Big Hole Cracking Powder Expansive Mortar Quarry Concrete

Big Hole Cracking Powder Expansive Mortar Quarry Concrete
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Supply Ability:5000 pcs / Month


Min. Order: 26 (Tons)

Packaging Detail: Carton

Delivery Detail: Within 7-15 days after received your payment

Shipment Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,Others

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram


2021Big Hole Cracking Powder/Expansive Mortar for Quarry&Concrete



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expansive motar or chemical stone cracking powder, Expansive grout, Soundless Cracking Agent ( SCA ) are Non-explosive demolition agents, is the commercial products that are an alternative to explosives and gas pressure blasting products in demolition, mining, and quarrying. To use non-explosive demolition agents in demolition or quarrying, holes are drilled in the base rock like they would be drilled for use with conventional explosives. A slurry mixture of the non-explosive demolition agent and water is poured into the drill holes. Over the next few hours the slurry expands, cracking the rock in a pattern somewhat like the cracking that would occur from conventional explosives.



expansive mortar

1. Application and Instruction:

What is Expansive Mortar / Soundless Cracking Agent / Rock Breaking Chemical / Soundless Demolition Agent
1)Description: It is a non-toxic and cementations powder, which consisting of calcined oxides of calcium, silicon and aluminum. EXPANSIVE MORTAR, also short named SCA, becomes a highly powered amazing expansive pressure of 11200 T / m2 when mixed with water.
2)How Works: It develop rise of highly expansive capabilities at the consistent volume exceeding 122 Mpa ( 11200 T/ M2) more than enough to break up any materials to be cut or demolished. The tensile strength for most rock is less than 5-25 Mpa (500-2500 T/m2 50-250 kg /cm 2), Reinforced concrete breaks at 3-5 Mp (30-50 kg /cm2, 300- 500 T/ M2).
3) Method: Just mix Expansive Mortar powder with 30% water, pour into pre-drill holes, and then go far away and it expands to crack in 4 - 24hours. It is environmental friendly. It releases no toxic or harmful substances of any kind.
4)Application or Used for: Black Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sand Stone are fractured overnight without noise, vibration, or fly rock. Especially, used as environment constraints or when explosive is not permitted for use.




2.Advantage and Feature:

1) No licenses or permit required
2) 1 year shelf life
3) Use in safe, no noise, vibration, or fly rock,no Toxic Fumes,no dust
4) Easy to use, no need of train. Fast break, safety without blown shot.
5) MSDS available
6) Economy, Safety for Vicinity.
7) World largest manufacturer


3.Technical Specification

There are three types of Expansive mortar for traditional type, depending on usable temperature, details as below:

Type no.

Usable Local Quarry Temperature


25°C ~ 40°C (or 77°F ~ 104°F)


10°C ~ 25°C (or 50°F ~ 77°F)


-5°C ~ 10°C (or 23°F ~ 50°F)

Expansive Mortar, easy break granite, marble and sandstone stone quarrying. First choose, Best choose.


HSCA (1)MSDS 2020 hotsale Expansive mortar crack powder demolition stone rock


Production site 02


China-Fujian-Xiamen Image1

Business Type: 8,Chemicals,Tools,Abrasives,Machinery

Establishment Date:Dec 21,2000

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Stone Splitting Machine, Stone Cutting Machines, Stone Splitter, Pushing Air Bag, Button Bit Grinder, Drilling Tools Dth Hammer Button Bit

Contact Person:Richard Chen




Addr:Unit 8001 ,Part A,Minnan culture town,No.350 Changle road,Huli,Xiamen,China.

Website:Supplier Website

Xiamen Bestlink Factory Co., Ltd  is  committed  to  provide  the  best  drilling  and  cutting machine,  tools and accessories products in marble and granite stone quarrying,  as well as in civil engineering application, especial demolition project. it is now a leading manufacturer of cutting and drilling equipment for the extraction of marble, granite  and ornamental stones in china.  
Since 1985, we have produced and supplied high quality SPLITSTAR® Non-Explosive Demolition Agent to our worldwide customers to cover the quarrying and demolition industries.
From early 2000,we have been made a start in the study and developed the Hydraulic rock and concrete splitter machine by patent inventions, and reached a great success in domestic and overseas market, Now, we are the only producer and exporter in China.
In 2004, we have been developing and produced the patented products: Hydraulic Rock Drill,pneumatic line drilling machine…we offers a vast range of hydraulic and pneumatic drills and machines for diamond wire cutting as well as all kinds of accessories for quarrying activities.
From 2007,we builded the production line to produce the hydraulic stamping & splitting machine for paving,wall stone processing.Today,we can provide a series of stone splitting machine to cover all the request for building construction.
With years of experience,our quality products are being exported to more than 45 countries all over the world including USA, and Europe with high reputation.
We are continually looking for ways to develop drilling,cutting and stone processing technology for rock drilling,demolition and stone industry, hope to be a world leading company about quality and prices of rock drill tools,expansive cement and hydraulic Splitting machine within 5 years. Thank you very much for your support and wish to get your deep interest and be your best partner.


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