Portable Hand Held Pneumatic Rock Drill Y24

Portable Hand Held Pneumatic Rock Drill Y24
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Supply Ability:1000 pcs per month

Port:Xiamen and any port at China

Min. Order: 2 (Pieces)

Packaging Detail: wooden packing

Delivery Detail: within 7 days after payment

Shipment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union


Portable Hand Held Pneumatic Rock Drill Y24 Jack Hammer

Mini rock drilling tools rock auger drill
Product Description
1. Y6, Y20, Y24&TY24C are intended for dry drilling,
2. YO18, Y19A, Y20LY, YH24&Y26 are for wet drilling.
3. Suitable for either drilling downward or incline of blast holes in medium-hard rock, of for second blasting operation.
4. Centrally grouped control, nimble starting, stable running and easy maintenance.
1. Pneumatic rock drilling machine
Y6, Y19A, Y20, Y24, TY24C, Y26 (Hand Operated);
YT24, YT27, YT28, YT29A (Air leg).
This type rock drills use compressed air as power, mainly used in construction sites, various types of mines, tunnel, railways, water conservancy construction and national defense construction areas for drilling operations.
YT24 YT28 pusher leg rock drills always works with support air leg, can be used for any angle drilling.
Y6, Y20, Y24, and Y26 hand held rock drills works without air leg, mainly use for downwards drilling.
2. Gasoline rock drilling machine
This type rock drill adapt to outside situations where there is no water, no electronic power and no air compressor. It's a kind of hand held rock drill with gasoline engine, air pump and rotation plumbum equipment for running or stop. It can be used for breaking, drilling, blasting, tamping splitting and ramming.
Advantages of hand-held air rock drill:
A: Reasonable design
B: Convinient operation
C: Fast drilling velocity
D: Engery-saving
E: Efficient
F: Long service life of parts
G: Parts highly interchangeable and reliable performance etc

    H: Both hand held and with airleg available.

                Type                Y6                YO18*                Y19A*                Y20                Y20LY*
                Weight (kg)                6                18                19                18                18
                LxW(Handie)xH (mm)                426(Length)                550x534x157                600x534x157                605x485x110                609x198x135
                Cylinder stroke(mm)                /                58*45                65*54                63*55                63*55
                Air Consumption (L/s)                ≤9.5                 ≤25.5                 37~43                25                ≤25
                Air hose size (mm)                13                19                19                16or19                16or19
                water hose size (mm)                /                8                13                /                8
                Bore dia (mm)                20                32-38                32-42                32-42                32-42
                Drilling depth (m)                0.5                5                5                5                5
                Shank (mm)                15x88                22x108                22x108                22x108                22x108

                Type                Y24                TY24C                Y26                YH24
                Weight (kg)                24                24                26                24
                LxW(Handie)xH (mm)                604x485x162                610x485x158                650x534x125                604x485x162
                Cylinder stroke(mm)                70*70                66.7*68                64*70                70*70
                Air Consumption (L/s)                55                ≤45                ≤50                55
                Air hose size (mm)                19                19                19                19
                water hose size (mm)                /                /                13                13
                Bore dia (mm)                32-42                32-42                32-42                32-42
                Drilling depth (m)                5                5                5                5
                Shank (mm)                22(25)x108                22x108                22(25)x108                22x108

                Type                TA19                YT24                YT27                YT28                YT29A
                Weight (kg)                18                24                27                26                27
                LxW(Handie)xH (mm)                604x198x135                678x228x184                668x247x195                654x247x195                659x247x195
                Cylinder stroke(mm)
                70*70                80*60                80*60                82*60
                Air Consumption (L/s)                28                ≤52                ≤57                ≤81                ≤62
                Air hose size (mm)                16or19                19                25                25                25
                warer hose size (mm)                8                13                13                13                13
                Bore dia (mm)                34-42                34-42                34-45                34-42                34-45
                Drilling depth (m)                3                5                5                5                5
                Shank (mm)                22x108                22(25)x108                22x108                22(25)x108                22(25)x108


China-Fujian-Xiamen Image1

Business Type: Machinery and Tools,Factory,Exporter

Establishment Date:Dec 21,2000

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Stone Splitting Machine, Stone Cutting Machines, Thin Stone Veneer Saw, Mosaic Cutting Machine, DTH Hammer Button Drill Bis, Botton Bits Grinder

Contact Person:Richard Chen




Addr:Unit 8001 ,Part A,Minnan culture town,No.350 Changle road,Huli,Xiamen,China.

Website:Supplier Website

Xiamen Bestlink Factory Co., Ltd  is  committed  to  provide  the  best  drilling  and  cutting machine,  tools and accessories products in marble and granite stone quarrying,  as well as in civil engineering application, especial demolition project. it is now a leading manufacturer of cutting and drilling equipment for the extraction of marble, granite  and ornamental stones in china.  
Since 1985, we have produced and supplied high quality SPLITSTAR® Non-Explosive Demolition Agent to our worldwide customers to cover the quarrying and demolition industries.
From early 2000,we have been made a start in the study and developed the Hydraulic rock and concrete splitter machine by patent inventions, and reached a great success in domestic and overseas market, Now, we are the only producer and exporter in China.
In 2004, we have been developing and produced the patented products: Hydraulic Rock Drill,pneumatic line drilling machine…we offers a vast range of hydraulic and pneumatic drills and machines for diamond wire cutting as well as all kinds of accessories for quarrying activities.
From 2007,we builded the production line to produce the hydraulic stamping & splitting machine for paving,wall stone processing.Today,we can provide a series of stone splitting machine to cover all the request for building construction.
With years of experience,our quality products are being exported to more than 45 countries all over the world including USA, and Europe with high reputation.
We are continually looking for ways to develop drilling,cutting and stone processing technology for rock drilling,demolition and stone industry, hope to be a world leading company about quality and prices of rock drill tools,expansive cement and hydraulic Splitting machine within 5 years. Thank you very much for your support and wish to get your deep interest and be your best partner.


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