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  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Ms.Kathryn Swan United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Xiamen Stroy Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. (China) , Xiamen Shiyue Stone Co.,Ltd (China) , Xiamen Asian Stone Imp.& Exp. Co.,Ltd (China)
    I am interested in this style BUT with urns and will use as a FAMILY monument over four graves.
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.griffiths United Kingdom Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: China National Machinery Co., Ltd. (China) , ACA Diamonds Tools Corp. (United States) , AUSAVINA CO.,LTD (Viet Nam)
    how much does a clamp cost including delivery ? and how long does delivery take.
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.paolo Italy Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: ZVS di Zagaria Sebastiano & C. sas (Italy) , CMT MARMI s.r.l. (Italy) , Stilmarmo S.r.l. (Italy)
    I am a private individual of Domegliara (VR), with the following I am asking for the best offer for the supply of about 230sqm of "BIANCO" bush hammered Trani SP.2CM of 50cmx100cm euro …… Internal flooring of Trani "WHITE" Polished finish 80sqm format 100x50x2 without bevel (for subsequent brushing in laying) euro ... ... "BIANCO" internal flooring in Trani Polished finish 80sqm in size 75x75x2 or 70x70x2 (the least expensive for optimizing slab waste) euro …… In addition, on this occasion I ask you for a further quote for the supply of about 100ml of TRANI 35x6 "WHITE" POLISHED covers on the top and on the 2 edges + 2 drips (1 per edge). + 4 5mm bevels. EUR…… Kindly quantify me apart from the price of packing and transport to the destination. Sure of your prompt and courteous reply, I offer you best regards
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Selahattin Eronat Turkey Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Marmo Trading for Marble & Granite (Egypt) , Nefertiti Marble (Egypt) , Egy Marmex for Marble and Granite (Egypt)
    Direkci is a group of companies in Ankara, Turkey. We are a foreign trade company. We deal with World wide turn key projects in agro business, energy, food and construction. For the construction project, there is a demand for the local Egypt granite countertops which will be outsourced. W: 20mm, H: 70cm, L:260cm to 350cm Quantity: 10.000 m2 Can you supply us? Best regards
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Ms.Amanda Gilmour Ireland Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Rana Building Materials Supplier (Ireland) , Gilroy Tiling Ltd (Ireland) , PIF Limestone, Travertine, Marble (Ireland)
    do you have any of Burdur Beige Marble Pattern Set in stock?
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Steven Mills United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: DM Decos by Design, Inc. (United States) , Elite Marble (Dominican Republic) , Recursos Globales S.A. - Coral Stone and (Dominican Republic)
    Good afternoon. Interested White Coral Stone in pool coping (64 pieces of the 12x24x1.5 and pool decking 450 sf) and wanted to see what pricing is. Shipping would be to 29451
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Kurt Skinner United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Stone Source (United States) , Koni Materials (United States) , NuWa Stone Inc. (United States)
    I am looking for alternates to polished basalt for a fountain I have designed. I need 2" thick polished and 3" thick polished. Can i get a sample of your stone and available finishes? Thank you,
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Alberto Velasco Mexico Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: ELROMA Pedras Ornamentais (Brazil) , GraniNorte (Brazil) , CIM Granitos e Marmores LTDA (Brazil)
    We want San Gabriel Black Granite. 65 x 260 x 2 Bull nose plates one side Price per container Please contact me Thank you
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Saunders United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Designers Bottega, Inc. (United States) , One Stop 4 Flooring (United States) , Lone Star Canyon LLC (United States)
    What store in Corpus Christi tx Seal this wood grain bricks Porcelain Wood Grain Tiles
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Gordon United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Granite and Marble Creations (United States) , Elgin Marble, Inc (United States) , Minestone inc (United States)
    Looking for LG Viatera Aura slabs. Do you have any and what’s the cost?
