Place of Origin

China(2725) Turkey(2516) Brazil(2388) Italy(1460) India(1121) Spain(957) Iran(731) Greece(628) France(624) Portugal(583) United States(483) Egypt(387) Mexico(325) Germany(224) Australia(200)

Natural Stones

  • Rosa Lugo

    Additional Names: Pink Lugo Granite...
    Pink Lugo Granite,Rosa Lugo Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Rosa Dante

    Additional Names: Dante Pink...
    Dante Pink,Granito No. 2,Pink Dante,Granitos de Atios,Rosa Dante Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Pedra Vella de Cangas

    Additional Names: Granito Pedra Vella...
    Granito Pedra Vella,Pedra Vella,Petra Vella,Pedra Vella de Cangas Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Negro Valencia

    Additional Names: Granito Negro Ochavo...
    Granito Negro Ochavo,Negro Ochavo Especial Granito,GranitoOchavo Especial,Black Ochavo Granite,Granito Negre Ochavo,Nero Ochavo Granito,Negro Valencia Granite,Granito Negro Valencia

    Spain -- Granite

  • Negro Ochavo

    Additional Names: Granito Negro Ochavo Especial...
    Granito Negro Ochavo Especial,Granito Negro Valencia,Ochavo Especial Granite,Black Ochavo Granite,Negre Ochavo Granite,Nero Ochavo,Granito Negro Ochavo

    Spain -- Granite

  • Negro Batalla

    Additional Names: Nero Batalla...
    Nero Batalla,Batalla Black Granite,Granito Negro Batalla,Negro Batalla Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Mondariz Granite

    Additional Names: Granito No. 3...
    Granito No. 3,C. Julia Granite,Crem Julia Granite,Crema Julia Granite,Granit Mondaritz,Rosa Mondariz Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Kaxigal

    Additional Names: Perla Kaxigal...
    Perla Kaxigal,Blanco Lugo,Gris Perla,Rosa Kaxigal,Grey Pearl,Gris Perla Crema,Gris Perla Blanco,Kaxigal Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Guadiana Oro

    Additional Names: Guadiana Gold Granite...
    Guadiana Gold Granite,Granito Guadiana Oro,Guadiana Oro Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Grissal

    Additional Names: Gris Jaspeado...
    Gris Jaspeado,Grisal,Grissal Grey,Grissal Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Gris Zarza

    Additional Names: Zarza Grey Granite...
    Zarza Grey Granite,Granito Gris Zarza,Gris Zarza Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Gris Toledo

    Additional Names: Grey Toledo...
    Grey Toledo,Grigio Toledo,Gris Sierra,Sierra Grey,Sierra Grigio,Blanco Toledo,Branco Toledo,Gris Toledo Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Gris Quintana

    Additional Names: Quintana Gray Granite...
    Quintana Gray Granite,Quintana Grey,Granito Gris Quintana,Gris Quintana Oscuro Fino,Blanco Sisan,Grey Quintana Granite,Gris Quintana Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Gran Perla Granite

    Additional Names: Granite Gran Perla...
    Granite Gran Perla,Bianco Perla Granite,Blanco Perla Granite,Gris Perla Granite,Gray Perla Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Gris Morrazo

    Additional Names: Gris Morazzo...
    Gris Morazzo,Gris Pinor,Morrazo,Pinor,Pinor Grey,Gris Morrazo Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Gris Mondariz Granite

    Additional Names: Mondariz Granite...
    Mondariz Granite,Gray Mondariz Granite,Grey Mondariz Granite,Griz Mondariz Granite,Rosino Granite,Crema Julia Granite,Barcelona Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Gris Caceres

    Additional Names: Bianco Serena...
    Bianco Serena,Blanco Serena,Blanco Cáceres,Blanco Caceres,Caceres White,Monte Bianco,Gris Caceres Granite,Granito Gris Caceres

    Spain -- Granite

  • Crema Cabrera

    Additional Names: Creme Cabrera...
    Creme Cabrera,Crema Cabrera Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Grey Conquistador

    Additional Names: Conquistador Grey...
    Conquistador Grey,Gris Conquistador,Conquistador Gray Granite,Granito Gris Conquistador,Gran Gris,Blanco Extremadura,Gris Extremadura,Extremadura White,Grey Conquistador Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Amarelo Cardielos

    Additional Names: Amarelo Cardielos Granite
    Amarelo Cardielos Granite

    Portugal -- Granite

  • Blanco Rafaela

    Additional Names: Bianca Raffaello Granite...
    Bianca Raffaello Granite,Bianco R Granite,Bianco Rafaela Granite,Granito Bianco Rafaelo,Bianco Raffaello Granite,Bianco Raffaelo Granite,Granito Blanco Rafaelo,Piedra de Zarzalejo,Blanco Rafaela Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Blanco Perla Granite

    Additional Names: Bianco Perla Granite...
    Bianco Perla Granite,White Pearl Castilla Granite,Bianco Perla Castilla Granite,Blanc Perla Granite,Perla Bianco Granite,White Pearl Granite,Bianco Castilla Granite,Granito Blanco Perla,Granito Blanco Perla

