Abrasive Mounted Points,Shanked Stones

Abrasive Mounted Points,Shanked Stones
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Shaft stones: Pink Corundum
Hardness: P
Structure: 5
Bonding: V

The shanks: for mounted points with diameter < 10 mm: shank diameter. 3 mm – length 37 mm.
For mounted points with diameter > 10 mm: shank diameter 6 mm – length 40 mm

(Mounted points with diameter from 3 mm to 10 mm included, also available with shank diameter 6 mm length 40 mm)

Technical specifications for shanked stones


AR – Pink Corundum Universal use on all kinds of steel, cast iron, soft iron, etc.

AB – White Corundum
Sharpening and finishing tempered steel

A – Grey Corundum
Roughing out of ferrous metals

ABR – Brick-coloured white Corundum
Roughing out and finishing of stainless steel

ABZ – Blue-coloured white Corundum
Sharpening and finishing tempered steel

ARR – Ruby Corundum
Useful for high – precision work

WC – Green Silicon Carbide
For working marble, granite, hard metal tools, glass and crystals

C – Black Silicon Carbide
For working marble, granite, hard metal tools, glass and crystal.
Max gr. 60

A/AR – Grey – pink Corundum
Particularly useful for snagging cast iron

A/AB – Grey/White- Bakelite Corundum
Used a lot for stainless steel, produces good finishes on all kinds of steel.
Only gr. 24 – Max 36

The size of the grain is equivalent to the number of grains per square inch. The size of the grain is expressed in increasing numbers, from the coarsest to the finest.

Grain Coarse: 16 – 20 – 24 – 36
Medium Grain: 46 – 60
Fine Grain: 80 – 100 – 120

Hardness is the measure of the bonding force, which holds the grain to the basic structure of the stone. It is expressed by letters, which go in alphabetical order from very soft to very hard.

Soft: J – K
Medium: L – M – N – O
Hard: P – Q – R
Very Hard: S – T – U

The porosity of an abrasive stone is given by the ratio between the volume of the pores and the volume of the grain and the bonding.
Standard porosity: 5 (medium)

The bonding is the material that holds the abrasive grain to the stone.:
V= Vitrified
B= Resinoid

FEN Abrasivi Srl


Business Type: 8,Tools,Abrasives

Establishment Date:Dec 30,1960

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Abrasives, Resin, Bonded Abrasive Wheels, Polishing Abrasives, Grinding Wheels

Contact Person:Sergio Veronese

Phone:+39- 224417219 - 22403942


Addr:Via Concordia 5C / 6 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italy

Website:Supplier Website

4 years back FEN became an integral part of Rosver Group, when Mr. Figini decided to sell his 60 years activity, after a long reflection, to the company that he considered the closest in terms of history and projects.
Rosver Group was established in 1961, therefore it has a 57 years in industrial metalworking solutions. Team Fen comfortable worked with team Rosver. Since then both the companies, have worked hard together to provide best quality products and service for their clients.
We use state of the art technology and offer a wide range of abrasives, for metal industry, stone and marble working and other professional markets. We sell our products in over 40 different countries.
We serve retailers, distributors, specialized tools shop and industries end user,  granting our customers prompt deliveries, technical expertise, and a personal approach. We pay maximum attention to the quality of the selection of raw materials as well as in the choice of systems for production and external converters.
+39 0224417219
+39 022403942


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