Best Quality Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Head Edging Tool

Best Quality Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Head Edging Tool
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2.Best quality and competitve price
3.Exported to about 80 countries
4.Get good feedbacks from customers


Diamond quartz stone knife is one of our best selling products.With advanced technology and best quality,we also offer our customers a very competitive price based on these advantages.We sell this products to more than 70 countries and get some very good feedbacks from them.So we are very confident to introduce you this products.



Name Specification Granularity(usual) Price(USD)
Straight knife 13*12.7*75*40mm 40/45 3
Continental Knife I 45*12.7*70*26.5mm 40/45 9
Oblique knife 34*12.7*55*20mm 40/45 5
Rome knife 51.5*12.7*61*20mm 40/45 10
Continental knife V 49.5*12.7*70*26.5mm 40/45 10
Round bottom knife R12 23*12.7*55*23mm 40/45 5
Round bottom knife R15 30*12.7*55*23mm 40/45 6
Round edge knife 37.5*12.7*81*15mm 40/45 8
Oblique knife 38.5*12.7*61*16.05 40/45 6


Superiorities of vacuum brazed technology:

1, Good coherence

  It owns a strongly good coherence depending on the chemical metallurgical effect happening on abrasives,brazing filler metal and matrix interface while the high temperature of brazing.And it’s enough to control the abrasive particles firmly in the advanced grinding even on heavy duty with the thickness of the brazed filler metal on 20-30 percent of the percentage of the abrasives,well,as you know,it is untouchable.

2, Better convexity of the abrasives

  Usually the height of the convexity of abrasives could reached 70-80 percent,as a result,the tools would be more sharp,what’s more,the grinding force and the grinding temperature will be apparently decreased.

3, Enough place for the scraps

  It’s more ample for the high convexity of the abrasives and is not easier to be blocked in grinding as to avoid the fail of the tools.

4, Less wasteness of the diamond

  In the process of brazed diamond tools,except the rarely fall off of the abrasives,most of them could be utilized to the hight of 70-80 percent of itself.

5, Cutting granits,concrets,rebars,ceramics,glass,woods,plastics and so on,which is highly efficient.

6, Strong structure

  It is the only one which could be safely used in the super-speed around 300-500 meters per seconds to 1000 meters per seconds.

7, Environmental friendly

  It thoroughly breaks away from the blocks of serious pollution with the electroplating-made super hard abrasive tools replaced by the high-temperature brazing which riched the standard of nowadays’ Green cleaning manufacturing.

8,The best production equipments,raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology,which could be producted efficiently,goingtoscale and steadily.

     Jiangyin Teling Tools Co.,Ltd is the largest professional manufacturer of diamond tools with a history about 30 years experience in the east-China.


Jiangyin Teling Diamond Tools CO.,LTD


Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Factory,Exporter

Establishment Date:Jun 07,2011

No. of Total Employees:51 ~ 200

Main Products:Brazed Diamond Tools, Brazed Diamond Cutting Blade, Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheel, Brazed Diamond Core Bit, Diamond Brazed Gal Bit And Others, Diamond Brazed Burrs For Carving Stone, The CNC Engraving Knife, Brazed Diamond Drum

Contact Person:Wenming Ji




Addr:No.52 South Huangtang Road,Xuxiake Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu,China

Website:Supplier Website

Jiangyin Te Ling Diamond Tools Co., the most professional manufacturers of brazed diamond tools, product quality, excellent price. Export-oriented products, which brazing and soldering hole saw blade in a foreign country's best-selling. In China, quartz knives brazing, brazing grinding, brazing wheel, etc., are particularly hot. Brazed diamond tools than the traditional electroplated diamond tools and diamond tools for cost-effective sintering, is gradually replaced them. Brazed diamond tools because of its obvious advantages, has been recognized by more and more users. The company's operating philosophy is to provide first-class products, first-class service, third-rate prices. Allow customers to buy happy, with the assured! Sincerely look forward to the arrival of each customer, we will definitely bring you many surprises and unexpected harvest! Thank you!


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