Pietra Forte Colombino Engraving, Pietra Forte Colombino Grey Sandstone Engraving

Pietra Forte Colombino Engraving, Pietra Forte Colombino Grey Sandstone Engraving
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Type: Sandstone

Color: Grey


Pietra Forte Colombino Sandstone

Material Origin: Italy


The activity extractive dates back since the fifteenth century, and testimonies and precise data on the use of the material as building stone you are having starting precisely from this period. The stone marked the "genius" of Florence and other major cities of Tuscany, sostanziandone the meaning and identity through the language expressed by the new Renaissance architectural forms and ornamental figures. By Brunelleschi on, through Bramante, Desiderio da Settignano, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Tribolo Vasari, reaching the contemporary architect Arata Isozaki, Renzo Piano, Carlo Scarpa, the great artists and architects have appreciated and valued the stone, in adopting for their work, thanks to its qualities of beauty purity and rigor, elegance, naturalness and neutrality, workability and ductility versatility, strength endurance and durability. For these characteristics that summarize the functional aesthetics, this material has always been sought in the design of spaces for human life, private or public, or collective intiimi as palaces, churches, streets and squares.

La Borghigiana S.r.l.


Business Type: Service,Natural Stone

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Main Products:Pietra Serena Di Firenzuola, Pietra Forte Colombino

Contact Person:Stefania Cangioli

Phone:+39 055 819085

Fax:+39 055 8198965

Addr:Via Imolese 104 – 50033 Firenzuola (FI) Italy

Website:Supplier Website

The quarries represent the true point of strength of the company: the cultivation of in more rows allows you to arrange of the highest quality in absolute of pietra serena, guaranteeing the control and the provenance. Latest machinery and highly skilled workforce make it possible to develop and optimize the traditional methods resulting in more efficient extraction, to the benefit of a higher standard of quality and a steady supply of the material, allowing it to offer a better service to the end customer.
The Borghigiana operates in Firenzuola, a small town in the heart of the Tuscan-Romagna within the Santerno Valley has always been linked to the history of Florence and, in general, to Tuscany. The territory of Firenzuola is the main site of extraction and processing of stone in Italy, and for some time have been promoted coordinated initiatives for the study, the improvement and enhancement of this stone material denoted as Firenzuola stone or, more simply , due to its origin, the "Stone of Firenzuola."


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