Supermodulo Polishing Machine

Supermodulo Polishing Machine
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SUPERMODULO polishing machine has been designed and buildt for the following processes:
Polishing of straight and curved ribs (round or half-moon and quarter moon shapers, and about 160 different shapers ) and bevels.
Lower and upper rim gauging, upper polishing
SUPERMODULO is a modular machine because all its parts are interchangeable
The machine allows the carrying out of the above-mentioned working processes on granite or marble plates or blocks of a thickness from 20 to 80 mm. for straight ribs; from 20 to 100 mm for curved ribs. This particular performance makes the SUPERMODULO unique in its kind and useful also for the working processes required in funeral art.
The outstanding feature of this polishing machine is its complete AUTOMATICITY. It is possible to polish at the same time and without any manual intervention, ribs and bevels of plates and blocks of a different thickness
The high productive capacity of the SUPERMODULO is censure by the use of a NEW patented automatic system which guarantee the perfect anchorage of the piece during its rectilinear movement.
The SUPERMODULO machine is composed by 14 or more units. This ensure the execution of different profiles on marble, granite and stones. These units are completely controlled by an electronic system. No manual intervention is requie. Even the lengthsandshapers of the pieces are automatically and logically stored by the machine.
The SUPERMODULO machine is hydraulically controller. There is always the possibility to change the speeds and rotations during the working phases: this is a UNIQUE feature for machines of this kind. Moreover SUPERMODULO ensures the perfect execution of irregular shapes, such as crows feet, sloping incisions, etc..

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O.M.G.M. S.r.l. has been working from 1971 in the manufacturing of edge polishing machines for straight and curved ribs on granite or marble slabs.
Their technological innovation, their easiness and simplicity of use distinguish our edge polishing machines on the national and foreign market.We have always paid great attention to study and research in order to improve our products and to meet our most demanding customers' requests.
All our machines,made in Italy, belong to the latest edge polishing machines generation, they have been designed to satisfy the requirements of the firms and the workshops; to optimize their productivity organization and to improve the competivity level of their output.
From the mechanical point of view, our machines stand out for their reliability and duration time.


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