Japanese Style Granite Monuments, Grey Granite Japanese, Korean

Japanese Style Granite Monuments, Grey Granite Japanese, Korean
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Type: Granite

Color: Grey

Material Origin: China


Traditional Japanese Style Monuments


Japan-Hyōgo Prefecture

Business Type: Wholesaler,Contractor,Importer

Establishment Date:

No. of Total Employees:

Main Products:Marble, Granite, Monument

Contact Person:Eri Nishino




Website:Supplier Website

Without forgetting the origin, Daisei does not distract from the axis foot memorial service industry. If they do,
● We are entering more and more in the related fields.
● create an environment in which employees are competent, able to work longer.
● prohibit seniority, he can make a young stage.
Memorial service industry also say that industry is required in the greatest demand in the 21st century aging. Will continue to expand the business in this industry.
Goal of both employees aim «to create a company that the industry continues to evolve in order to leave to the next generation» is the goal of Daisei.
Employees is Daisei brand, to create a company that continues to grow in the future.
Again, check the origin
20 years from its inception. I've grown to the current figure from the company had only two employees of small gravel plant. Years, our company has hundreds of years and will grow much larger, it is the origin of this merchandise Daisei, the quality of the «stone Goshiki Special» is that sticking though.
Always positive and never give up
Until now, in the past there was gonna be a lot of "Wow Akan. Doctor Tsu~u Kit ー" I Daisei. Had been overcome it, because it's a positive principle objective "But, Ya somehow. Would Ganbaro..'ll Try a little more luck" that.
To the action than critic
From smart critic, is what it should be employees of an action Daisei hard in practice. Think with full force, running out the result. I will not forget that in mind this behavior.
Make human resources, teamwork leading
I also want to go up the value of the employees support it to grow the organization, as well as up corporate value increases. Well as position and compensation, through their work, it will continue to grow more and more each person's ability employees. Alone will produce results and growth that can not be absolute in that stage of Daisei, employees not independent any moment, to play together. I will make such a team organization.
Only the failure of success
I I do not need people with experience I can not believe they did not fail. Failed, if I can not repeat the same mistakes again in future lessons. I do I get the chance to return to the next match and its failure.
Daisei brand aims to
It is intended to reduce everything to send employees every day, and also increase the value of Daisei. Every single product production, proposal, drawing, such as a product, which leads comeback on the phone, standing in the customer behavior, brand image to all the action. That's why I will cherish. Is that person also brand Daisei employees.


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