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Mcfarlane Australia Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: OLISTONE sprl (Belgium) , Graniet & Marmer Bvba (Belgium) , Guzelsoy Marble (Belgium)
    Hi, I am a sculptor in Australia who has used Belgium Black marble in my sculptures in the past. I require a price on a block of marble, very black. The size is 900 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm. I realise that this is a small quantity. But this is the size I need for the commission. If you could give me a ball park price FOB. I would appreciate it Regards Roger McFarlane Sculptor
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Ameer Hamada Palestine Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Aapt Distribution Pvt. Limited (India) , Arvicon International (India) , Arti Group (India)
    Hello Sir/Madam We would like to inform you that we, ABU EL EZZ Co., are from Palestine markets, as we are competent importation and manufacture of Granite, foodstuffs, Tissue paper, diapers. We have been working in this field for more than 55 years, "Grandparents' experience in children's hands", and we have 30 percent portion in our local market. Our target is establishing a well-built and strong relationship between us and the factories and exporting companies. It is our honor that we contacted with The Embassy of Indian in Palestine about the granite companies export GRANITE, and the provided us with your company name and address. We would like to tell you that we are highly interested in dealing with your recognized and respected company of your products. We would like to send you our first and trial order. Please provide us with your best and last price. CIF: ASHDOD PORT, Israel. Quantity: 10 containers * 20 FT First Order Specifications sizes: Height: 90cm × width 2.20 m up to 90 means not fix it will be 90+ (90-99) 80cm × width 2.20 m up to 80 will be 80+ (80-89) 70cm × width 2.20m up to 70 will be 70+ (70-79) Thickness: 2cm Polished: High quality Gloss Polishing. No lines, no cracks, no fissures, no patches. Europe Polishing like a mirror. Of these items: 1_ Black Galaxy 3 containers. 2_ Absolute Black 1 container. 3_ Bash Paradiso. 1 container. 4_ Black Forest. 1 container. 5_ Classic Paradise. 1 container. 6_ g 20 Black. 1 container. 7_ Himalayan. 1 container. 8_ Red Multicolour. 1 container. Please provide us an offer for the second sizes as following: 240 cm to 320 cm x 70 cm to 90 cm X 2 cm thick (random multicutter polished slabs) 180 cm to 240 cm x 70 cm to 90 cm X 2 cm thick (random multicutter polished slabs) Payment: L/C Prices: CIF Ashdod Port, Israel. We are looking forward to seeing your appreciated reply. Our Deepest Sincere
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr. Shahada Khalifa Syria Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Hol.Par. s.n.c. (Italy) , Merteks Ic ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Turkey) , Lager d.o.o. (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    dear sir i want to know the information about this quarry chain saw machine the price and images please looking forward to hearing from you Best regards
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Chhada Khalifa Syria Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Shanghai Feizhou Machinery Equipment CO.,Ltd. (China) , Shanghai Jinfeng International Trade Co.,ltd. (China) , Faudi Group Srl- Stone Division (Italy)
    Hello sir i would like to introduce myself i am Chhada Khalifa Owner and Director General of Khalifa Work Stone company located Aleppo Syria i am looking for saw chain stones machine would like to know the price of your machine i saw here Zy-Cs7500 i hope to see the information about this machine and pictures please. i am looking forward to hearing from you Best regards
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.FRANCESCO BUZZANCA United Kingdom Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: JIUJIANG UNIONSLATE TRADING CO.,LTD. (China) , Beijing Trust Slate Factory Co.,Ltd (China) , AKROLITHOS SA (Greece)
    Dear Sirs, Can you forward your best quotation for the following product: - 110m2 - Fish Scale natural slate tiles. Can you also confirm: - Lead time for delivery; - Payments. Kind Regards
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Ms.Samantha Morales United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Xiamen Perfect Stone Co.,Ltd. (China) , Premium Stone Imports, Inc (United States) , Norwood Marble and Granite (United States)
    Need price for Crema Typhoon Granite Slabs, size and who is the seller in Naples, Fl Thank you!
