Non-Explosive Demoltion Agent

Non-Explosive Demoltion Agent
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Type: Others

Color: Beige

Supply Ability:30000tons/mounth

Port:Guangzhou Port

Min. Order: 0.1 (Tons)

Packaging Detail: 5Kg for per plastic inner bag, 20Kgs for per paper carton including 4 inner bags, G.Wt. 1 ton for per wooden pallet, 22 pallets for one 20Ft cargo container as standard export package

Delivery Detail: 5 days after order confirmed

Shipment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,Others

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,Money Gram,PayPal,Other


   SCASTAR Soundless Cracking Agent, a Non-Explosive Expansive Silent Cracking Agent, is a highly expansive powder composition for stone breaking, granite and marble quarrying, concrete cutting and demolition. SCASTAR Soundless Cracking Agent is safe, environment friendly and a good and viable alternative to explosives and other traditional methods of quarrying and demolition.
   SCASTAR Soundless Cracking Agent is mixed with clean cold water and poured into the pre-drilled holes on rock or concrete. The diluted SCASTAR swells and exerts significant expansive power on the hole-wall, fracturing the wall and splitting the rock across the line of the drill holes. The SCASTAR is widely applied in static demolishment, quarry and some other special construction projects.
   SCASTAR is a non-toxic powder consisting of oxides of calcium, silicon and aluminum, completely without harmful components.

  SCASTAR provides the most technically suitable and cost-effective solution in restricted demolition of rock and concrete structures, where nearby structures must be protected from shock waves generated by explosives. While explosives are more expensive due to long

operating times, special transport, storage and handling precautions, and under strict monitor of public safety regulations.

Technical Advantages
?Easy to use: Take a certain amount of this product according to the service conditions, put into quantitative water and make mixture.
?Excellent flow property: High-performance surface active component makes the flow property and grouting much better.
?Broken speed: This product has good expansion effect and large expansion pressure, and the expansion effect appears in 5~24 hours.
?High security coefficient: The product formulation can be designed according to customers’ requirements, so sufficient operating time is left to avoid the operating risks.
?Stable product performance: Guarantee the product’s stability by selecting raw material with stable properties and doing precise product quality test.

Technical Characteristics
?Setting Time: Initial setting≥10min, final setting≤150min.

?Expansion pressures in every age for different types.
  Type                 Suitable Temperature(°C)            Expansion Pressure(MPa)
                                                                             8h        24h       48h
SCASTAR-Ⅰ                  25-40                                ≥35.0    ≥60.0      —
SCASTAR-Ⅱ                  10-30                                ≥30.0    ≥55.0      —
SCASTAR-Ⅲ                  -5-15                                 ≥20.0    ≥30.0     ≥40.0

Application Scopes
?Crushing and demolition of reinforced concrete structures.
?Safe crushing and demolition of rocks, furnace lining, open caisson engineering, underground  engineering, seabed engineering and some other special projects.
?Mining and cutting of granite, marble, jade and other stones.

Refer to following table about the situations of different broken objects from construction experiences:
Types of objects                                       Parameter                                                                  
                            Aperture (mm)  Pitch-row (cm)  Array Pitch (cm)  Bore Depth  Usage (Kg/m3)
Light Rock                   30-45              30-50               30-50                 H                 8-10

Medium-hard Rock        30-45             25-40               20-35              1.05H             10-15

Hard Granite                35-45              20-40               20-30              1.05H             18-20

Rock Cutting                 30-40              20-35              50-80                  H                5-15

Concrete and
Boulder Stones              35-50          

Wuhan Ujoin Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Factory,Exporter

Establishment Date:May 22,2001

No. of Total Employees:>1000

Main Products:Soundless Cracking Agent, Expansive Agent, Concrete Waterproof Agent, Water Reducer

Contact Person:Ada




Addr:12#,Workers Village Dushi Industrial Park, Qingshan District, Wuhan City

Website:Supplier Website

Introduction of UJOIN

Sever high-end, challenge difficulties——services we supply

Wuhan UJOIN Building Material Technology CO., LTD. is a professional supplier for high-founction concrete performance optimization scheme. We are committed to deal with today’s challenges in building fields, such as improving the building structure’s performance of crack resistance, water proof and anti-corrosion property, improving the durability of structures, optimizing the construction process, developing energy-saving environment-friendly building materials and some other fields. With its leading technology advantages, UJOIN provides diversified products and services to various construction projects, including: supply solution for improving buildings, technical support service, construction protection and repair,supply special concrete, formula debugging for engineering mortar and so on.The company is committed to become the most respected and trusted supplier for high-performance and technology building solutions.

Pursuit of perfection, continuous innovation——efforts we pay

 “Pursuit of Perfection, Casting Excellent” is management idea of UJION,
therefore, the company continuously bring forth the new through the old and constantly strive for perfection. In concrete performance optimization field,the company has invested a lot of resource to painstaking research and continuous improvement, has meticulously created concrete admixture series products, and can effectively improve performance of building structures. In premixed concrete field, the company is based on present industry situation and constantly looking for breakthrough, takes special concrete, concrete construction as company’s core competition. In other fields, the company introduced dry mortar, building protection and repair, formula debugging for engineering mortar, concrete technology supporting and some other distinctive services and innovative products. Solutions of UJOIN are committed to improving quality of projects and prolonging the service life of building, and bring completely unknown innovation possibilities to customers.

Personality exclusive, supporting security——systems we establish

In order to supply more considerate and better services, UJOIN attentively trained more than 1000 professional customer service specialists to work out customers-only close service. At present, the company has set up service sites in more than 80 cities and has more than 14 technology cooperation units, many premixed concrete supply bases, the most advanced special mortar produce bases and the biggest rotary kiln clinker produce bases, so can supply perfect demand plan and after-sale tracking service for all the customers. Other more, the company also has perfect concrete production, transportation and construction service systems, and its strict quality control and advanced transport system make the
service quality unassailable.


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Hi, Are you the manufacture of expansive mortar? I am looking for quotation to import.
Hi, Are you the manufacture of expansive mortar? I would like to have a quotation.
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