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Natural Stones

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  • Guazubira Granite

    Additional Names: Guazuvira Granite...
    Guazuvira Granite,Red Salmon Granite,Violeta Imperial Granite,Granito Rojo Guazubira,Salmon Red Granite

    Uruguay -- Granite

  • Grey Blue Granite

    Additional Names: Granito Gris Azul...
    Granito Gris Azul,Gris Imperial Granite

    Uruguay -- Granite

  • Caramel Pink Granite

    Additional Names: Rosa Canellones Granite
    Rosa Canellones Granite

    Uruguay -- Granite

  • Volga Blue Granite

    Additional Names: Blue Volga Granite...
    Blue Volga Granite,Volga Blue Extra Dark Granite,Labradorit Volga Blue Granite,Volga Extra Blue Granite,in China stone market:皇家蓝(Huángjiā lán),乌克兰钻(Wūkèlán zuān)

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Verde Olivo

    Additional Names: Maslav...
    Maslav,Maslovsky,Maslavske Granite,Maslavskij,Verde Oliva,Verde Olivio,Маславское,Verde Olivo Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Tuman

    Additional Names: Tuman Granite...
    Tuman Granite,Tuman Grey Granite,Boltyshske Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Nero St Laurent Marble

    Additional Names: Noir St Laurent Marble...
    Noir St Laurent Marble,Negro St. Laurent Marble,Noir Francaise Marbre,Black Laurent Marble,Black Saint Laurent Marble,Black St. Laurent Marble,Marble Black Saint-Laurent,Marbre Noir Saint-Laurent,Nero Saint Laurent Marble,Nero Saint Lorant Marble,Noir Saint-Laurent Marbre,Noir Saint Laurent Marble,Noir St. Laurent Marbre,Noire Saint Laurent Marble,Nero San Laurent Marble,Nero St. Laurent Marble,in China stone market:圣劳芝黑(Shèng láo zhī hēi)

    France -- Marble

  • Dobrynske

    Additional Names: Dobrinskiy...
    Dobrinskiy,Dobrynskoe,Dobrynske Granite,Labradorite Dobrynske,Dobrynske Ukraine,Kamelot Dobrynske,Dobryn Labradorite Granite,Dobryn Labradorite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Rosso Toledo Granite

    Additional Names: Emeljanov Granite...
    Emeljanov Granite,Emelijanovskij Granite,Emeljanovski Granite,Jemeljanov Granite,Jemeljanow Granite,Rosso Colombo Granite,Ukraine Colombo Granite,Colombo Ukraine Granite,Omelyanivske Granite,Red Toledo Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Carpazi Granite

    Additional Names: Kalinka Granite...
    Kalinka Granite,Rosso Carpazzi Granite,Tokovskiy Granite,Tokovsk Granit,Tokovskij Granite,Rosso Carpazi Granite,Rosso Karpazi Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Rosso Khust Marble

    Additional Names: Red Hust...
    Red Hust,Hust Red,Rosso Hust,Хуст мрамор

    Ukraine -- Marble

  • Real Grey

    Additional Names: Real Gray Granite...
    Real Gray Granite,Royal Grey Ukraine,Zaporoze Granit,Real Grey Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Leopard Rose

    Additional Names: Leopard Granite Ukraine...
    Leopard Granite Ukraine,Kornin,Korninskoe,Kornivske,Kornynske Ukraine,Kornino,Korninsk,Korninskij,Leopard,Leopard Korninskoe,Orienta,Leopard Grey Granite,Korninskiy Granit,Leopard Rose Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Korninskiy Granite

    Additional Names: Kornin Granite...
    Kornin Granite,Korninskoe Granite,Kornivske,Kornynske Ukraine Granite,Kornino Granite,Korninsk,Korninskij,Leopard Granite,Leopard Rose Granite,Leopard Korninskoe,Orienta Granit,Korninskiy Granit(Russian:Корнинский гранит)

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Rogovsky

    Additional Names: Green Rogovka...
    Green Rogovka,Rogovsky Granite,Rogowski Granite,Rogovskiy Granite,(Russian: Гранит Роговский)

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Kapustinsky Granite

    Additional Names: Kapustiansk Granite...
    Kapustiansk Granite,Kapustin Granite,Kapustino Granite,Kapustinskij Granite,Kapustyanskyy Granite,Kapystynske Granite,Kapustiansky Granite,Kapustinsky Red Granite,Rosso Kapustinsky Granite,Rosso Kapustino Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Irina Blue Granite

    Additional Names: Osnykovskoe Granite...
    Osnykovskoe Granite,Osnykivske Granite,Blue Volga,Volga Blue Extra Dark,Volga Blue Granite,Rasputin,Polaris Blue,Blue Polaris,Blue Polare,Galactic Blue,Blue Polare Volga,Blue Polare Wolga,Labradorit Volga Blue,Arctic Blue Ukraine

