Frack.Ag,Split.Ag, Crack.Ag Expansive Mortar, Cracking Agent

Frack.Ag,Split.Ag, Crack.Ag Expansive Mortar, Cracking Agent
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Supply Ability:10000 tons per year

Port:Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou

Min. Order: 1 (Tons)

Delivery Detail: Immediately from our inventory

Shipment Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union


FRACK.AG is called cracking agent, split agent and sepcial cement by the different people.


It can be used in an almost unlimited range of applications. It's particularly used for breaking, cutting or demolishing dimensional stones, concrete and reinforced concrete. It is ideal for use in situations where surrounding buildings or other structures would be damaged by flying debris or vibration. It maximizes production circle, product output, the usage rate of finished products and therefore profits, in quarrying and mining as it avoids waste of valuable stone.

Working Principle : The FRACK.AG is mixed with water and to be poured into pre-drilled holes and the reaction will generate expansive power in order to crack the rock, blocks,

concrete and other fragile things.

Causion :

1)Please use the right type of product.

2)Pls use the goggles and gloves and don't see the holes closely for more than 1 hours after the pouring.

3)This product is not toxic and please use the clean water to wash immediately if there is anything on your skin.

4)It must be stored in the dry conditions and can be kept more than 1 year.

5)Packing: 5 kg each plastic bag. Wooden crate and paper are on the request.

How to use it?

1. Drilling
Drill holes using Jackhammer and appropriate drill bit specific to the rock type.
Holes should be drilled no further than 30 -60cm apart. Note: In reinforced concrete recommended no more than 20cm apart.
Recommended hole diameter 38mm - 50mm . Depth would be 70-90% of the way thru depending on the type of rock/material to be cracked.

2. Mixing
For regular safety reasons and mixing small amounts by hand, it is recommended to use rubber gloves.
In a bucket, combine 1.5 Liters of water to one 5kgs bag of cracking agent, or combine the cracking agent at a ratio of 1:3 units by weight.
Mix well, using a drill and paddle is recommended. If mixing with a stick or other method, make sure powder is completely dissolved into the water. Mix to a slurry.

3. Filling
Clean holes before filling using air hose remove excess dust from drilling.
Cracking agent slurry should be poured into holes quickly after mixing




Business Type: 8,Chemicals

Establishment Date:

No. of Total Employees:51 ~ 200

Main Products:FRACK.AG, CRACK.AG, SPLIT.AG, Expansive Mortar, Cracking Agent, Splitting Agent, Spliting Agent, Soundless Cracking Agent

Contact Person:Lulu Lew


Addr:Xiamen, China

Website:Supplier Website

FRACK.AG CHINA is a professional manufacturer of High Range Soundless Cracking Agent ( other SCA terminology Non-explosive Demoliton Agent, Expansive Mortar, Stone Cracking Powder , Expansive Cement, Rock Splitting Mortar). We have been developing and commercializing non-explosive rock-breaking technology for more than ten years in marble & granite quarrying and civil demolition fields applications. FRACK.AG has grown from grass roots to become one of the world's leading developer and global distributor of Non-explosive Demolition Agent products. As one of the well-known manufacturer of Soundless Cracking Agent ( SCA), we own special horizontal kiln with a length of 50 meters, 3 units diameter 1.83 meters over-sized ball grinding mill, annual output reaches 12,000 tons FRACK.AG SCA, and adapted advanced and complete chemical analysis and test facilities and professional technical team to assure our quality in compliance with ISO9001 which was certified 10 years ago as the first factory of SCA in China. Since 1986, our factory has been able to greatly expand its business in rock demolition and natural stone quarrying market place.

In addition, FRACK.AG China also offers the technical supports of new factory establisment, update and modification of existing factories.


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2) quantity required
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Buyers' Request


I am looking for Frack.Ag,Split.Ag, Crack.Ag Expansive Mortar, Cracking Agent. please send me price per ton with delivery to UK and if possible a copy of technical data method statment and risk assessment for the use of your cracking agent if the remaining residue hamful to the environment email

 thank you joseph meigh

I am looking for Frack.Ag,Split.Ag, Crack.Ag Expansive Mortar, Cracking Agent for rock Quarrying. Temperature 25 -35 C send us the best available quote for CIF Colombo, Sri Lanka per ton first I hope to request 1 ton as sample. urgent please
I am looking for Frack.Ag,Split.Ag, Crack.Ag Expansive Mortar, Cracking Agent. send us the best available quote for CIF chennai per ton
I am looking for Frack.Ag,Split.Ag, Crack.Ag Expansive Mortar, Cracking Agent. send us the best available quote for CIF chennai per ton
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