Place of Origin

China(2729) Turkey(2604) Brazil(2457) Italy(1471) India(1138) Spain(963) Iran(734) Greece(632) France(626) Portugal(584) United States(465) Egypt(390) Mexico(332) Germany(224) Australia(200)

Natural Stones

  • Leggiuna Granite

    Additional Names: Gneis Montana...
    Gneis Montana,Montana,Leggiuna Paragneis,Legiuna Gneis,Gneiss Leggiuna,Legiuna,Legiuna Granit,Irland Grau

    Switzerland -- Granite

  • Andeerer Gneiss

    Additional Names: Andeer...
    Andeer,Verde Andeer,Alpengruen,Alpina,Andeer Gneis,Andeer Granit,Andeer Ortho-Gneis Gruen,Andeer Orthogneis,Andeer-Granit,Andeerer,Andeerer Granit,Andeerer Ortho-Gneis,Andeerergneis,Andeergranit,Andes Gruen,Gruener Granit,Roffnaporphyr,Rofna-Gneis,Rofnagneis,Rofnaporphyr,Andeerer Gneis Quartzite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • San Bernardino

    Additional Names: San Bernardino Silber...
    San Bernardino Silber,San Bernardino Quartzite,S. Bernardino Silber,Bernhardin Quarzit,Hinterrhein Platten,Hinterrhein Quarzit,Hinterrheiner Quarzit,Rhein Quarzit,Rheinischer Quarzit

    Switzerland -- Quartzite

  • Ambatomanga Granite

    Madagascar -- Granite

  • Flossenbuerger Royal Blau

    Additional Names: Flossenbuerger Blugrau...
    Flossenbuerger Blugrau,Flossenbürg Granit,Flossenbuerg Granit,Flossenbürger Granit Blau,Flossenbürger Granit Graugold,Flossenbuerger Royal Blau Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Ettringen Tuff

    Additional Names: Ettringen Volcanic Tufa...
    Ettringen Volcanic Tufa,Ettringer Kerntuff,Ettringer Trachyt,Ettringer Tuff,Ettringer Tuffstein,Ettringen Trachyte

    Germany -- Tuff

  • Dietfurt Limestone

    Additional Names: Dietfurter Gala...
    Dietfurter Gala,Dietfurter Kalkstein Gala,Dietfurter Dolomit,Dietfurt Kalkstein,Dietfurter Dolomit Limestone,Dietfurt Jura Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Eichenbuhler Mainsandstein

    Additional Names: Eichenbuehler Sandstein...
    Eichenbuehler Sandstein,Eichenbuehler Mainsandstein,Roter Mainsandstein Eichenbuehl,Eichenbühler Mainsandstein,Eichenbuehl Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Tittlinger Grobkorn

    Additional Names: Tittlinger Grobkorn Granit...
    Tittlinger Grobkorn Granit,Bayerwald Rose,Kristall Rosa Granite,Tittlinger Kristall Rose,Tittlinger Rose Granite,Tittlinger Grobkorn Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Waldstein Gelb

    Additional Names: Waldstein Yellow...
    Waldstein Yellow,Waldstein Giallo,Waldstein SC,Waldstein Granit,Waldstein Gelb Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Beucha Roetlich Porphyry

    Additional Names: Beucha Grunlich Porphyry...
    Beucha Grunlich Porphyry,Beucha Grau Porphyry,Beucha Porphyry,Beucha Rot Porphyry,Beucha Roetlich Granite

    Germany -- Porphyry

  • Birkenkopf Granite

    Additional Names: Harz Granite...
    Harz Granite,Blauer Harz-Granit,Birkenkopf Granit,Weisser Harz-Granit

    Germany -- Granite

  • Demitz Thumitz

    Additional Names: Thumitz Granit...
    Thumitz Granit,Demitz Thumitz Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Verde Orezza

    Additional Names: Vert du Corse...
    Vert du Corse,Verde di Corsica,Vert d'Orezza,Orezza,Gabbro Verde di Corsica,Kuru d'Orezza,Orezza Vert,Verde Orezza Marble

    France -- Marble

  • Bianco Tarn

    Additional Names: Grigio Tarn Granite...
    Grigio Tarn Granite,Bianco Tarn Silver Star Granite,Silver Grey Granite,Silver Star Granite,Granit Blanc du Tarn,Granito Blanco Tarn,Tarn Clair Granite,Tarn Granit Bianco,Bianco Tarn Granite

