Pietrantica Antique Finish Sealant

Pietrantica Antique Finish Sealant
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PIETRANTICA Antique finish (M8124)
PIETRANTICA is a mixture of acids in water, ideal in getting an antique look on any surface in
stone, marble and limestone, it can be used both outdoor and indoor. PIETRANTICA gives to the
marble a characteristic "oxidized" or "antique" look, from the first hand. Thanks to the fast
corrosive action PIETRANTICA gives to the surface, where applied, drawings of high aesthetic
importance. The ancient natural effect can be preserved and enhanced subsequently applying DRAI
and /or BRILLO.
Specific weight 1300 ± 20 g/l (MI 001)
Physical state liquid
Colour Clear
Keep the container well closed and stored in a cool (temperature below 25°C) and ventilated
environment for a maximum period of 12 months from the date of production marked on the tin.
Avoid direct sun exposure.
During the application and drying time ventilate the room. We recommend the use of appropriate
PPE during the application phase. Before operating, read carefully the safety data sheet.
Place the material to be treated in a horizontal position and pour PIETRANTICA on the surface.
Wait at least 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat the treatment if necessary.
It is difficult to calculate in advance the yield of the product because much depends on the porosity
of the material to be treated and the final desired effect as well. However it can be assumed a yield
of about 2/3 square meters per liter.
Note: If you want to get an intense result on the surface kindly repeat the treatment for a sufficient
number of times. The product does not work on materials of siliceous nature such as granite.

ILPA Adesivi Srl


Business Type: 8,Tools,Abrasives,Chemicals

Establishment Date:Jan 13,1984

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Waxes, Resins, Glue , Filler, Polishing, Varnish

Contact Person:Sergio D'Angelo


Fax:+39-080 5377807


Addr:Via G. Ferorelli 4 - Z.I. 70123 Bari - ITALY

Website:Supplier Website

ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2008

ILPA was born in the early 80’s as a family company producing just the mastic for marble Jolly.
Now Ilpa employs around 29 employees, has 2 production halls, an office building, stretching over 3000 square metres, 300 original formulas, 2 chemical laboratories, 3 production lines, about 60 marketable brands.
 Thanks to research and technological advances, besides the mastic for marble, types: liquid, tixo (solid), and semisolid, available in different colors, today Ilpa produces products for applying, polishing, unkeeping and cleaning marble, granite and natural stone.
In particular the complete range includes polyester mastics, epoxy mastics, resins, as well as polishing water- oil- resistant detergent waxes. 
Our internal laboratories and innovative machinery enable us to study new formulas and applications as well as to control the production process, from raw materials employment to the finished product.

The chemical company Ilpa has always been environmentally responsible being among the first to obtain the standards ISO 14000 and the first to introduce onto the market a polyester styrene-free line, the Blue Line, since styrene is very dangerous to health, along with other products with low impact. 
It is always at the forefront in research and technology.
We pay attention to the best available technology and to the continuous improvement of the environmental performance for the ecological compatibility of our production processes. 


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