Shungite Beads Barrel Form Natural Healing Stone

Shungite Beads Barrel Form Natural Healing Stone
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Type: Others

Color: Black



Material Origin: Russian Federation

Supply Ability:100

Port:Russian Federation

Min. Order: 1 (Pieces)

Shipment Terms: Others

Payment Terms: PayPal


Shungite Beads  Barrel  Form - Natural Healing Stone for Jewelry

Hole: 0.8-1mm.

Length of a strand: 40-44 cm (15.75-17.32 inch).

The beads is one of women’s favorite decorations. In ancient time the beads had sacral meaning, because it is weared on the neck, and neck is the most vulnerable part of the body. Shunghit beads is a stylish decoration, it is suitable for any clothes. It will carry harmony and joy in your life, protect from tiredness and negative energy. Shunghit beads are very useful for people who suffers from throat and thyroid diseases. Shunghit activate the own reserves, so many diseases can be treated easier and faster. You may choose the beads made of shunghit you like more - flat and polished beads look like small cask, or more strict, made of faceted beads. Shunghit beads will make you more elegant and stylish.

Shungite is a rare non-crystalline black  mineraloid consists from 30 to 99 percent of carbon. 

The main deposit of this unique stone  is in the northwest  of Russia, in the Lake Onego, in Karelia -  ancient area of  Baltic-Finnish nation Karelians. It was first described from a deposit near Shunga village, from where it gets its name.

Shungite has been used not only as decorative stone but also in medical treatment since the early 18th century. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing.

 Shungite is a strong adsorbent, it purifies the air, neutralizes the dangerous radiation, so, this tile will help you to make your housing really healthy. The shungite tile is used for decoration medical offices in which procedures connected with radiation are carried out, because shungite helps to minimize the radiation influence. In the house the shungite objects will work as a protective screen from electromagnetic waves. Besides, the noble black color with elegant streaks looks very stylish and modern, it is suitable for any interior, combined with the other pure materials for decoration - stone, wood etc.


Russian Federation-Karelia-Petrozavodsk

Business Type: Man Made Stone,Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Sep 29,2008

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Natural Stone , Tile Slate, Water Filter, Shungite, Decoration Materials, Souvenirs

Contact Person:Irina Radina


Addr:Rigachina street 37A Petrozavodsk Republic of Karelia

Website:Supplier Website

Our company Shungite” is located in Russia, in region Karelia, in the immediate vicinity of Zazhoginsky stone quarry and produces different goods from Shungite stone. In addition to different regions of Russia we offer delivery to Chine, Germany, the USA, Italy, France and other countries.

Shungite is a unique rare black mineral, that only in the world  developed deposit lies in the northwest  of Russia. The anti-bacterial and absorbent properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing, that makes shungite a popular and very effective water- filter. Such water can and should be used for baby food, to improve and maintain immunity.  Shungite is used like a healing stone: it strengthens a biofield, protects from EMF, is used in Stone Massage Practices. Deep black colour and shine of shungite make this stone a excellent material for décor art and  bijouterie.

For sale we have a big assortment of products: souvenirs for home and office, harmonizers, bijouterie and talismans, sets for Stone therapy, kits for water purification, collectible minerals.

Due   the own manufacture we can control a quality of our production and provide any volume of goods which you need. We guarantee that during the polishing process pastes containing petroleum products are not used.

The advantages of working with the company «Shungite»:

·               Fast delivery (delivery is carried out by European post, during 5-7 days)

·               Payment by PayPal, Western Union, Unistream, Contact, MoneyGram, cashless settlement

·               Flexible price

·               Quality assurance, return guarantee

·               An opportunity to see the process of production of goods

·               Personal manager, 24/7

·               A wide geography of deliveries, experience of work with the companies of Europe, the USA and the Far East.


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