Marble Stone Epoxy Adhesive Glue

Marble Stone Epoxy Adhesive Glue
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Supply Ability:450000kg/month


Min. Order: 200kg (Other)

Packaging Detail: 200kg/barrel,30kg/barrel

Shipment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C


Scope of application

The Stone epoxy adhesive is used for repairing irregular cracks like micro-cracks, (sand holes, chicken patterns, ant roads) and uneven patches on the surface of various stones.


1.Slabs treatment
Slabs should be totally dry.
Remove the mud, oil or other purity on the slab surface.


2.Prepare the glue and mix
Mix the glue by A:B=5:1(by weight) completely
Please use up the glue within the pot life. The glue will be fever and is prohibited to use when beyond the pot life. The more of the glue mixed, and the higher of the temperature, the shorter the pot life. If mixed too much glue, please divide quickly to use.
Do not mix the cap of A and B. Please seal the caps anytime in case the moisture and dash from the air.
The plated with big open mouth container is recommend for glue mixing to extend the pot life of glue


3.Spreading the glue
Spread the glue evenly on the surface of slab with scrape back and forth. The recommend using weight is 80-150g/per square.
For the cracks on slabs, spread glue back and forth to make the glue penetrate completely.
For the big defects on the slab, such as the soil, please remove first, then mix the glue and stone powder to fix it. Polish after cured, then spread the glue.
Please do not use the non epoxy and other slab surface treatment agent, or it will be not suitable for the epoxy glue spreading.


4.Glue solidify
The Stone epoxy adhesive will be initially cured in 2-3 house under room temperature(25℃)It can be proceed to next procedure after 24 hours;If possible, heat up the stone with adhesive to 50-60 ℃ and polish it after 2-3 hours.
Before the adhesive cured, the stone should be placed horizontally and not stacked; after cured, the lubricants such as talcum powder can be applied on the stone surface, to avoid stone adhesion when they are stacked.


5.Clean up
Use the specialized cleaner to clean the apparatus before the glue cured.



Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Factory,Importer,Exporter

Establishment Date:Jan 01,2001

No. of Total Employees:201 ~ 500

Main Products:Crack Repairing Epoxy, Back-Netting Epoxy, Block Reinforcement Epoxy, Compositing Epoxy

Contact Person:Cindy Gao


Addr:Lansi Road, Liuyang Biomedical Industrial Park,410329,Hunan,China

Website:Supplier Website

  Hunan MAGPOW Adhesive Group Co.,Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise in developing,manufacturing and sales of all kinds of adhesive with head office in Hunan International Commerce in Changsha City.

  The company has powerful researching ability by long-term hiring foreign adhesive experts from Germany,

France and national wide famous experts for development of technology and technical instruction.Products include Crack surface repairing Stone Epoxy,Back-netting Stone Epoxy,Block Reinforcement Stone Epoxy,etc.

  We write the international standard of adhesive products and lead the development direction of adhesive in the world.



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