Calibrating and Polishing Machine for Tiles

Calibrating and Polishing Machine for Tiles
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General Information about 4+14+1 “KGP 650” Calibrating & Polishing Machine


The “KGP 650” Calibration and Polishing machines are manufactured in worldwide standards in order to meet the customer needs without compromising the material quality. The machine is able to process any type of material in the best way by the automatic working of the polishing heads in excellent harmony during the crosswise movement of the bridge over the raw materials.


The “KGP 650” calibration and polishing machine is controlled by a PLC unit and works in full automatic system. The machine is equipped with a touch screen control panel. The operator sets all the working parameters from this panel. The abrasive consumption, belt speed, bridge speed, production statistics and much other information could be followed from this panel.


The special design of the bench ensures the absence of vibrations, better polishing quality and long working life. The working surface is rectified with CNC machines to achieve total planarity all over. The bench can be covered by stainless steel optionally.

The special conveyor belt has a multilayer structure to achieve even movement.


The calibrating unit is the main factor in adjusting the stone thickness according to the required thicknesses sensitively. The calibrating spindle is able to do up and down movements and mounted to the middle of the bench sensitively. Thanks to its interior design the calibrating unit does not give a place to any fault.


The spindles have been designed taking special care to the most delicate structural and kinetic aspects which are subject to wear. Our special pneumatic system allows the abrasive plates to work dynamically. This system allows the machine to work with higher speeds and less abrasive consumption. For high efficiency each spindle is equipped with a specifically engineered abrasive holder plates which holds 8 abrasives and ensures an extremely high removal capacity and work stability for a uniform and perfect polishing of the material. The special abrasive holing plates are provided with an exclusive shock-absorbing system ensuring the correct flexibility and a homogenous and optimal working pressure. The results are a perfect polishing quality as well as a lower consumption of abrasives. The materials of calibrating and polishing spindles are processes sensitively. These parts are specifically engineered in order to prevent from water contact.


The beam forms a single unit structure made with very thick steel plates. Thanks to the special design of the beam the vibration and deflection of the beam are prevented. The spindle units are located at the centre of the beam to give utmost balance to the abrasive heads. The whole beam system is both a compact and rigid unit, it reaches such dynamic movement and high speeds. The beam is the fastest worldwide with 70m/min speed.


The machine has an automatic lubrication system. This system ensures the lubrication of spindles within the requested time intervals.

Find the video of the machine in the below link;

Zimek Machine Ltd.

Turkey-Denizli Image1

Business Type: 8,Machinery

Establishment Date:Jan 01,1995

No. of Total Employees:51 ~ 200

Main Products:Tile Calibrating And Polishing, Slab Polishing Machine, Gangsaw, Tile & Slab Cutting Machine, Mosaic Cutting Machine, Decorative Splitting Machine

Contact Person:Huseyin SARI

Phone:+90-258 814 53 17

Fax:+90-258 814 58 17

Mobile:+90-533 499 61 07

Addr:Ankara Asfaltı Üzeri 20.Km Kocabaş 20335 Denizli Turkey

Website:Supplier Website

About Us

Zimek Machinery started to produce stone processing machinery in 1995. At that time, especially in the natural stone industry, external dependence on the machine was excessive. Zimek Machine, with its experience in the machinery sector, started to manufacture marble and travertine processing machines and aimed to reduce dependence on foreign sources. In particular, it has become a reputable and specialized brand in this field with the emphasis on the production of polishing and sizing machines.

Since its inception, ZimekMakina has been continuing its production in a stable manner without losing its quality product-quality service line. In addition to its extensive customer portfolio within the country, it has succeeded in making its name known in international platforms with its exports to other countries. With this wind behind it, Zimek Machinery continues to serve both domestic and foreign customers with its sales and after-sales services and aims to raise its line even further.


Our R&D department is working on new ideas by following the constant change with its expert and competent staff. By combining our products with ever-changing and developing technology-appropriate systems, we design Zimek Machineryry-specific and functional models to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

By developing new projects on existing systematic studies; We use the best measure in the service that will be provided in our processes and systems.

Our R & D activities are shaped parallel to the growth targets of ZİMEK MACHINE. Our products are supported by competitive technologies and new designs for domestic and international target markets.

Quality control

Quality principle of ZiMEK requires to sustain current quality standards of the Company by maximizing satisfaction of all customers throughout the world, maintaining perfectionist quality culture without tarnishing the image of ZiMEK.

Our Company policy is to adopt our employees to institutional quality awareness and study in integration with the system. This principle also refers to continious innovation and development, as Fundamentals of corporate culture.

Our fundamental principles are;
Making the best at first time,
Taking personal responsibility,
Embracing the job,
And always focusing on quality…
In this context, ZiMEK provides all support and sources for applying total quality management system and continious development of its effectiveness.


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Buyers' Request

Hello To set up a marberia in Algeria as possible, a list price of machine - machine Polisher for marble to 2000 mm - machine Polisher for granite --CANFREW - cutting machine Boulehouanet such; 0033604125474 cordially
I am looking for 4+14+1 Calibrating&Polishing Machine.
Good Morning Our company named by DRB International plc. is one of the biggest marble mining & manufacturing company in our country. Our company would like to have your price offer for slab polishing machine. Thank you With best regards
I am looking for 4+14 CALIBRATING&POLISHING MACHINE. There is a sudden change of rules in importing granite slabs to Sri Lanka. Polished Granite slabs are not possible to import any more due to customs new regulation. So they have to bring over un-polished slabs mainly from India and polish it here. They are in an urgent need of a Polishing machines. I am sure I can approach other players too. This is a Price conscious market so the lower we offer the better our chances of landing deals. Pls do your best to send me the Quotes ASAP. We usually sell the listed Price of the supplier and you have to build in our commission into the price. regards, -ajith Ajith Boralugoda President CNC Lanka (PVT) Ltd 143/1 Meemanagoda Road Kalalgoda Pannipitiya Sri Lanka

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