Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo) Conglomerate Tiles

Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo) Conglomerate Tiles
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Type: Conglomerate

Color: Grey


Ceppo Di Gre

Material Origin: Italy

Surface Finishing: Brushed

Shipment Terms: Others


Ceppo di Gré is a prestigious Italian stone of light grey with blue hues colour. It is a monogenic dolomitic breccia, with cementation calcareous, belonging to sedimentary rocks clastic. It is extracted in the underground quarry owned by Marini Marmi since 1897, on the north-west bank of Iseo Lake, situated in Gré, in the municipality of Solto Collina. Particularly beautiful and resistant for its caracteristic that makes it unique, exclusive and very elegant. It's no slippery and frost resistant. It's used for inside and outside applications. Ideal for claddings, floorings, bath, decorations, gardens, pools.

Marini Marmi Srl


Business Type: Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Dec 30,1897

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Ceppo Di Gré®, Grey Marble, Aggloceppo®, Marble Blocks, Slabs, Cut To Size

Contact Person:Marini Marmi Srl



Addr:Via Gré 1 - 24063 Castro (Bergamo) - Italy

Website:Supplier Website

Founded in 1897, right from its origins the Marini company has extracted and processed stones from its own quarries. From craft work, entirely performed manually with simple tools and black powder it passed on to industrial production in the thirties by introducing wire machines and compressed air. In the post-war years the company began to export and realised important works, making our materials and company famous. The Ceppo di Gré® quarry is worked underground causing less environmental impact and improving safety at work. This important investment has permitted us to improve production and the quality of the material extracted, thanks to the purchase of modern extraction technologies. Today, Marini Marmi continues with commitment, professionalism and passion on the path taught by those who went before, in order to be able to collaborate and grow together with Customers, Designers and Suppliers.


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Buyers' Request

Hi, We are currently pricing a project up at BAPE Conduit St, London and we need a price for one of your tiles specified which is the '1100x1100 Ceppo Di Gre Grey colour marble floor tiles' - 97m2. Architect on this is KTA Architects Ltd. Please could you get back to me ASAP as our price needs to be in my today (last minute one!) Thanks
I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo) Conglomerate Tiles. Quantity - 35SM
Hi, Please can you give me a cost on the Ceppo Di Gre. 100m2 of slabs Thanks
I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo) slabs (Honed finish) for countertop of casework, can you kindly send me a price asap?and do u know any supplier near Singapore whom I can contact?
I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo) Conglomerate Tiles. I need about 20m2 for our bath. I like the "Ceppo di Gré stuccato i buchi grossi e levigato" most. Could you send me a price? Kind regards
Hello, I’m working on a redesign of a restaurant chain based LA, but soon opening locations in Asia. I was wondering if you could send some general quotes of the Ceppo Di Gre stone? I want to make sure it’s within our budget before basing the whole design around this amazing stone! Thank you!
I'm looking for slabs and tiles for a project in California. Do you know if any suppliers in California stock it?
I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo). I need 250m2 for all the floor of the house. It can be in sizes of 40x40 to 60x60 and in the minimal thickness. Also I need 4 slabs for the counter tops of the kitchen. I need it in Chile, South America.
o P***Wrote:
I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo). c. 20m2 for poolside and 60m2 for interior. property is in Duras france. Please advise on prices per m2. Many thanks
I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo) slabs of 2cm. Can you send me prices for categories of Ceppo di Gre.
Dear sir, I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo). I need about 20m2 for a kitchen floor. Could you please send me a price?Thank you!
Hi , I am interested in purchasing the ceppo di gre . Please let me know the moq for delivery to a port in Nj
I am looking for Ceppo Di Gre (Ceppo Del Lago Di Iseo).If we buy this stone,how long we can received it.Thank you!
Dear Sir, please send me prices and photos for all categories of marbles Ceppo di Gré slabs 2cm. Thank you
Hello Sir/Madam. I need the Ceppo Di Gre for big slab finished unpolished. Pls send me fob price and metode payment. Thanks You.
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