Diamond Lapping Compound

Diamond Lapping Compound
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Type: Alabaster

Color: Beige


Diamond paste is a type of polishing compound made from finely ground or powdereddiamond particles, and some kind of liquid, usually water based. "http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-diamond-powder">Diamond powder itself is simply paste without the water or other liquid binding agent. It may come in a syringe for more exact application, or even come in a small pump-spray bottle. Some manufacturers produce pastes with different sized grits in specific colors. Color coding can facilitate selecting the proper size of grit for the surface that is to be polished.

This compound can be used to polish or sharpen a variety of tools and surfaces. Diamondpaste is recommended for finely polishing various metals, including metal blades and other metal surfaces. In the case of a metal blade, of course, the paste not only polishes the flat surface of the blade, but also finely sharpens the cutting surface. Diamond paste is appropriate for use on ceramic, glass, and mineral surfaces. It can also be used to clean surfaces made out of the aforementioned materials.

Beijing Tong Ma Abrasives Co.,Ltd


Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Exporter

Establishment Date:Mar 07,2006

No. of Total Employees:

Main Products:White Fused Alumina, Black Silicon Carbide, Brown Fused Alumina, Green Silicon Carbide, Grinding Wheel Machine, Diamond Turbo Saw Blade, Diamond Polishing Pad, Flap Wheels

Contact Person:Gong Liu



Addr:F367 .NO.1 FengTai District Beijing China bjtm5899@126.com

Website:Supplier Website

Beijing Tong Ma abrasives Co.,Ltd is an abrasives  manufacturing, professional processing company. For the abrasives production, supply, the use of a strong professional knowledge.

Abrasives corundum ( A: 20-900mm diameter ), white fused alumina ( WA ), green silicon carbide ( GC ), chrome corundum ( PA ) material of the grinding wheel, Whetstone, grinding all kinds of special-shaped wheel.

Abrasive series is widely used for grinding plane, the circular grinding, cylindrical grinding, no grinding, tool grinding, crankshaft grinding, thread grinding, gear grinding, double face grinding, snagging, such as freedom of grinding )

Abrasive: corundum ( A ), white fused alumina ( WA ), green silicon carbide ( GC ) ( PA ) of various size chrome corundum sand.

Abrasive series are widely used in manufacturing Abrasives, sandblasting, polishing.

Polishing: emery cloth sandpaper, cloth round, polishing wheel, polishing paste, wire wheels, axle wheel, flower wheel.

In all kinds of workpiece for grinding, polishing, rust removing, cleaning.

Resin bond : cutting film, polishing films, a variety of grinding wheel.

Used in automobiles, ships, machinery, metallurgy, casting and other industries polished welds, burr, burr, grinding surface

( to undertake various special-shaped wheel order, adjust inventory )



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I am looking for Diamond Lapping Compound. I want a high surface finish and an extermely flat surface on a previously turned job of Stainless Steeel 304L. Please suggest me the right product to achieve it.
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