    France -- Granite

  • Lanvignes

    Additional Names: Lanvignes Dore...
    Lanvignes Dore,Pierre de Bourgogne,Pierre de Lanvignes,Lanvignes French Limestone,Lanvignes Jaune,Lanvignes Limestone

    France -- Limestone

  • Breccia Fleury

    Additional Names: Breccia Fleuri...
    Breccia Fleuri,Breccia Fleury Marble

    France -- Marble

  • Lanhelin Granite

    Additional Names: Granit Normandia Azzurro...
    Granit Normandia Azzurro,Blau Lanhelin Granit,Granit Bleu de Lanhelin,Celtic Blue Granite,Granit Bleu de la Normandie,Granit Keltisch Blau,Granit Lanhelin,Granite Bleu,Granite Lanhelin,Keltisch Blau,Lanhelin Blue Granite,Granit Bleu Celtique,Lanhelin Gray Granite

    France -- Granite

  • Jaune Aurora

    Additional Names: Bignan Gelb Aurora...
    Bignan Gelb Aurora,Giallo Sole,Granit Jaune Aurore,Granit Jaune Aurore de Bignan,Granit Keltisch Gelb,Jaune Aurore,Jaune Aurore de Bignan,Jeaune-Aurore,Keltisch Gelb,Sun Yellow,Sunrise Yellow,Tarn Jaune,Yellow Sun,Yellow Sunrise,Jaune Aurora Granite

    France -- Granite

  • Chaumont

    Additional Names: Pierre Chaumont...
    Pierre Chaumont,Pierre de Chaumont,Chaumont Limestone,Calcaire Chaumont,Pierre de Bourgogne

    France -- Limestone

  • Pierre de Donzy

    Additional Names: Pierre de Donzy Limestone...
    Pierre de Donzy Limestone,Pierre Donzy,Calcaire Donzy

    France -- Limestone

  • Reichenberg

    Additional Names: Isergebirge...
    Isergebirge,Liberecka Zula,Reichenberger Granit,Reichenberg Granite

    Czech Republic -- Granite

  • Cerna Voda

    Additional Names: Schlesischer Granit Hell...
    Schlesischer Granit Hell,Zula Cerna Voda,Cerna Voda Granite

    Czech Republic -- Granite

  • Cafe Goleta

    Additional Names: Cafe Tenallo...
    Cafe Tenallo,Cafe Tenayo,Cafe Tabaco,Cafe Goleta Limestone,Cafe Goleta Marble

    Mexico -- Marble

  • Sahara Granite

    Additional Names: Sahara Blue Granite...
    Sahara Blue Granite,Sahara Gold Granite

    India -- Granite

  • Jaspe Granite

    Additional Names: Barre Grey
    Barre Grey

    United States -- Granite

  • Guyana Red Granite

    Additional Names: Rosso Guyana...
    Rosso Guyana,Rojo Guyana

    Guyana -- Granite

  • Golden Yellow Limestone

    Additional Names: Sunny Gold...
    Sunny Gold,Golden Yellow Marble

    Egypt -- Limestone

  • Imperial Black

    Additional Names: Adelaide Black Granite...
    Adelaide Black Granite,Imperial Black Australia,Black Imperial,Austral Black,Black Austral,Negro Austral,Noir Austral,Imperial Black Australia Granite

    Australia -- Granite

  • Harcourt Granite

    Additional Names: Melbourne Grey...
    Melbourne Grey,Harcourt Grey Granite

    Australia -- Granite

  • Carmina

    Additional Names: Canberra Grey...
    Canberra Grey,Carmina Granite,Carmina Pink Granite

    Australia -- Granite

  • Christmas Bush

    Additional Names: Christmas Bush Granite
    Christmas Bush Granite

    Australia -- Granite

  • India Desert Brown Granite

    Additional Names: Desert Brown India Granite...
    Desert Brown India Granite,Desert Gold Granite,Desert Brown Granite,in China stone market:沙漠啡(Shāmò fēi)

    India -- Granite

  • Africa Desert Rose

    Additional Names: African Red Granite...
    African Red Granite,Desert Rose,Desert Flame,Africa Desert Rose Granite

    South Africa -- Granite


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