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Ms.Eleonora Neacsu Romania Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Fratelli Poggi Srl (Italy) , Aretina Marmi Srl (Italy) , INDAMAR SRL (Italy)
    Dear Sirs, We are a Romanian company which works in stone industry and we have a client for your product, travertine romano, unfilled and unpolished slabs, 3 cm thickness, for one full truck. If you can please send us a quotation price,the size of slabs, some pictures and time of delivery! Thanks in advance! Nora
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Abu Sani Bangladesh Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Xiamen Yubohao Stone Co., Ltd (China) , Xiamen Ouming Import & Export Co., Ltd. (China) , FUJIAN NAN'AN XURI STONE CO.,LTD (China)
    Need Price for China White Marble Dining Table Top,Polished China Landscape Painting Surface Marble Round Table Top.
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Ms.Adeline Yeak Australia Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Xiamen Tsianfan Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd (China)
    Hi ,wanting to enquire to get samples of this display stand for sale in Australia. Do you have Alibaba? We can chat there, Thank you.
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Solomon Sol South Korea Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Marble Egypt for Marble&Granite (Egypt) , El Badr Marble company. (Egypt) , Marmo Trading for Marble & Granite (Egypt)
    Dear Someone in charge Hi, This is BS Stone Materials from Korea. We have global experience with marbles and granite from many countries, included Egyptian marble too. we are looking for a supplier who know well about the Galala marble, also, who has experience with Korea business, it would be better Korean market is very sensitive, One of my project is Galala Sandblast, this construction site is quiet big. as i searched and checked your homepage, i think you know well about the Egypt marble. if you do, please reply me. Kind Regards,
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Marcel Belgium Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Wonderful Stone (China) Trade Co., Limited (China) , Shijiahzuang Alpha Trade Co.,Ltd. (China) , Xiamen Kingstone Imp Exp Co., Ltd. (China)
    Can you send me the price for this fountain in grey marble NOT polished ? Thank you, Marcel
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Yuli Azarch United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: DNA MINERALS FROM BRAZIL (Brasil) , Xiamen Thinkrock Stone Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd. (China) , Avion Stones (Pakistan)
    Hi, My name is Yuli, I am looking for a couple of products: shungite pyramid, shungite stone, shungite chunk, shungite piece of jewlery, shungite bracelet. Can you tell me what is the price for this products in large amounts such as 100, 500 and 1000 units? Please contact me via email Thanks. Regards, Yuli
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Michelle Luang China Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: STEFANO RAGNOLINI (Italy) , PAVIMARMI SRL (Italy)
    hello. I'm looking for kinds of gravels. If you receive the massage. please contact with me. Tks
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Mushtaq Mohammed Hirehal Saudi Arabia Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: FuJian WanLong Diamond Tools CO,.LTD (China) , Xiamen Buildlink Construction Solutions Co.,Ltd. (China) , Britanica DOO (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Dear Sir, We are looking for Pillar Jib Crane as per the following details. Capacity 500 Kg / Out reach 4.96m / Lifting Height 3m Manual Rotation 360 deg / Overall Height of Jib 3,8m / Manual Hoist Quatity : 14 units We need only Jib crane price. We arrange Manual hoist from Local Market C&F Jeddah. SAudi Arabia
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Ms.Debbie Anstett United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Ngy Stones Enterprise, Inc (United States) , Jerusalem Stone Architecture (United States) , Landmark Partner, LLC (United States)
    I am looking for qty 4 stone pillars to attached wooden fence to for in front of my house. 48" high by 20-24" wide. Multi color. Please contact about. Also do you do retaining wall pieces? Thank you Debbie
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Whitfield Spain Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Hebei Rui Yuan Stone Sculpture Factory (China) , Xiamen Blackstone Building Materials Co.,Ltd. (China) , Fuzhou Mastone Import & Export Co., Ltd. (China)
    I am interested in China Sesame Black Granite Rolling Sphere Balls Fountain , What price and is there a supplier in Spain?
