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  • Kelheimer Auerkalk

    Additional Names: Kelheimer Kalkstein...
    Kelheimer Kalkstein,Kelheimer Marmor,Auerkalk Limestone,Auerkalk Kalkstein,Kelheimer Auer Kalk

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Kirchheimer Kalkstein

    Additional Names: Kirchheimer Limestone...
    Kirchheimer Limestone,Kirchheimer Shelly Limestone,Kirchheim Kernstein,Kirchheim Muschelkalk,Kirchheimer Kalkstein Limestone,Kirchheimer Muschelkalk

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Schonbrunner Sandstein

    Additional Names: Schonbrunner Sandstein Weiss-grau...
    Schonbrunner Sandstein Weiss-grau,Schoenbrunner Sandstein Weiss,Schoenbrunner,Schoenbrunner Sandstein,Schoenbrunn,Schonbrunner Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Roettbacher Sandstone

    Additional Names: Rottbacher Sandstone...
    Rottbacher Sandstone,Roettbacher Sandstein,Rottbacher Sandstein,Röttbacher Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Mainsandstein Rot

    Additional Names: Mainsandstein rot...
    Mainsandstein rot,Roter Main Sandstone,Roter Mainsandstein,Main Rotsandstein,Rosso Etrusco,Mainsandstein Rot Sandstein,Mainsandstein Red Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Kirschfurter Sandstone

    Additional Names: Miltenberger Sandstein...
    Miltenberger Sandstein,Rotter Mainsandstein,Kirschfurther Sandstein,Kirschfurter Main Sandstein,Kirschfurter Rot Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Valtengrund Gabbro

    Additional Names: Lausitzer Syenit...
    Lausitzer Syenit,Gabbro Valtengrund,Hohwald Diorit,Hohwald Lamprophyr,Valtengrund Gabbro Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Ruhpolding Rot

    Additional Names: Ruhpolding Rot Grau...
    Ruhpolding Rot Grau,Ruhpolding Rotgrau,Ruhpoldinger Kalkstein,Ruhpolding Rot Limestone,Ruhpolding Red Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Ruhpoldinger Rosa

    Additional Names: Ruhpolding Rot Grau...
    Ruhpolding Rot Grau,Ruhpolding Rotgrau,Ruhpoldinger Kalkstein,Ruhpoldinger Rosa Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Ruhpoldinger Braunrot

    Additional Names: Ruhpoldinger Kalkstein...
    Ruhpoldinger Kalkstein,Ruhpoldinger Braunrot Limestone,Ruhpoldinger Braunrot Kalkstein,Ruhpoldinger Red Brown Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Hintertiessen Granite

    Additional Names: Hintertiessen Granit
    Hintertiessen Granit

    Germany -- Granite

  • Taunus Gneis Dunkel

    Additional Names: Taunus Gneiss...
    Taunus Gneiss,Fischbach Gneiss,Taunus Gneis Dunkel Quartzite,Taunus Gneis Dark,Taunus Dark Gneiss

    Germany -- Gneiss

  • Frankonia Grey Limestone

    Additional Names: Frankonia Grau...
    Frankonia Grau,Frankonia Dolomit,Frankonia Kalkstein,Frankonia Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Bad Cannstatt

    Additional Names: Cannstatter Travertin...
    Cannstatter Travertin,Cannstatter Travertin Gelb,Bad Cannstatt Travertine

    Germany -- Travertine

  • Bavarian Gold Limestone

    Additional Names: Bavaria Gelb...
    Bavaria Gelb,Bavarian Giallo

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Jura Grey Blue

    Additional Names: Jura Grau Blau...
    Jura Grau Blau,Jura Graublau,Jura Graublau Dunkel,Jura Gray,Jura Grey,Jura Grey/Blue,Jura Grigio,Teuchtlinger Marmor,Treuchtlinger Kalkstein,Jura Grey Blue Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Jura Grey

    Additional Names: Jura Stone Grey...
    Jura Stone Grey,Jura Grey Blue Limestone,Jura Graugelb Kalkstein,Hampton Gray Limestone,Jura Blue Grey Limestone,Treuchtlinger Kalkstein,Treuchtlinger Marmor,Jura Graublau Dunkel Kalkstein,Jura Grau Blau Kalkstein,Jura Graublau Hell Kalkstein,Jura Gray Limestone,Jura Grey Limestone,Germany Gray,in China stone market:德国灰(Déguó huī)

