Ruschita Marble-Ruschita White Marble Blocks

Ruschita Marble-Ruschita White Marble Blocks
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Type: Marble

Color: White


Ruschita White

Material Origin: Romania


Ruschita is the most famous marble deposit in Romania, put into operation by the end of XIX century. The quarries develop into a mountain terrain between 600 and 850 m altutude in southern Poiana Rusca Mointains, Caras-Severin, operating in a perimeter of 43 hectares. Main mining products are blocks - the raw material for processing ornamental and decorative products and crushed marble - micronized particulate raw material.

Inatalled production capacity is 20,000 cubic metres marble blocks per year.

Marble is a crystalline rock formed from sedimentary carbonate rocks, metamorphosed under conditions of temperature and high pressure. Ruschita presents a variety of colours: yellowish, orange, light pink and pink mostly with veins and compact texture.

Over the last 10 years, Ruschita marble has been successfully used in many projects around the world, in this way Ruschita marble has gained prestige and recognition in famous projects: Kowloon Station (Hong Kong), Ardmore Park (Singapore), Marunouchi Center, Soka Building and Roppongi Asahi TV (Japan), or in some exquisite works such as Sultan of Brunei’s Bathroom, Gianni Versace’s House of Miami, BBC Headquarter from Mannheim – Germany, Vila Rebeca –Miami USA or Michael Schumacher’s villa in Monte Carlo.

Phisyco-mechanical characteristics

Apparent density: 2704 kg/m3 - EN 1936 (1999); 

Porosity: 0.3 V% - EN 1936 (1999); 

Flexural strength: 16.4 MPa - EN 12372 (1999); 

Rupture energy: 5 J - EN 14158 (2004)

Marmosim SA Simeria


Business Type: Service,Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Dec 31,1997

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Statuario Blocks, Ruschita Marble, Baschioi Limestone, Podeni Limestone, Pietroasa Andesite , Geoagiu,Carpinis Travertine

Contact Person:Viorel Berindeie

Phone:+40-721286181- 254260851

Addr:Strada Cuza Vodă 24, Simeria 335900, Romania

Website:Supplier Website

Marble extraction and tiles and slabs factory.

The first milestone of MARMOSIM company was set up in the last part of the 19th century when the marble of Ruschita was exploited in a quarry. By 1883 the quarry was active and since than generations of mine workers dedicated their lives for emphasizing the beauty of this marble. In the early 20th century the processing of the Ruschita marble took place in an area near the quarry. The first document where our company is mentioned was made in 1925. Starting with 1960 was founded a plant in the city of Simeria in order to process in an appropriate way the blocks of marble and the travertine that is in this area. It was a state company until 1998 when the Romanian company TITAN MAR bought the majority part of the shares. The over 75 years work experience of MARMOSIM together the enthusiasm and youth of TITAN MAR team formed together a force that succeeded to spread and promote the beauty and noblesse of natural stone.
The group operates as the leader in the stone field in Romania, with private Romanian capital. Its business principles are based on the fact that Romanian materials extracted from own quarries deserves to be known all over the world and on the other hand Romanian market needs worldwide materials with colours, shades and finishes that are requested by domestic market.
Based on these, MARMOSIM is the producer of materials whose origin is Romania by extracting and processing the blocks from own Romanian quarries and TITAN MAR is organized as an importer of various materials in slabs and tiles and provider of design and installing services for Romanian costumers.
The company MARMOSIM is able to provide complete solutions in the natural stone field of activity : extraction of raw material, processing, trading, design, installation and maintenance.
Cuza Voda Street, No 24 335900 Simeria - HD - Romania
Export market phones: 
- Dorina Rus: 004 0724 382827
Fax: 004 0254 260853
International Airports
Timisoara - Simeria: 170 Km
Bucuresti - Simeria: 390 Km
Sibiu - Simeria: 104 Km
Latitude: 45°51'6.34"N
Longitude: 23° 0'9.66"E


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