Composite Epoxy Glue for Aluminum Honeycomb

Composite Epoxy Glue for Aluminum Honeycomb
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Packaging Detail: 30kg / set, A component 25L per barrel; B component 5L per barrel

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Composite Epoxy Adhesive for Aluminum Honeycomb

Item No.: 1170

Mix ratio by weight: A:B=5:1


It is mainly used for the lamination for marble (beige, brown net, black and white root, wood grain stone, golden splendid) with aluminum honeycomb board. Due to the yellowish color after curing, it is not suitable for the lamination for light-colored stone such as Ariston , Snow White.

1. low viscosity, easy to operate and easy to brush
2. curing shrinkage rate is small, low stress
3. strong adhesion after curing
4. resistance to cold and heat, aging resistance and medium resistance
5. good penetration
6. the coefficient of linear expansion is small
7. good dimensional stability after curing , and the sheet is not deformed;
8. environmental-friendly

Usage Instruction:
1. The water used for grinding and thickening of the plates should be clean and non-polluting fresh water;
2. The board to be laminated should be free of impurities such as dust, dirt, sand and oil;
3. The board to be laminated must be dry by oven or under natural condition;
4. The surface of the aluminum honeycomb sheet must be sandblasted or mechanically grinded to remove the oxide layer on the surface;
5. The surface of the lamination material must be in flat;
6. Firstly stir the glues of components A and B separately with an electric mixer;
7. Mix the glue according to the specified ratio A:B=5:1 (by weight), and then mix evenly with an electric mixer;
8. Please use the specialized toner. The maximum amount of toner is 0.5% of the amount of glue;
9. Scraped back and forth with a scraper, and the glue is evenly applied on the bottom plate. According to the looseness of the material, single or double-sided glue can be applied;
10. Composite the sheet, reciprocally shift the sheet by hand and apply pressure to remove the air between the sheets, so that the glue is fully filled, and proper glue outflow must be obtained;
11. Align and press the plate up and down, the pressure should be evenly and the pressure method can be determined according to the actual situation (jack or clamp pressurization, etc.);
12. Waiting for solidify under pressure. Remove the pressure after being cured at room temperature (25 °C) for 2-3 hours. After 24 hours, it can proceed to the next process.
13. Please use the special cleaning agent to clean the tools before the glue is uncured.
 Scrape off the residual glue when it is not cured

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We are one of the leader professional manufacturers in China for producing various adhesives since year of 1989, with long time practise and application on crack curing, repairing, back-netting, block wrapping etc. on the marble stones, granite stones etc., we got very good reputation in our domestic market.

Our products are mainly: block reinforcement glue, block perfusion adhesive, slab surface curing adhesive, back-netting glue, dry-hanging glue, rapid bonding stone glue, composite glue. High quality and reasonable price level will make you a satisfactory on our products.

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