Xue Shan Beige Marble, Turkey Beige Marble

Xue Shan Beige Marble, Turkey Beige Marble
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Type: Marble

Color: Beige


Xue Shan Beige Marble

Material Origin: Turkey


Similar to Baiyulan Material, uniform and soft background beige material.

MRT Mining INC.


Business Type: Service,Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Dec 31,2012

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Claros Grey, Bai He Beige, Xue Shan Beige, Splendor, Infinito White Marble, Marble Blocks

Contact Person:Mert Emiroglu

Phone:+90-212 299 2000

Fax:+90-212 299 2010


Addr:Sümer Korusu postacı Halil Sokak No:4 Tarabya/İstanbul

Website:Supplier Website

As MRT Mining, our aim is to produce mine and marble, which the nature provides us with a limited amount, by using the power of engineering science and technique and to put them into the use of the humanity. Therefore, we are developing production processes sensitive to environment and production and marketing policies observing the interests of the country in order to take out the reserves we have determined in the most effective and efficient manner for offering them correctly to the global market.

With our management insight based on respect for human and our employees, we keep our pride and self-respect on top of everything and take it as our basic principle to become a consistent, honest and reliable company.

We are working with excitement in order to become one of the leading companies in the mining industry of our country with our technical capacity and knowledge, to transfer our experience to young generations, to determine new reserves and to continue with our contribution to the development of the country’s economy by correctly processing these reserves.

Head Office / İstanbul    : Sümer Korusu Postacı Halil Sokak No:4/2 34450 Tarabya / İstanbul / Turkey
Tel : +90 212 299 2000
Fax : +90 212 299 2010
E-mail : info@mrtmining.com
Quarry / İzmir Branch    : Kuşadası Yolu Menderes Mevkii / İzmir / Turkey
Tel : +90 212 299 2000
Fax : +90 212 299 2010
E-mail : info@mrtmining.com
Quarry / Balıkesir Branch    : Yeroluk Köyü / Balıkesir / Türkiye
Tel : +90 212 299 2000
Faks : +90 212 299 2010
E-mail : info@mrtmining.com
我们MRT 采矿业的目标是,把大自然有限的赠给我们的天然资源矿物和大理石使用工程科学和技术力量来生产而供给人类使用。因此,已确定的储藏通过最佳和效率及不浪费的挖出后而以最正确的方式供给世界市场研究环保生产程序,并保护国家利益和市场政策。




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