Imprim Rtf Colour Correctors

Imprim Rtf Colour Correctors
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Imprim RTF

Darkening treatment for marbles Black Marquinia and granites like Black Africa, red, green. Excellent as toner for materials that have been lightened after smoothing


IMPRIM RTF Corrector is a product which, with the addition of special pigments, is used to darken black marbles and granites such as: Africa Black, Zimbabwe Black, green marbles and granites type: Alp Green, Guatemala Green, red marbles and granites, and dark granites in general, giving these a wet look, livening up the colours for many years and restoring even the most faded colours. Its application livens up colour tone in all those materials with little or inadequate natural colour and where a quality surface corrector is required. The product reduces surface faults such as the slight marks that develop during the smoothing and/or polishing of marble, granite and natural stone surfaces. 

IMPRIM RTF Corrector can be used on all stone surfaces to bring to light even the most faded colours and recover and renew worn surfaces (such as floors, stairs, window-sills, balustrades and tables, etc.) because the special features of this product enhance colour and at the same time strengthen the surface structure. The product is stable under UV rays and is therefore also recommended for outdoor use. 


The product corrects any surface faults in marbles, granites and natural stone of the "polished type" in a natural and long-lasting way. Shake the container well before using, because the pigments tend to deposit on the bottom. The surfaces to be treated must first of all be cleaned and perfectly dried. Apply the product with a short-haired roller and with a clean soft-cotton cloth, spreading it evenly. Avoid excess product stagnating and drying on the surface. Wait 24 hours to permit absorption and then remove all excess product from the surface using a home polishing machine or brush equipped with felts or fine steel wool disc. If necessary, repeat the treatment operation by applying a second coat in the same way as the first. The product does not form a film and several coats can be applied. Before applying the second coat, it is not strictly necessary to wait 21 hours before removing excess product. This can in fact be removed after 4/5 hours from application using the brush equipped with felts or fine steel wool disc. Do not use water until 96 hours have passed from treatment with " IMPRIM RTF". 


Product application is irreversible and once applied it cannot therefore be removed. For better professional use, always perform a preliminary test in a small hidden area to check product compatibility with the desired effect and determine consumption. 


The MSDS is available upon request. 


Bottle of 1 lt. Box of 12/24 pcs Drum of 5 lt. Box of 6 pcs. Drum of 10 lt/25 lt/200lt

Federchemicals s.r.l.


Business Type: 8,Chemicals

Establishment Date:Dec 31,1962

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Stone Chemicals, Sealants, Anti-Slip Coatings, Polishing Adhesives, Epoxy Resin, Waxes, Detergents

Contact Person:Federico Ravelli

Phone:+39-030 3385578

Fax:+39-030 3385580


Addr:Via G. Borsi, 2 - 25128 Brescia - Italy

Website:Supplier Website

Federchemicals is a chemical company founded in Brescia in 1963 by Mrs. Fiorella Fagiolini that began its career specializing in civil/hospital detergents and industrial technical products.
In 1973 our Company furthered his path in the research and development of products and systems for the treatment and the maintenance of walkable surfaces like brick, ceramic stones, carpets, etc. In this period, it is also developed all the technology for the conservative restoration. The company has continued and will continue its path in the search of innovative solutions in different chemical applications of protection and surfaces finishing.
From the 90’s our products make their appearance in the foreign market and begin collaborations with some of the most important companies in the construction industry. It starts to expand its reality in foreign markets, both in Europe and in the Middle East and Asian countries.
Federchemicals S.r.l.
Via G. Borsi, 2 - 25128 Brescia - Italy
+39 030 3385578 r.a.
+39 030 3385580
+39 3938318601 skype
Certification ISO 9001
Certification ISO 14001


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