Zimbabwe Clean Stain Remover from Black Granites

Zimbabwe Clean Stain Remover from Black Granites
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ZIMBABWE CLEAN is a concentrated detergent and very powerful chemical remover of organic stains from Zimbabwe Black, Marewa Black and Indian Black. The very special properties of the product allow to remove even very resistant stains in less than 5-10 minutes once for all.


The product should be applied only in the factory on stained slabs, polished or dressed. We suggest to apply ZIMBABWE CLEAN on polished slabs for 1 or max 2 minutes, yet it is possible on honed slabs, using the same contact time and rinsing profusely immediately after. For coarse grain materials

ZIMBABWE CLEAN can be diluted at the ratio: 70% product and 30% water using a contact time of 2-3 minutes. For fine and extra-fine grain materials ZIMBABWE CLEAN must be applied as supplied, using a contact time of 5 minutes. Wet all the slab uniformly by a spray or other suitable devices. Let work ZIMBABWE CLEAN for the given time, then wash with plenty of water. ZIMBABWE CLEAN can be applied on rough or dressed slabs with no need to rinse. The contact time can be extended also to half an hour or more. The product can be left to dry on the slab, since it will be removed during the polishing process.


Approx. 1 lt for 15-20 sq.m. according to the type of stain to be removed. Two litres for each slab more or less should be considered.


The MSDS is available upon request.


Drum 10 kg


The product must be stored in the original containers, perfectly sealer, at a temperature between 0 and 25°C and shielded from direct sunlight in ventilated area.

In these conditions, the product has a self-life of 12 months of the date quoted in the delivery note. If the material has been stored for longer than its recommended selflife, it might still be suitable, but this has to be determined beforehand by performing quality checks on its application-related properties.


We decline all responsibility for work, damage or storage which might result from improper or incorrect use of the product or inadequate storage. The indications supplied with our product specifications and instructions for use are the results of accurate laboratory tests and experience in the field. However, as it is not possible to forward other evidence, when the products are used, these indications shall not be binding and do not imply liability on our part.

As well as following good working practices, before applying the product we recommend you read the safety recommendations and the directions on the package.

For the best professional results, it is advised to test a small area first, for compatibility with the surface to treat and the desired effect. This preliminary testing is also useful to determine the consumption according to the characteristics of the material the product will be used for and to the type of processing. The reproduction, even partial of this product sheet is forbidden.

The data refer to the standards in force at the time of printing,2016.

The company reserves the right to make any changes without notice.


Federchemicals s.r.l.


Business Type: 8,Chemicals

Establishment Date:Dec 31,1962

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Stone Chemicals, Sealants, Anti-Slip Coatings, Polishing Adhesives, Epoxy Resin, Waxes, Detergents

Contact Person:Federico Ravelli

Phone:+39-030 3385578

Fax:+39-030 3385580


Addr:Via G. Borsi, 2 - 25128 Brescia - Italy

Website:Supplier Website

Federchemicals is a chemical company founded in Brescia in 1963 by Mrs. Fiorella Fagiolini that began its career specializing in civil/hospital detergents and industrial technical products.
In 1973 our Company furthered his path in the research and development of products and systems for the treatment and the maintenance of walkable surfaces like brick, ceramic stones, carpets, etc. In this period, it is also developed all the technology for the conservative restoration. The company has continued and will continue its path in the search of innovative solutions in different chemical applications of protection and surfaces finishing.
From the 90’s our products make their appearance in the foreign market and begin collaborations with some of the most important companies in the construction industry. It starts to expand its reality in foreign markets, both in Europe and in the Middle East and Asian countries.
Federchemicals S.r.l.
Via G. Borsi, 2 - 25128 Brescia - Italy
+39 030 3385578 r.a.
+39 030 3385580
+39 3938318601 skype
Certification ISO 9001
Certification ISO 14001


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