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  • Buy Aliveri Marble Honed Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Greece,Italy,Turkey
    I am looking for the following:
    Aliveri Honed Marble
    2cm slabs
    55 slabs
    usable space: 300cm x 152cm 
    1cm tiles
    3640 pieces
    30.5cm x 61cm
    Canada-New Westminster Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Bardiglio Seravezza Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Italy,United States

    I am looking for 3 slab 20 cm slabs of Bardiglio Serravezza Marble for mantles.

     The material I have used is primarily a warm grey with white veins and a bit of ocher.

    Do you know of this stone?
    Many thanks
    USA-Illinois-Chicago Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Calacatta Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    We are looking to purchase a container of Calacatta with the whitest background. 

    We would be interested in purchasing 1 container with 3cm, 2cm, and 1cm slabs to be imported to the US. 

    We would come to view the stone prior to finalizing our purchase.

     Please kindly let us know if this is something that can done.

     We would like a ballpark price for the slabs and importing to the US. 

    Thank you!

    USA-Washington-Sequim Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Negro Irura Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Negro Irura 300mmx300mm format 12" x 12"
    Guadeloupe Sep 12,2018
  • Buy G684 or Similar Black Granite Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: China

    Hello, We are searching for G684 or similar black material We have a building were we need external wall cladding about 3450 m2. 

    The pieces are approximately 120 x 60 x 3 cm (other measurements cut to size should also be part of or order Finishing of the stone honed black.

    Can you sent me some pictures of the black honed materiaal and your quote. 

    Please also price for edges, etc…

    Belgium-Sint-Niklaas Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Indian Aurora Granite Quarry Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: India

    I am looking for Indian Aurora Granite Quarry Blocks. Please send me price list.

    Best regards

    Ukraine Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Sivec Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: Macedonia,Greece
    I am looking for Bianco Sivec Marble Blocks.
    Slovenia-Škocjan Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Statuario Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Italy
    Need Statuario 4000 sft
    India-Rajasthan-Ajmer Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Brazil White Granite Polished 2cm Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hello: I’m looking for this Brazilian granite. I need 450 M2 polished slabs 2cm shipping to Mexico.
    Mexico-Tabasco Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Venetian White Granite

    Request Supplier Location: United States
    I want to buy Venetian White Granite I need a 38 x 71 polished slab for a kitchen island to match the perimeter.
    USA Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Statuario Venato Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Italy

    1. statuario venato "fine" tiles 50 sqm 

    2. statuario venato "grossa" tiles 120 sqm

    Romania-Cluj Napoca Sep 12,2018
  • Buy Oman Beige Marble

    Request Supplier Location: India,United Arab Emirates,Oman
    I want to buy Oman Beige Marble SO KINDLY SEND THE QUOTE FOR SAME FOR 23SQM
    UAE-Dubai Sep 11,2018
  • Buy Moulin Rouge Granite

    Request Supplier Location: United States

    I am looking for Moulin Rouge Granite in the Dallas area.

     Do you know of a company that carries this color?


    USA Sep 11,2018
  • Buy White Carrara C and CD Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: Italy

    Hello, we are looking for White Carrara C and CD.

     Material in stock (commercial quality). 

    Sizes 60x60x1 and 60x30x1. 

    Quantity: 1 container. 

    Price is important. 

    Send me price and pictures.


    Italy-Vicenza-Bassano del Grappa Sep 11,2018
  • Buy Rosa Tea Marble Tiles

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: United States
    I want to buy Rosa Tea Marble in 12 x 12 shiney wall and floor tile and 3cm slab for bathroom counter
    USA Sep 10,2018
  • Buy Titanium Grey Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    I want to buy Titanium Grey Marble Please contact me at my email or skype.

    We want to import raw stones to China.

    China-Xiamen Sep 10,2018
  • Buy Cloudy Onyx Blocks, Grey Onyx Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for Cloudy Onyx Blocks, Mexico Grey Onyx.blocks big qty
    China-Fujian-Xiamen Sep 10,2018
  • Buy Aria White Quartzite Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Brazil,United States
    I am looking for Aria White Quartzite Slab.
    USA-New York-Mamaroneck Sep 10,2018
  • Buy Taj Mahal Quartzite

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Dear Sir, 

    Kindly ask you to give us the price for Taj Mahal 4000 m2 1200x600x20 mm polished

    Russian Sep 10,2018
  • Buy Beige Marble Blocks from Indonesia

    Request Supplier Location: Indonesia
    I am looking for Beige marble blocks from Indonesia
    China-Fujian-Xiamen Sep 10,2018
  • Buy Shiva Gold Granite

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    I want to buy Shiva Gold Granite tiles 

    250m2 400x400x10mm 

     100pcs 1250x330x20mm for stairs 

    100pcs 1250x140x10mm for risers stairs 

    10pcs 2500x630x20

    Bulgaria Sep 09,2018
  • Buy Black Stone Chips

    Request Supplier Location: India,Bhutan,Viet Nam
    Want to buy Black Stone Chips 3/4" & 1/2". Qty: 500000 MT. Please contact
    Bangladesh-Dhaka Sep 08,2018
  • Buy Kirchheimer Muschelkalk Stone

    Request Supplier Location: Germany

    Hello Sir, 

    We are a Belgian natural stone company and for a construction we are looking for approximately +/- 135m² Muschelkalk 3cm en +/-270m² Muschelkalk 10cm thickness. 

