FT Stone Liquid Product for Oil and Water Resistant

FT Stone Liquid Product for Oil and Water Resistant
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PRODUCT: FT Stone Liquid product: oil and water resistant
This new type of product avoid water and oil permeation into granite, marble, stone and sandstone surfaces. 
Used on stone type surfaces, FT STONE makes a permanent protective film without any tear (in contrast with other products that show tears and let water and oil permeate into the materials  - due to temperature changes).
The new product FT STONE: 1) guarantees long lasting time of effect 2) it does neither split or scratch 3) it does not react to any source of heat 4) it keeps intact the stone surfaces as good as new.


Aspect: liquid-pasty
Colour: yellow
PH: 5-7
Melting point: NA
Boiling point:  (like water) 100°
Flammable Point: NA
Solid/gas flammability:NA
Explosive properties:NA
Combustive agent properties: no one
Liposoluble: NA
Log 10 Po/w: NA
Vapour density: NA  


5 kg and 25 kg tanks (each)

ALSO Stone Water S.r.l.


Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Factory,Importer,Exporter

Establishment Date:

No. of Total Employees:

Main Products:Adhesives, Painting Treatment For Stones

Contact Person:Veronica

Phone:+ 39.0585 52811

Fax:+39 0585 505028

Addr:Via F. Turati 1- 54033 Avenza (MS) Italy

Website:Supplier Website

The company ALSO Stone Water was founded in 2006 when Mr Pirrello, both founder and administrator, decided to share with it his knowledge in the matter of granite sawing and slabs painting. This co-operation made famous worldwide the BAT product and the line COLOR STONE.
Our company produces and sells a lot of studied and patented products fitted for the stone sector, we deal especially whit the cutting technology and whit the slabs finishing. We also design purification plants for waste water treatment in the private, public and industrial sector. The main reason of our company' success consists in the industrial patent of the product BAT - Italian acronym of: Betonite Alternativa di Taglio (alternative bentonite for cutting and sawing). It is considered a new technology and it is used in many countries such as: India,Latin America and Europe. 
We can also supply a wide range of colors and a large variety of choice thanks to our COLOR STONE line, that enables us to meet the customers' needs and wishes. Color stone can paint, renew and enhace every type of granite surface despite its original coloring and shade. It does not change the natural structure and the transparency of the stone.
We are always looking for any news that makes us unique in our field, since there are a few innovative contributions in the stone sector. 
The technology, which we are holders of, achieved and still achieve great results in our sector, that is the reason why we are very competitive and flourishing now and in the immediate future. The ever-increasing progress of our innovative technology in the Italian, European and World market stimulate our daily work. 
Our business name is the perfect synthesis of our work: STONE suggests the material we deal with, WATER indicates the waters we treat and ALSO stands for… whatever lies ahead  


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1-how many litter ? 2-what is price fob ? 3-do the product affect stone color ? 4-how many years it can protect stone ? 5-how can I apply it in stone ?
I am looking for FT Stone Liquid Product for Oil and Water Resistant. for granite sealer. what the price per liter. pleaes email me 
I am looking for FT Stone Liquid Product for Oil and Water Resistant.

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