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China(265) Brazil(160) India(122) Turkey(85) Spain(64) Italy(50) Iran(36) South Africa(30) Greece(30) Finland(26) Viet Nam(26) Ukraine(24) Sweden(24) United States(22) Angola(20)

Black Natural Stones

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  • Nanjing Impala Black Granite

    Additional Names: Nanjing Black Granite...
    Nanjing Black Granite,Nanjing G654 Granite,New G654 Granite,New Impala Black Granite,New China Impala Black Granite,New Padang Dark Granite,in China stone market:南靖G654

    China -- Granite

  • Nanjing G654 Granite

    Additional Names: New G654 Granite...
    New G654 Granite,New China Impala Black Granite,New Padang Dark Granite,in China stone market:南靖G654

    China -- Granite

  • Lillia Gray Marble

    Additional Names: Lillia Grey Marble...
    Lillia Grey Marble,Lillia Black Marble,Laiya Grey Marble,in China stone market:莱雅灰(Lái yǎ huī)

    China -- Marble

  • China Titanium

    Additional Names: China Titanium Granite...
    China Titanium Granite,China Titanium Black Granite,Black Gold Cloud Granite,in China stone market:黑色金云(Hēisè jīn yún)

    China -- Granite

  • Black Gold Cloud Granite

    Additional Names: China Titanium Granite...
    China Titanium Granite,China Titanium Black Granite,Black Gold Granite,in China stone market:黑色金云(Hēisè jīn yún)

    China -- Granite

  • Persian Nero Marquina Marble

    Additional Names: Persian Grey Marble...
    Persian Grey Marble,Grey Pietra Marble,Pietra Grey Marble,Grey Crystal Marble,Pietra Grigio Marble,Graphite Grey Marble,Petra Gray,Persian Marquina Black Marble,Shakespeare Gray Marble,Shakespeare Grey,Shakespeare Ashes,in China stone market:彼得拉灰色(Bǐde lā huīsè),莎士比亚灰(Shāshìbǐyǎ huī)

    Iran -- Marble

  • Noir St. Laurent

    Additional Names: Marbre Noir St. Laurent...
    Marbre Noir St. Laurent,Noir St. Laurent Marble,Nero Port Laurent Marble,Nero St Laurent Marble,Port Saint Laurent Marble,Marbre Noir Port Laurent,Port St Laurent Marble,Port Saint Lorant Marble,Richest Gold Marble,Negro Port Laurent Marble

    Morocco -- Marble

  • Nero Exotico Marble

    Additional Names: Nero Exotica Marble...
    Nero Exotica Marble,Nero Exotico Quartzite,Exotic Black Marble

    India -- Marble

  • Argos Black Veiny

    Additional Names: Argos Black Veiny Marble...
    Argos Black Veiny Marble,Argos Black Veined Marble,Argos Black Marble

    Greece -- Marble

  • Lai Chau Slate

    Additional Names: Lai Chau Black Slate
    Lai Chau Black Slate

    Viet Nam -- Slate

  • Argos Black Breccia

    Additional Names: Argos Black Breccia Marble...
    Argos Black Breccia Marble,Argolis Black Marble,Black Argos Marble,Nero Argolis Marble,Argos Black Marble

    Greece -- Marble

  • Nevada Black Granite

    Additional Names: Preto Nevada Granito
    Preto Nevada Granito

    Brazil -- Granite

  • Jordan Black Basalt

    Additional Names: Jordan Basalt...
    Jordan Basalt,Baselt

    Jordan -- Basalt

  • Chinese St.Laurent Marble

    Additional Names: China St.Laurent Marble...
    China St.Laurent Marble,Laurent Brown,Chinese Saint-Laurent Marble,Laurent Brown Marble,China St. Laurent Marble,China St. Laurent Brown Marble,China Laurent Brown Marble,Chinese Golden Brown Marble,Chocolate Brown Marble,Port Saint Laurent,Noir Port Laurent,Port St Laurent,Port Saint Lorant,Richest Gold Marble,Nero Port Laurent Marble,in China stone market:黄河玉(Huánghé yù)

    China -- Marble

  • New Impala Granite

    Additional Names: China Impala Granite...
    China Impala Granite,China Nero Impala Granite,China Impala Black Granite

    China -- Granite

  • Bruno Basalt

    Additional Names: Basalto Bruno
    Basalto Bruno

    Spain -- Basalt

  • Caliza Azabache

    Additional Names: Caliza Negro Azabache...
    Caliza Negro Azabache,Caliza Nero Azabache,Piedra Caliza Azabache,Jet Black Limestone

    Spain -- Limestone

  • Cupablue Limestone

    Additional Names: Cupa Blue Limestone...
    Cupa Blue Limestone,Caliza Cupa Azul

    Spain -- Limestone

  • Makali Slate

    Additional Names: Pizarra Makali Slate...
    Pizarra Makali Slate,Makali Black Slate,Ardoise Makali

    Spain -- Slate

  • Infercoa Slate

    Additional Names: Infercoa Black Slate...
    Infercoa Black Slate,Pizarra Infercoa

    Spain -- Slate

  • Mag Black Granite

    Additional Names: Magblack Granite...
    Magblack Granite,Mag Black Galaxy Granite

    Brazil -- Granite

  • Black Java Quartzite

    Additional Names: Black Java Supreme...
    Black Java Supreme,Java Black Quartzite

    Brazil -- Quartzite

  • Black Mica Schist

    Australia -- Schist

  • Brilliant Black Quartzite

    Additional Names: Brilliant Black Marble
    Brilliant Black Marble

    Brazil -- Quartzite

  • Roc Black Granite

    Canada -- Granite

  • PY Black Granite

    Additional Names: Black Phu Yen Dibase...
    Black Phu Yen Dibase,Phu Yen Black Granite,Phu Yen Black Diabase

    Viet Nam -- Granite

  • Recinto Black Andesite

    Additional Names: Recinto Black Basalt...
    Recinto Black Basalt,Recinto Black Lava Stone

    Mexico -- Andesite

  • Ocean Black Phyllite

    Additional Names: Ocean Black Slate
    Ocean Black Slate

    India -- Phyllite

  • Orivesi Black Phyllite

    Additional Names: Orivesi Black Slate...
    Orivesi Black Slate,Oriveden Fylliit,Oriveden musta liuskekivi

    Finland -- Phyllite

  • Granida Black

    Additional Names: Granida Black Granite...
    Granida Black Granite,Granida LC

    Viet Nam -- Granite

  • Macondo Black Quartzite

    Additional Names: Macondo Quartzite...
    Macondo Quartzite,Nero Macondo Quartzite,Angola Black Quartzite

    Angola -- Quartzite

  • Aoki Black Granite

    Additional Names: Kagawa Dark Grey Granite...
    Kagawa Dark Grey Granite,Aoki Ishi,Shikoku Black Granite,in local stone market:青木黑

    Japan -- Granite

  • Zijing Black Granite

    Additional Names: Zijing Black Pearl Granite...
    Zijing Black Pearl Granite,G33 Granite,Bauhinia Black Granite,in China stone market:紫荆黑(Zǐjīng hēi)

    China -- Granite

  • Black Rwanda Granite

    Additional Names: Nero Rwanda Granite...
    Nero Rwanda Granite,Rwanda Black Granite

    Rwanda -- Granite

  • Anthracite Black Granite

    Additional Names: Black Anthracite Granite
    Black Anthracite Granite

    Brazil -- Granite


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