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Flower of Ukraine

    Additional Names: Mezhyritske...
    Mezhyritske,Zelenitsa,Coral Mist,Flower of Ukraine Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Apricot Granite

    Ukraine -- Granite

  • Kamphaeng Marble

    Additional Names: Kamphaeng Phet Marble...
    Kamphaeng Phet Marble,Bianco Kamphaeng Marble,Kamphaeng White Marble

    Thailand -- Marble

  • Golden Sharani Sandstone

    Additional Names: Gold Sharani Sandstone...
    Gold Sharani Sandstone,Sharani Gold Sandstone

    Thailand -- Sandstone

  • Thai Black Granite

    Additional Names: Black Thai Granite
    Black Thai Granite

    Thailand -- Granite

  • Khao Tone Granite

    Additional Names: Kaotone Pink Granite...
    Kaotone Pink Granite,Khao Tone Pink Granite,Khaotone Pink Granite,Kao Tone Granite

    Thailand -- Granite

  • Fah Nam Dip Granite

    Additional Names: Khao Nam Dip Granite...
    Khao Nam Dip Granite,Farnumdib Granite,Blue Water Granite,Fah Nan Dip Granite

    Thailand -- Granite

  • Verde Spluga Quartzite

    Additional Names: Quarzite Beola Verde...
    Quarzite Beola Verde,Verde Spluga Lucido Quarzite,Beola Verde Spluga Quartzite,Quarzite Verde dello Spluga,Quarzite Verde Spluga,Spluegen Quarzit,Spluegen Gneis,Spluga Verde Quartzite,Verde Spluga Granite,Verde Spluga Marble,Verde Spluga Marmor,Verde Spluga Quarzite,in China stone market:佛得角(Fú dé jiǎo)

    Italy -- Quartzite

  • Verde Salvan Gneiss

    Additional Names: Glacier Green Gneiss...
    Glacier Green Gneiss,Verde Salvan Conglomerate,Gletscher Gruen,Gletscher Grün,Gletschergrün,Salvan Vert,Verde Glaciale,Vert de Glacier,Vert des Glacieres,Vert de Salvan,Salvan Green Gneiss,Verde Salvan Granite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Valser Grau Gneiss

    Additional Names: Vals...
    Vals,Valser,Valser Quartzit,Valser Guen,Valser Grun,Valser Grün,Valser Gneis,Valser Gneiss,Valser Quartzit Grau,Valser Quartzit Gruen,Valser Granit,Valser Kwartsiet,Valser Grau Quartzite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Soglio Granite

    Additional Names: Quarzit Soglio-Grau...
    Quarzit Soglio-Grau,Silberquartzit,Bergell,Bergell Quarzit,Bergeller,Bergeller Gneis,Soglio,Soglio Granit,Soglio Paragneis,Soglio Quartzite,Soglio Quarzit

    Switzerland -- Granite

  • Rhein Quarzit

    Additional Names: Rhein Quarzite...
    Rhein Quarzite,Rheinquarzit Grigioni,Bernhardin quarzit,Hinterrhein Platten,Hinterrhein,Hinterrhein Quarzit,Hinterrheiner Quarzit,Hinterrhein quarzit,Rheinquarzit,Rheinischer Quarzit,San Bernardino Silber,San Bernardino

    Switzerland -- Quartzite

  • Onsernone Granite

    Additional Names: Onsermone Granite...
    Onsermone Granite,Onsernone Gneis,Onsernone-Granit,Sarizzo Onsernone,Vergeletto

    Switzerland -- Granite

  • Iragna Granite

    Additional Names: Heller Tessinergranit...
    Heller Tessinergranit,Iragna Gneis,Iragna Granit,Pearl Silver Gray,Sarizzo Iragna

    Switzerland -- Granite

  • Pink Porrino

    Additional Names: Pink Porino...
    Pink Porino,Rosa Porino Extra,Rosa Porino GL,Rosa Porrino M,Porinho Rosa,Rosa Angelina,Rosa Atlantico,Rosa Porina,Rosa Porinho,Rosa Porinio,Rosa Porinnho,Rosa Porinno,Rosa Porrinho,Rose Porrino,Rosso Porinho,Rosso Porino,Rosso Porrino,Spanish Pink,Pink Porrino Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Calacatta Crema

    Additional Names: Calacatta Cremo...
    Calacatta Cremo,Calacatta Crema Marble

    Italy -- Marble

  • Calacatta Carrara

    Additional Names: Calacatta Carrara Extra...
    Calacatta Carrara Extra,Calacata,Calacatta,Calacatta Borghini,Calacatta Sponda,Calacatta White Marble,Calacatta Classico Marble,Calacatta Carrara Marble,in China stone market:卡拉卡塔(Kǎlā kǎ tǎ)

    Italy -- Marble

  • Calacatta Campocecina

    Additional Names: Calacatta di Campocecina...
    Calacatta di Campocecina,Calacatta Campocecina Marble

    Italy -- Marble


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