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China(26) Italy(23) Turkey(17) Indonesia(14) Viet Nam(12) Sweden(9) Armenia(7) Australia(5) Spain(4) France(4) Slovakia(4) Mexico(3) Japan(3) Germany(3) Romania(3)
  • Basalt with Holes

    Additional Names: Quang Ngai Basalt...
    Quang Ngai Basalt,Quang Ngai Grey Basalt,Aki Basalt,Akuico Basalt

    Viet Nam -- Basalt

  • Pleiku Basalt

    Additional Names: Ves-Basalt...
    Ves-Basalt,Black Basalt Vietnam,Lavastone,Gia Lai Basalt,Gia Lai Black

    Viet Nam -- Basalt

  • Vietnam Black Basalt

    Additional Names: Pleiku Basalt...
    Pleiku Basalt,Ves-Basalt,Vietnam Lavastone,Gia Lai Basalt,Gia Lai Black,Black Basalt Vietnam

    Viet Nam -- Basalt

  • China Black Basalt

    Additional Names: Chinese Black Basalt...
    Chinese Black Basalt,in China stone market:黑色玄武岩(Hēisè xuánwǔyán)

    China -- Basalt

  • China Lava Stone

    Additional Names: China Lavastone
    China Lavastone

    China -- Basalt

  • Menggu Black Basalt

    Additional Names: Neimeng Black...
    Neimeng Black,Ebony Black Mongolia,G 133,Menggu Black,Menggu Hei,Mongo Basalt,Mongolia Black,Mongolian Black,Mongolischer Basalt,Nero Mongolia,Super Mongolia Black

    China -- Basalt

  • Diabase

    Additional Names: China Diabase...
    China Diabase,Black Diabase,in China stone market:辉绿岩(Huī lǜ yán)

    China -- Basalt

  • Basaltina di Bagnoregio

    Additional Names: Basaltina Classico...
    Basaltina Classico,Basaltino,Basalto di Viterbo,Nero Basaltina,Pietra Basaltica,Pietra Basaltina,Basaltina Bagnoregio,Basalto Bagnoregio,Basaltina Tipo Classico,Basaltina Tipo Selcino

    Italy -- Basalt

  • Basalto di Etna

    Additional Names: Basalto dell'Etna...
    Basalto dell'Etna,Basalto d'Etna,Lava d'Etna,Lava di Etna,Basaltina Siciliano,Basaltina di Sicilia,Pietra Lavica,Pietra Lavica di Catania,Pietra Lavica dell`Etna,Etna Basalt,Lava Etna

    Italy -- Basalt

  • Piedra de Tindaya

    Additional Names: Tindaya Volcanic Tufa...
    Tindaya Volcanic Tufa,Piedra de Tindaya Basalt

    Spain -- Basalt

  • Piedra Basaltica Molinera

    Additional Names: Piedra Basaltica
    Piedra Basaltica

    Spain -- Basalt

  • Basalto Gerona

    Additional Names: Basalt de Castelfollit
    Basalt de Castelfollit

    Spain -- Basalt

  • Zhangpu Black Basalt

    Additional Names: Basalt Zangpu...
    Basalt Zangpu,Basalte de Zangpu,Dark Green,Dark Green of Zhangpu,Frog Green,G612,Ocean Green,Zangpu Basalt,Zhangpu Black,Zhangpu Green,Zhangpu Qing,in China stone market:漳浦黑(Zhāng pǔ hēi)

    China -- Basalt

  • Gemlik Diabase

    Additional Names: Gemlik Diabas...
    Gemlik Diabas,Gemlik Diabazi,Gemlik Yesil Granit,Gemlik Diabase Granite,Gemlik Diabase Basalt

    Turkey -- Basalt

  • Vietnam Lava Stone

    Additional Names: Vietnam Lavastone...
    Vietnam Lavastone,Pleiku Basalt,Ves-Basalt,Black Basalt Vietnam,Lavastone,Gia Lai Basalt,Gia Lai Black

    Viet Nam -- Basalt

  • Andezit Pink

    Additional Names: Andezit Pink Basalt...
    Andezit Pink Basalt,Pink Andezit

    Iran -- Basalt

  • Spot Basalt

    Additional Names: Heilongjiang Spot Basalt...
    Heilongjiang Spot Basalt,Heilongjiang Basalt,Heilongjiang Lava Stone,in China stone market:洞石火山岩(Dòng shí huǒshānshí)

    China -- Basalt

  • Moon Surface Basalt

    Additional Names: Hainan Spot Basalt...
    Hainan Spot Basalt,China Basalt,China Lava Stone,Hainan Grey Basalt,in China stone market:洞石火山岩(Dòng shí huǒshānshí)

    China -- Basalt

  • Basalto Bauladu

    Additional Names: Bauladu Basalt...
    Bauladu Basalt,Basalto di Bauladu,Lava di Bauladu,Basalto Sardegna

    Italy -- Basalt

  • Negro Oriental Basalt

    Additional Names: Nero Rosario...
    Nero Rosario,Rosario del Colla,Rosario Oriental Black Basalt,Villa del Rosario,Negro Assoluto Uruguay Basalt,Negro Rosario,Nero Assoluto Basalt,Nero Oriental,Nero Orientale,Nero Uruguay,Oriental Black,Uruguay Black Basalt

    Uruguay -- Basalt

  • Grey Basalt

    Additional Names: India Grey Basalt...
    India Grey Basalt,Grey Micro-Hole Basalt,Grey Basalt India,India Lava Stone

    India -- Basalt

  • Austral Black Basalt

    Additional Names: Kimberly Black...
    Kimberly Black,Austral Black,Black Austral,Kimberley Premium

    Australia -- Basalt

  • Pietra Basaltina

    Additional Names: Basaltina di Bagnoregio...
    Basaltina di Bagnoregio,Basaltina Classico,Basaltino,Basalto di Viterbo,Grigio Anciano,Grigio Aniciano,Nero Basaltina,Pietra Aniciano,Pietra Basaltica,Basaltina Bagnoregio,Basalto Bagnoregio,Basaltina Tipo Selcino,Basaltina Tipo Classico

    Italy -- Basalt

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