• Country: Russian Federation
  • Show Organizer:Association Stone Industry of Russia - Tsentr Kamnya
  • Date:Apr 23,2019 - Apr 25,2019
  • Trade Center Adress:30, Kuibyshev st., 1310, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620144
  • No. of Exhibitors: -
  • No. of Attendees: -
  • Venue:Ekaterinburg Expo - Yekaterinburg World Trade Center
  • Exhibition Floor Size: -
  • Link:http://www.asck.ru/
  • E-mail: centrekamen@mail.ru
  • Phone:7 343 201 77 87
  • Fax:  -
Association stone industry of Russia "Center Stone" - voluntary public non-profit organization, was established in 2002 by the decision of the Constituent Assembly of heads of the leading stone industry enterprises.
    The establishment of the Association was prompted by the need to bring together companies involved in the stone industry to develop a common strategy for the development of the stone sector of Russian enterprises and collaborative problem solving for the development of the industry, for the promotion of stone as a building and finishing material for the saturation of the consumer market with quality products from the Russian natural stone.
   Currently, the ranks of the Association " Center Stone " consists of about 60 companies engaged in the stone business: careers and stone treatment companies, exploration organizations, manufacturers of equipment and tools, construction companies, universities and commercial companies.
     The objectives of the Association "Center Stone" are:
•Russian association of companies and firms involved in the stone industry to support and represent the interests of businesses in the state structures of the Russian Federation;
• Collection and processing customer service information on the stone business, the analysis of the world market for submission of information to members of the Association;
• issue of the Journal of the Association "Stone Around Us":
• organization of the enterprises of the Association for exhibitions, seminars in Russia and abroad;
• Support for international relations and contacts with other associations on the interests of the Association;
• The organization of advertising and market research companies for raw materials, finished products, equipment and tooling;
• Conduct with "Ural State Mining University" annual international specialized exhibitions "UralExpoStone" in Ekaterinburg;
• Organize and conduct together with "ITE group" annual international specialized exhibitions "MosBuild" in Moscow;
• Conduct professional competitions of different directions;
• organization of training of specialists of enterprises to improve the professional level in Russia and abroad.
  Association of stone industry "Center Stone" - a dynamic open structure, to which could be companies, organizations and institutions involved in the stone industry, whose interests coincide with the interests of the Association.
  The Association supports the development of social partnership in all fields, the interaction of professional associations, for the consolidation of enterprises and organizations of stone industry, architects and designers, construction companies and institutions that train new cadres of the industry, with the increasing importance and responsibility of professionals for the development of stone industry in Russia.
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