    Spain -- Granite

  • Blanco Cristal Granite

    Additional Names: Blanco Cristal Comercial Granite...
    Blanco Cristal Comercial Granite,Bianco Cristal Extra Granite,Bianco Cristal Granite,Bianco Cristall Granite,Granito Bianco Cristallo,Bianco Crystall Granite,Bianco Kristall Granit,Granit Blanc Cristal,Blanco Crystal Granite,Blanco Crystall Granite,Granito Branco Cristal,Granit Bianco Cristal,Silver White Granite,White Cristal Granite,Branco Cristal Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Blanco Castilla

    Additional Names: White Pearl Castilla...
    White Pearl Castilla,Blanco Perla Castilla,Bianco Castilla,Blanco Castelo,Blanco Castello,Blanco Castilla Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Blanco Santander

    Additional Names: Branco Berocal...
    Branco Berocal,Bianco Berrocal,Bianco Impero,Bianco Impero Berrocal,Bianco New Cristall,Bianco Santander,Blanc de Berrocal,Blanco Berocal,Blanco Impero,Branco Berrocal,Blanco Santander Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Azul Ocean

    Additional Names: Azul Graesa Oscuro...
    Azul Graesa Oscuro,Conquistador Oscuro,Azul Oscuro,Gran Azul,Ocean Blue,Oceanic Blue,Azul Ocean Granite

    Spain -- Granite

  • Azul Aran Granite

    Additional Names: Aran Blue Granite...
    Aran Blue Granite,Granito Azul Val d'Aran,Valdaran Granite,Granito Azul d'Aran,Azul Imperial Granite,Granit Blau Aran,Imperial Blue Granite,Salvador Blue Granite,Silver Blue Granite,Azul Aran Light Granite,in China stone market:蓝精灵(Lán jīnglíng)

    Spain -- Granite

  • Chamrajnagar Black Granite

    Additional Names: Chamrajnagar Absolute Black Granite...
    Chamrajnagar Absolute Black Granite,Chamarajnagar Black Granite,Absolute Black India Granite,Absolute Black Granite,Absolut Black Granite,Black Absolute Granite,Nero Assoluto India Granite,Super Black Granite,Premium Black Granite

    India -- Granite

  • Verde Bitterfontein

    Additional Names: Bitter Fountain...
    Bitter Fountain,Bitter Fontaine,Bitterfontain,Bitterfontain SA,Bitterfontein,Bitterfontein Green,Verde Bitterfontein Granite

    South Africa -- Granite

  • Tropical Black

    Additional Names: Tropical Black Granite
    Tropical Black Granite

    Brazil -- Granite

  • Stargate Granite

    Additional Names: Nero Africa...
    Nero Africa,Africa Black,Nero Stargate Granite,Negro Stargate Granite,African Galaxy Granite,Galaxy Africano

    South Africa -- Granite

  • Rustenburg Granite

    Additional Names: Africa Impala Granite...
    Africa Impala Granite,Africa Nero Impala Granite,Africa Rustemberg,African Impala Granite,Afrika Schwarz,Black Impala Granite,Diorit Impala,Eagle Black Granite,Gabbro Impala,Granit Impala,Impala Black Granite,Impala Gabbro,Impala Granit,Impala KM,Impala Negro,Impala Nero,Impala Schwarz,Impala-Granit,Jasberg,Maricana,Marikana,Marikana Black,Negro Impala,Negro Rustemberg,Negro Rustemburg,Negro Rustenberg,Negro Sudafrica,Nero Africa Granite,Nero Africa Impala,Nero Afrika Granite,Nero Afrika Impala,Nero Impala Granite,Nero Impala Africa Granite

    South Africa -- Granite

  • Nero Impala Granite

    Additional Names: Africa Impala Granite...
    Africa Impala Granite,Africa Nero Impala,Africa Rustemberg,African Impala Granite,Afrika Schwarz,Black Impala Granite,Diorit Impala,Eagle Black,Gabbro Impala,Granit Impala,Impala Black Granite,Impala Gabbro,Impala Granit,Impala KM,Impala Negro,Impala Nero,Impala Schwarz,Impala-Granit,Jasberg,Maricana,Marikana,Marikana Black Granite,Negro Impala,Negro Rustemberg,Negro Rustemburg,Negro Rustenberg,Negro Sudafrica,Nero Africa,Nero Africa Impala,Nero Afrika Granite,Nero Afrika Impala,Nero Impala Africa Granite,in China stone market:巴拿马黑(Bānámǎ hēi)

    South Africa -- Granite

  • Goas Granite

    Additional Names: Goas White...
    Goas White,Namib Pearl

    Namibia -- Granite

  • Montana Green

    Additional Names: Verde Montana Granite...
    Verde Montana Granite,Montana Green Granite,Verde Springbok Granite,Springbok Green Granite,Namaqualand Green Granite,Olive Green Granite

    South Africa -- Granite

  • Verde Antique

    Additional Names: Antique Green...
    Antique Green,South Africa Green,Antique Green Granite,Verde Antique Granite

    South Africa -- Granite


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