Fpr-208 Anti-Stain Water-And-Oil-Repellent

Fpr-208 Anti-Stain Water-And-Oil-Repellent
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Anti-stain water-and-oil-repellent suitable for kitchen worktops, bar counters,bathroom tops made of marble, granite, marble agglomerates and “polished” or“unpolished” natural stones


FPR-208 is a specifically formulated anti-stain product to protect surfaces against water, oil,burned oil, fat, food, stains; the product resists alkaline detergents, ink, etc.

Used in treating kitchen worktops, bar tops, bathroom tops and marble fixtures, tables, doorsteps, windowsills, granite, marble agglomerates and polished or rough natural stone. By priming with FPR-208 a waterrepellent barrier is created thus stopping dirt penetrating in-depth and making cleaning and ordinary maintenance easier.

N.B.: FPR-208 is not resistant to alcohol drops, citric acids, Coke, lemon, vinegar, etc; any such stains should therefore be removed immediately.


Dilution: to be applied undiluted, ready-to-use product.

Application: Clean surfaces to be treated very carefully, making sure they are not damp. Spread the product evenly on the parts to be treated using a clean cotton cloth or brush. Apply a first coat, let it dry, after about 30 minutes rub it over with a dry cotton cloth or a felt pad.

The product can be removed using fine steel wool. For maximum results, we recommend repeating the operation once or twice, leaving a few hours between each coat. Before applying a further coat,remove any excess from the previous one. We recommend to apply on tops a thin coat of neutral beeswax every 20-30 days and polish using a soft cloth after a few hours. In this way a stronger protection against citric acid, soap or perfume stains, etc. will be guaranteed. The water-oil repellent barrier against greasy stains is had 24 hours following treatment.

Before applying FPR-208, test product on a small portion of surface to check for any possible alteration in colour.


1 litre every approx.10-12 sq. m. per coat, depending upon surface porosity.


Refer to the MSDS available upon request.


Can of 1 lt. Box of 12/24 pcs

Drum of 5 lt. Box of 6 pcs

Drum of 10 lt/25 lt.

Federchemicals s.r.l.


Business Type: 8,Chemicals

Establishment Date:Dec 31,1962

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Stone Chemicals, Sealants, Anti-Slip Coatings, Polishing Adhesives, Epoxy Resin, Waxes, Detergents

Contact Person:Federico Ravelli

Phone:+39-030 3385578

Fax:+39-030 3385580


Addr:Via G. Borsi, 2 - 25128 Brescia - Italy

Website:Supplier Website

Federchemicals is a chemical company founded in Brescia in 1963 by Mrs. Fiorella Fagiolini that began its career specializing in civil/hospital detergents and industrial technical products.
In 1973 our Company furthered his path in the research and development of products and systems for the treatment and the maintenance of walkable surfaces like brick, ceramic stones, carpets, etc. In this period, it is also developed all the technology for the conservative restoration. The company has continued and will continue its path in the search of innovative solutions in different chemical applications of protection and surfaces finishing.
From the 90’s our products make their appearance in the foreign market and begin collaborations with some of the most important companies in the construction industry. It starts to expand its reality in foreign markets, both in Europe and in the Middle East and Asian countries.
Federchemicals S.r.l.
Via G. Borsi, 2 - 25128 Brescia - Italy
+39 030 3385578 r.a.
+39 030 3385580
+39 3938318601 skype
Certification ISO 9001
Certification ISO 14001


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