    What finished can you offer? We are looking for rough surfaces, so no honed surface. Do you have distributors in Belgium for your stone? 

    Thank you for your kind consideration. 

    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible!

    Kind regards

    Belgium-Evergem Sep 08,2018
  • Buy Porfido Viola Valcamonica, Porfido Rosso Catinaccio, Porfido Marron

    Request Supplier Location: Italy,Switzerland

    Dear Sirs, 

    Our company is engaged in import, export, processing, sale and installation of natural stone. We are currently interested in Viola Porfido Valcamonica, Porfido Rosso Catinaccio and Porfido Marron. Please give us the prices of polished slabs d2cm and d3cm and blocks for the following PORFIDO first class:

     1. Porfido Viola Valcamonica 

    2. Porfido Rosso Catinaccio

     3. Porfido Marron 

    This PORFIDO is needed for the project of the church floor in Russia.

     We currently have information that the total area is 890m2. Please send me photos of porfido slabs you can deliver. 

    Best regards

    Serbia -Belgrade Sep 08,2018
  • Buy Pakistan Onyx Blocks, Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: Pakistan
    Eximstone Vietnam is looking for stone from Pakistan
    Viet Nam-Hanoi Sep 07,2018
  • Buy Silver Mink Marble Turkey Origin

    Request Supplier Location: China,Turkey

    Dear Sir, 

     I am interested in Silver Mink (Turkey origin) for a project.

    Kindly provide slab photo and also give me a quote for cut to size 600x300x20mm Polished finished. 

    Qty approx. 8000 sqm 

     Thanks & Regards

    Singapore-Senoko Sep 07,2018
  • Buy Perlato Sicilia marble from Italy

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Dear Sirs We are looking for Perlato Sicilia marble from Italy. The project is in Vietnam, around 4000m2

     Pls send offer to my email

    Thanks and best regards

    Viet Nam-Hanoi Sep 07,2018
  • Buy Turkey Golden Onyx, Onice Miele Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for Turkey Golden Onyx, Onice Miele.please confirm by mail or whatsapp ,we discuss more details 
    Viet Nam-Hochiminh city Sep 07,2018
  • Buy Travertine Pattern

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Travertine cream and silver 3cm french pattern tumbled finish or brushed and 60x40x3cm tumbled finish or brushed. Unfilled. 

    Please provide photos commercial grade and A grade. Genuine suppliers who got their own quarry and factory. 

    We are based in Australia. Ongoing order full container load every time. 8-10 containers every month. 

    FOB price please.

    Australia-All Sep 07,2018
  • Buy light (white) travertine blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    We need to buy immediatly 1.000 tons of light ( white ) travertine blocks

    - first choice only 

    - Possible sign a contract for monthly Purchase 

    - Please quote per ton C&F Civitavecchia port - Italy 

    - Offers Fob will be not take in consideration 

    - Our Purchase manager is ready to come to you for inspect and mark the blocks 

    - Only quarry owners no traders please .

    Italy-Carrara Sep 07,2018
  • Buy Terracotta Wall Tile

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hi, i am looking for terracotta tiles for wall cladding. Preferably 250x600x25mm thk
    Singapore-Sinagpore Sep 06,2018
  • Buy rounded corners clay pavers

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Hi, i am looking for rounded corners clay pavers.

     Prefer size to be 230x115x50mm thk

    Singapore-Sinagpore Sep 06,2018
  • Buy Calacatta Amber Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for Calacatta Amber and other stone materials 3 foot x 5 foot sheet Ship to San Francisco, California
    USA-California-San Francisco Sep 06,2018
  • Buy brown wave sandstone pavers

    Request Supplier Location: India,Indonesia,Spain,China,Turkey,Viet Nam
    I am very interested in receiving pricing for the brown wave sandstone. i need pavers in 3cm thickness as well as rock face treads in 5cm thickness
    USA-New York-Farmingdale Sep 06,2018
  • Buy Brazilian Black Granite Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Brazil


    Do you have 250*120cm and up sizes of black granite? I would need around 200m2 of 2cm and 3cm slabs. 

    I need simple absolute black granite without spots. We will use it outdoor for tombstones. 

    Also I would buy 5-6 sorts of white granite like Alps, Everest, Copenhagen, Zurich etc. 2cm thickness 

    Could you send me some pictures with prices please? 


    Lithuania-Vilniaus Sep 06,2018
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