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Ashutosh Nema Tajikistan Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Quanzhou First Impression Imp.&Exp. Trading Co.,Ltd. (China) , QuanZhou BMG Stone Co., Ltd. (China) , Xiamen BoKing Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd (China)
    We need local stone cladding for Tajikistan project.
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Tushar Sharad Kasar India Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Quanzhou Hetai Hardware Machinery Co.,Ltd (China) , Xiamen High-Tech Tools Co.,Ltd (China) , Crane and Machine Ltd (United Kingdom)
    We require 2ton capacity electric wire rope hoist as shown here. please quote me.
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Oleksandr Puhachov Ukraine Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: IDEALMARMI SNC (Italy) , Rielli Giancarlo s.r.l. (Italy) , Simonelli Marble (Italy)
    Dear , We need Giallo Sienna slabs 2cm - 300m2, 3cm - 100m2. Please contact me via whatsapp, telegramm, viber Best Regards, Alex
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.José Carlos Teixeira de Melo Portugal Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Manaseer Marble and Granite (Jordan) , Not company (Spain) , The Gold Bridge Mining Energy Certification Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. (Turkey)
    Good afternoon, We hereby request solutions for the supply of Basalt stone for volumes in the order of 3,000 m3 / year, destined for Asian markets. The formats for material to be purchased will be: Sawed block from 1m3 or Blunt rolled block but always weighing more than 1 ton. I look forward to your quick reply! Carefully, José Melo
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Glen Sumner United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: ELROMA Pedras Ornamentais (Brazil) , Omicron Granite and Tiles (United States) , Aracruz Granite Int. LLC (United States)
    Please tell me the minimum order for Gaya Quartzite slabs FOB Houston.
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.H.N Robesin Netherlands Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Repox Srl (Italy) , CEA Abrasivi (Italy) , I.S.E.P. Srl (Italy)
    looking for Jolly Mastice per marmi 150 Gr
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr. Robbie Lipworth United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: BIEKEMAR MOLFETAS Marble - Granite Co. (Greece) , Xiamen Alot Stone Co., Ltd. (China) , Pior Quarries (Albania)
    Dear Sir, I am a supplier of natural stone direct to projects in USA. Mostly I import from Italy, Brazil, China. I have a project that I have been asked to source material for. The project calls for Skrapari White Pearl Marble. As this is not a material i usually supply I am looking for a vendor who can supply this material in good quality cutting and finishing and can produce a fairly large volume. The details are as follows: 60 x 60 x 2cm tile - HONED, BUSH HAMMERED - Quantity +- 5600m, some Honed some Bush Hammered Multiple cut to size counter tops for kitchens and vanities - I will have details of the sizes when the design is complete in next two weeks. The finish will be hOned, the thickness required is 5cm. Ppproximate quantity is +- 3600 sq ft. Pleae let me know if you ar eable to supply athis material for a project of this nature. General Contractors are currently bisding for the construction of this and I anticipate material will be ordered within 2 months and completion required would be 4-6 months after that. Appreciate your response, best regards
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.John C. Lipsey United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Venetian Tile & Stone Gallery (United States) , Galaxy Granite & Marble Inc (United States) , LuDe Inc (United States)
    Trying to source 3cm Choco Brown Quartzite for an upcoming residential project. Can you email me a list of some of your buyer/suppliers in the southeastern United States. Thanks,
  • May 19,2020 | Buyer: Mr.Choi South Korea Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Services & Trade Marble LLC (FZC) (Oman) , Al Ajmi Marble LLC (Oman) , International Marble Company LLC (Oman)
    Dear,Sir Good day for you My name is mr.Choi from J.C corp in Korea We are interested in limited stock . Please quote us your best price and detailed photos. Q'ty : Minimum 20 x3. Size: 600x600x20 . one side polishing. Lead time:? Terms of payment . We would like import !! your goods on the basis of CIF Busan or Inchoen port. We will order and increase quantity order continuously,If your product is accepted by us. We look forward to hear from you soon Rgards Choi/ import manager.
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