Marble Carving Machine QL-1218

Marble Carving Machine QL-1218
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Material Origin: China


Marble carving machine QL-1218
1>imported linear square rails, dual four slider, loading capacity, smooth operation and high precision, long life, under the knife precision.
2> The entire machine seamless welded steel structure, rigid Haobu deformation, table back lining plate, the rigid strength, and machine loading capacity can be
3>constant power spindle motor, cutting intensity, high efficiency.
4>software compatible with Typ3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai, and other CAD/CAM design software
5>two-way tool cooling system, effectively raising tool life

Granite, marble, Qingshi, sandstone, and other stone carvings
Granite and other hard stone carving to be at level 5 mm
Marble, Qingshi, can be a sculpture to 5 mm

X.Y working area 1200*1800mm
Z working area >120mm
Table 1440*3000mm
The largest operating speed 8m/min
The largest carving speed 6m/min
Resolution 0.01mm
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Feeding the greatest height 120mm
Command G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
Surroundings for software windows98/2000/xp
Power(exclude spindle) 1500w
Work voltage AC220V/50Hz
Spindle power 2.2KW
Spindle rotating speed 24000rpm/min
Work Mode Steper

Jinan HongYe CNC Machine CO.,LTD


Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Factory,Exporter

Establishment Date:Jan 03,2002

No. of Total Employees:51 ~ 200

Main Products:Cnc Router, Cnc Engraver, Cnc Engraving Machine, Cnc Cutting Machine

Contact Person:May Li



Addr:Industrial North Road No.168,Jinan city,Shandong Province, China

Jinan Hongye CNC Machine Co.,Ltd is a professional manufactuer of CNC Routers since 2002. Since company founded,devotes in carves CAD/CAM technology,CNC numerical control technology research and development, makes considerable progress in precision engraving machine design theory. Our focus is on integrating advanced technology and value into systems that are highly productive, easy to use and built to last. We strive toward exemplary customer satisfaction, employee career fulfillment and corporate citizenship. Success in these areas, we believe, will yield long-term benefits for the QL brand, QL employees and our partners.


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Buyers' Request

Dear May Li, Am interested in your machine for Slate engraving, sign making, and other applications.Abrasion Resistance, ASTM C241 ranges from H3 = 9.0 to H3 = 18.2, slightly softer than Granite. Would like to be able to make signs and Cemetary markers at a reasonable speed for mass production, mostly signs. Depth of engraving could range from 1/16" to 1/4" or slightly more. Size of slate could vary from 12"x12" to several feet. Could you please provide me with engraving speed,Computer interface ease and pricing. Thank you for you time and efforts. Will enjjoy your response.Sincerely, Joseph Tatko,VP/Chairmain of Board
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