    Germany -- Limestone

  • German Green Limestone

    Additional Names: Anrochter Grun Sandstein...
    Anrochter Grun Sandstein,Anrochter Dolomit,Anroechter Gruen Sandstein,Anroechter Gruen Stein,Anroechter Kalkstein,Anroechter Kalksandstein,Anroechter Naturstein,Anroechter Sandstein,Bavarian Green,Delta Green,Dolomite Verde,German Green,German Green Jurastone,Fossil Green,Jura Green,Jura Verde,Jurassic Green,San Marco,Solnhofen Green,Westfaelischer Dolomit

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Zuschen Sandstone

    Additional Names: Zuschen Sandstein
    Zuschen Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Worzeldorf Sandstone

    Additional Names: Worzeldorfer Sandstein...
    Worzeldorfer Sandstein,Worzeldorfer Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Weidenhahn Trachyte

    Additional Names: Weidenhahn Tuff...
    Weidenhahn Tuff,Weidenhahn-Trachyt,Weidenhahner Trachyt,Trachyt Weidenhahn

    Germany -- Trachyte

  • Udelfanger Sandstein

    Additional Names: Udelfanger Sandstein Braun...
    Udelfanger Sandstein Braun,Udelfangen,Udelfangen Sandstein,Udelfanger,Udelfanger Ocker-Bunt,Udelfanger Ocker-Gelb,Udelfanger Schilfsandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Theuma Quartzite

    Additional Names: Theumarer Fruchtschiefer...
    Theumarer Fruchtschiefer,Theumarer Schiefer,Theumaer Naturschiefer,Theumaer Schiefer

    Germany -- Quartzite

  • Selters Trachyte

    Additional Names: Selters Tuff Stone...
    Selters Tuff Stone,Trachyt Selters,Selters Trachite

    Germany -- Trachyte

  • Ruhr Sandstein

    Additional Names: Ruhrsandstein...
    Ruhrsandstein,Kohlen Sandstein,Ruhr Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Postaer Sandstein

    Additional Names: Postaer Sandstein Sandstone...
    Postaer Sandstein Sandstone,Postaer Sandstone,Postaer Elbsandstein,Muehlleithner Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Olsbrucker Sandstein

    Additional Names: Olsbrueckener Sandstein...
    Olsbrueckener Sandstein,Olsbruecken Roetlich,Olsbruecken Sandstein,Olsbruecker Sandstein,Olsbrücker Sandstein,Olsbruecken Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Obernkirchner Sandstein

    Additional Names: Obernkirchener Sandstein...
    Obernkirchener Sandstein,Bremer Stein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Kernstein Moos

    Additional Names: Moser Muschelkalk...
    Moser Muschelkalk,Moos Kalkstein,Mooser Kalkstein,Kernstein Moos Limestone,Kernstein Moos Kalkstein

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Muhlbach Sandstone

    Additional Names: Mühlbach Sandstein...
    Mühlbach Sandstein,Muhlbach Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Ibbenbueren Sandstone

    Additional Names: Ibbenbuehren Sandstone...
    Ibbenbuehren Sandstone,Ibbenbürener Sandstein,Kohlensandstein,Ibbenbuerener Kalksandstein,Ibbenbuerener Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Sander Gruen Sandstein

    Additional Names: Sander Grün...
    Sander Grün,Sander Sandstein grau-grün,Sandergrun Sandstone,Sander Sandstein,Gruener Sander,Sand Gruen,Sander Gruen,Sander Mainsandstein,Sander Sandstein,Sander Schilfsandstein,Sander Schilfsandstein grün

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Auberg Grau

    Additional Names: Auberg Grau Limestone...
    Auberg Grau Limestone,Auberg Gray Limestone,Auberg Grau Kalkstein

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Gemuenda Sandstone

    Additional Names: Gemuendaer Sandstein...
    Gemuendaer Sandstein,Gemünda Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Ettringer Trachyte

    Additional Names: Ettringer Stein...
    Ettringer Stein,Ettringer Tuff

    Germany -- Trachyte

  • Cotta Sandstone

    Additional Names: Cottaer Sandstein...
    Cottaer Sandstein,Cotta Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

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