China Quartz Surfaces Materials Supplier with International Designing and Competitive Pricing for Worktop Table Top Projects More Durable Than Granite Standard Slab Sizes 3000*1400mm

China Quartz Surfaces Materials Supplier with International Designing and Competitive Pricing for Worktop Table Top Projects More Durable Than Granite Standard Slab Sizes 3000*1400mm
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A300*140*2Polished$5.5/Square Feet

Type: Quartz

Color: White

Material Origin: China

Supply Ability:1,000,000Sqm/Year


Min. Order: 150 (Square Meters)

Packaging Detail: Wooden Frame or Wooden Create Suitable for Ocean Tran

Delivery Detail: 20 to 25 days for one 20'GP

Shipment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,Others

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,D/P,Western Union,PayPal,Other


Technical Instructions  


  · The quartz stone products must be prevented from throwing or collision to avoid any invisible cracking or damages during the transportation and shipment.
  · The quartz stone products must be protected from raining or sunshine by covering with the canvas during outdoor storing.
  · The cement mortar for installation should not be too much moisture-bearing. Otherwise, it might result in two problems happening:
     1. A thin layer of vapor might generate and exist between the cement motor and the quartz stone tile resulting in unsound adhesion.
     2. The vapor would continue to effect the secondary reaction with the cement mortar as it is impossible to be evaporated under the   quartz stone tile, which might result in the tile’s rake angle, hollowness or cracking afterwards.
  · The cement must be mixed round with the sand mortar evenly and completely so as to get the best and perfect adhesive force.
  · Supposed the white cement is adopted for the installation, it is a must to test and inspect its quality since lots of unqualified white cement exists in the market.
    A. Wall tiling:
  · Clear up and raze the wall to be free from roughness and unevenness.
  · Mix up the cement with water to be the paste and brush it onto the wall twice.
  · Fix the quartz stone tile onto the wall firmly with the iron wire and expansion bolt.
  · Mix the cement with sand pro rata 1:3 together with an amount of water and fill this mortar into the space between the wall and tile.
  · Clean the tile surface from mortar and dirt.
  · The wet cloth should be applied onto the tile for 24 hours after installation in case it is under the direct sunshine for protection.
  B. Floor tiling:
  · Mark the horizontal base line and then make the whole ground to be leveled with this line.
  · Mix the cement with sand pro rata 1:4 together with an amount of water till to be in the state of damp dry.
  · Lay the abovementioned mortar on the ground up to 30mm or 40mm high and then put the tile onto the mortar layer for adjusting the height.
  · Take out the tile after the height adjustment and brush one layer of dedicated adhesive onto the cement mortar. In case that the dedicated adhesive is unavailable, the high graded black cement can be the substitute that should be laid onto the back side of tile.
  · Lay the tile onto the mortar layer evenly and knock it slightly with a rubber or wooded pestle to achieve the tightest junction between the tile and mortar. Meanwhile, the tiles’ levelness and the border joint between tiles should be adjusted accordingly. Those tiles whose surface is out of level with other tiles must be removed and the levelness of the base mortar layer must be re-adjusted. Then to repeat the previous two steps.
  · A seam of 2mm wide should be kept between the tiles under normal conditions for the moisture evaporation and counteraction of swelling stress. When the quartz stone tiles are applied in large scale, the shrinkage joint should be kept at certain distance to avoid any popup or cracking of the tile resulting in the land’s expansion or shrinkage.
  · Seal the joint after 3 to 5 days after installation to let the bottom layer of cement mortar be dried completely. Rushed sealing joint would seriously affect the decorative effect since the chemical species continue the hydration resulting from too much moisture contained inside the land and cement mortar. To achieve a better decorative effect, the dedicated gap filler agent or white cement is recommended to use for sealing the joint and the overflowed filler agent or cement should be cleared immediately.
    · Never walk or put any heavy cargos on the quartz stone after the installation until the cement mortar is completely hardened which takes at least 24 hours, to protect it from unevenness.
  · The protective film on the quartz stone should not be removed after installation until all of the in-process projects are finished completely.
  · At the entrance and exit of the quartz stone flooring area, the carpet or footcloth should be used for protection from wearing or scraping of the hard items such as sand or stone.
  · Apply the maintenance or reconditioning to the stone regularly so as to keep it perfect, luxurious and clean all the time.
Packing Sizes Available
  What's BST Quartz  

Bestone Quartz Surfaces Co., Ltd.


Business Type: Man Made Stone,Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Feb 19,2007

No. of Total Employees:201 ~ 500

Main Products:Quartz Stone, Quartz Stone Slab, Quartz Stone Tile, Quartz Stone Prefabricated Countertop, Quartz Stone Kitchen Worktop, Quartz Stone Project

Contact Person:Tay Suen




Addr:1504-1505, Building 7, Tian'an Center, No. 31 East Jihua Rd, Nanhai, Foshan, GD 528000, China.

Website:Supplier Website


Bestone Quartz Surfaces Co., Ltd. (BST Quartz) is an outstanding and dedicated developer and manufacturer of Quartz Stone Slabs and Prefabricatd Tops with 10-year’s professional experience for export. Boasting a dedicated team of 150 members devoting to R & D, production, marketing and after-sales service in the field of Quartz Surfaces and covering an area of 50,000 Sqm, at present Bestone has three sets of fully automatic production lines specialized in Quartz Stone Slabs and other two being under construction which enable us to achieve the production capacity more than 100,000 Sqm per month.

BST Quartz has advanced fabrication workshop for Quartz Countertops and Vanity Tops, where the water jets and other CNC machines are used for cutting, chamfering, laminating and polishing, so as to guarantee the perfect workmanship and finishing.

As the pioneer and leader in the industry, BST Quartz has been exploring and developing the overseas markets ever since the beginning, with 100% of the products been sold to USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, South America, and so on. 


BST Quartz is always in pursuit of and in line with Nature, Fashion, Individuality and Profession.


BST Makes Your Life Better!

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