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  • 6 Terrazzo Tile buyers

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  • Buy Terrazzo Slabs

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: Hong Kong,Italy,China

    Hi all,
    I am based in Hong Kong and I am looking for two Terrazzo slabs in the following sizes:
    120 x 140 cm and 120 x 70 cm
    Brand: Marmi Scala (Italy)
    Type: Cargrey
    I am need them to finish a project in Hong Kong. I am aware that the quantity is very small but any recommendation or supplier information would be highly appreciated.
    Many thanks

    Hong Kong Oct 25,2017
  • Buy Terrazzo Floor Tiles

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: Hong Kong,Portugal,Italy,Spain,Turkey,United Kingdom,France,Greece
    I am looking for Terrazzo Floor Tiles. Non slip 300x300x28mm approx. 300 square metre suitable for unheated internal commercial space. High pedestrian, product storage/display and maintenance vehicle usage
    UK-Cardiff Oct 20,2017
  • Buy Terrazzo Tile, Agglomerate Tiles

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: China
    We are working on a new opportunity.
    The first location will be 5 floors of a Terrazzo Tile, Agglomerate Tiles
    What is the largest tile that you can produce
    What is the thickness of the tile
    How quickly can you produce the samples and have them in our office
    There are 9 different color samples required
    Of each color samples required we will need 6 samples of each color sample
    There are three shades of colors and within each shade 3 different colors
    In each shade grouping there is one tile that the customer wants to use their grinded rubber to be added as aggregate in the tile.
    Please see the images attached of the color ranges and pantone references
    they want large chips in the tile.
    Larger chips to be ¾” and smaller chips ¼”
    Please confirm the lead time for samples.
    China-Guangdong-Foshan Aug 23,2017
  • Buy Terrazzo Slight Honed Black n White

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: Hong Kong,China
    Terrazzo Slight Honed Black/White We Work in the Galleria Tower in Houston 2 slabs Shipped to Houston Texas
    USA-Texas-Spring Jul 11,2017
  • Buy Terrazzo Slab Slabs, Tiles

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hi all, 
    We are construction company in Australia. 
    I'm looking for terrazzo slabs. 
    1. Yellow Terrazzo Slabs with black, white, orange, lime, white grains
    2. Black Terrazzo Slabs with white, pearl grains
    Please see the attached image for reference. 
    Otherwise we won't respond to your contact. 
    Thank you all 
    Kind regards,
    Australia-New South Wales-Blacktown Jun 07,2017
  • Buy Terrazzo Tiles

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: Hong Kong,China,Turkey,Viet Nam

    Hello, Could you please provide me Pricing and Lead Time for:

    Terrazzo Tiles

    Black with White / Semihoned.

    USA-California-Santa Ana Apr 27,2017
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