-California Nov 06,2017
  • Buy Black Granite Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: India
    Hi Can you send me the black granite block list? Best regards
    Bosnia and Herzegovina-STANARI Nov 06,2017
  • Buy Ariston White Marble

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Dear Sir
    I am Mahmoud Said - Director of Verona Marble Company - Kuwait
    I want to ask if you have the ability to supply quantity 6500 SQM 2 CM size 60*60 polished finish
    2000 SQM 3 CM size 150*33 polished finish
    Marble of Ariston White According to the pictures attached 
    prices are C&F kuwait 
    i wait you answer ASAP please 

    Kuwait Nov 06,2017
  • Looking for aluminum honeycomb panels

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: China
    We are interested in purchasing aluminum honeycomb panels in the following sizes: 4 feet by 8 feet and 4 feet by 10 feet. Can you send me information and pricing?
    USA-California-Ventura Nov 06,2017
  • Buy Wire Saw Machine

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are interested in multiwire cutting machines 05, 10 and 20 wire. 

    We want to get from your all technical info parameters and the price. 

    We very much look forward to your prompt response. 

    Lithuania-Kaunas Nov 06,2017
  • Buy White Wood Marble 2cm Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    20 mm thick White Wood Marble
    Polished Slabs
    Quantity=1750 m2
    Price CIF Dubai
    Client Budget=USD 27/m2
    UAE-Dubai Nov 06,2017
  • Buy Nile Grey Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Nile Grey to Dubai please let me know the price
    UAE-Dubai Nov 06,2017
  • Looking for Giallo Etrusco Marble Slabs

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: United States
    I want to buy Giallo Etrusco Need 3 slabs, delivered to houston tx
    USA Nov 04,2017
  • Looking for Selina Blue Limestone,Pula Blue Limestone

    Request Supplier Location: United Kingdom
    I want to buy Pula Blue honed and would like prices for different sizes
    UK Nov 04,2017
  • Buy Marble Tiles

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    we want buy the following color if you have please send to me around 1500 sqm.
    Tanzania-Dar es salaam Nov 04,2017
  • Looking for Rosa Ermita Cantera

    Request Supplier Location: Mexico,United States
    I want to buy Rosa Ermita Cantera for a kitchen renovation, smooth please. do you stock?
    USA-California Nov 04,2017
  • Buy Turko Argento Limestone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey

    Hi I would like to enquire of costs of container with 610x610x10mm Turco Argento limestone About 500 m2 Price FOB per m2 Material has to be free of black marks. 


    Australia-Western Australia-Maylands Nov 04,2017
  • Buy Sivec White Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Bulgaria,Macedonia,Greece

    Dear Sirs Kindly Send your best price for Slabs 2cm Sivec A Slabs 2cm Sivec AP Slabs 2cm Sivec PB 

    Thank You

    UAE-Abu Dhabi Nov 04,2017
  • Buy Onyx Blocks

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: Iran

    we are in need of 

    - Green Onyx , sizes suitable to getting slabs

    - Orange Onyx, sizes suitable to getting slabs 

    - Origin: Iran 

    - Qty. : 500 Ton/ Monthly of one them 

    - Delivery: Sharjah RGD, Ahmad

    UAE-sharjah-Sharjah Nov 03,2017
  • Buy Lanka White - Andromeda White, White Lanka Granite Slabs

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: India,Sri Lanka,China
    I am looking for Lanka White - Andromeda White, White Lanka Granite Slabs. Please quote 1 x 20ft container polished 3cm gangsawn slabs FOB
    Australia-New South Wales Nov 03,2017
  • Buy Emperador Dark Polished Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Spain

    Dear sirs, We have a project for which we need Emperador Dark polished slabs 400m2. Please send us photos, delivery time and prices of polished slabs d2cm and d3cm for three selections. The preferred dimensions of slabs are 150-160 x 250-260 x 2cm. Slabs must be free of cracks and holes. I will personally inspect goods before loading, because this is a business financed government by our country. 

    Best regards

    Serbia -Belgrade Nov 03,2017
  • Buy Vietnam Pure White Marble Polished Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Viet Nam
    Dear sir,
    please send the price list and picture for the following quantity:
    1 Diamond White Polished slabs : 180x65x2cm- 420 M2 
    2 Diamond White Polished slabs : 180x95x2cm- 600 M2 
    3 Diamond White Polished slabs : big sizes- 230 M2 
    4 Diamond White Small and medium size Blocks: 26 MT
    India Nov 03,2017
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