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Buy Marble Block for art sculpture carving

Request Supplier Location: All Countries
Upload Time: May 25,2015 Expiration Date: Nov 25,2015 Category: Marble Blocks

                    I am in need of a marble (or any kind that can be carved) block that is to be used for art sculpture carving... I have no idea of how much the cost of shipping a stone block is ... the idea size would be 1: 10' square base and 30' length .... 2: 5' square base and 10' length ; 3: 4' square base and 5' length .. I have no idea of what these would weigh ... 
I do not understand the pricing rate on this site ??? if it says $200Tons with 100 ton minimum does that mean it is $20000 ???
I am looking for a piece I can carve into a large art sculpture .. if you are a company and want art sculpture for your stone cutting company maybe we can work a trade (You supply the stone and I do the art) I would like to do large pieces because size does matter in art ... 
If I could get a payment pay for the stone cost that would be great.... 
I am willing to get investors and loans to buy the stone outright and get it delivered ;;; I am a very good artist and have confidence to make the value 10 times the raw worth.
Please send me details on the weight, price and cost of delivery to Edmonton albeta Canada. for all 3 stone sizes; stone sizes are just estimates if you have other sizes or ill regular sizes that may suit my needs please include this information ... I am looking for good quality at the least price per cubic measurement.
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