Stone Surface Cleaners, Wax, Polishers

Stone Surface Cleaners, Wax, Polishers
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protective preparations
Wax for marble, granite, travertine and natural stones.
Packing: 125ml, 1l.
SIRIUS STONE - liquid wax. Packaging: 1l.
BWR protector for marbles and granites. Prevents formation of salts.
HIDRO - 43 - protected preparation of water-based marbles, granites and natural stones.
IDRO STOP - protected oil hydro-repellent. Zashtitatava monuments and gravestones from moisture, mold and absorbing fats and oils.
ABRA 43 - protective and revitalizing preparation against mold and moisture. Designed for natural stone, marble, granite, travertine and more.
KEOS - 928 - the preparation is protected, impregnating, water repellent oil / does not form a film /.
CTF 40 - protected oil hydro-repellent clay tiles, natural stone, clinker, cement, granite conglomerates.
SILOSILAN DL - emulsion of organic compounds of silicon. Water-repellent, water-based, act against salts and mold designed for natural stone baked bricks, concrete.
IDROBASE - 303 - maslorepelent water. Designed to prevent stains. Packaging: 1L and 5L.



Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Importer,Wholesaler,Contractor

Establishment Date:Dec 31,1995

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Diamond Blades, Surface Cleaner, Epoxy Resins, Abrasives For Grinding And Polishing

Contact Person:Enrico Bassoni




Addr:c. Plovdiv, ul. Br.Sveshtarovi №9

Website:Supplier Website

The company was founded in 1996. For your marble, stone and granite offer:
Preparations for impregnating, sealing and storage
cleaners for natural stone
abrasives for grinding and polishing of stone, marble and granite
diamond blades
decoration for polishing
abrasive pastes
polyester mastics
epoxy resins
and other processing of articles made of stone


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