• Silver Grey Gneiss

    Additional Names: Ivaylovgrad Silver Grey Gneiss...
    Ivaylovgrad Silver Grey Gneiss,Gneiss Srebristo Siv,Ivailovgrad Silver Grey Gneiss

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Golden Brown Gneiss

    Additional Names: Ivaylovgrad Golden Brown Gneiss...
    Ivaylovgrad Golden Brown Gneiss,Ivailovgrad Brown Gneiss,Gneiss Zlatisto Kafiav,Ivailovgrad Golden Brown Gneiss

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Ivailovgrad Gneiss

    Additional Names: Ivaylovgrad Gneiss...
    Ivaylovgrad Gneiss,Ивайловградски гнайс

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Sesame Seed Grey Gneiss

    Additional Names: Sesame Seed Grey Quartzite
    Sesame Seed Grey Quartzite

    Australia -- Gneiss

  • Beola Bianco Gneiss

    Additional Names: Beola Bianco Granite...
    Beola Bianco Granite,Beola Bianca Gneiss,Beola Bianco Quartzite,Beola Bianca Quartzite,Beola Bianca Granite

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Verde Spriana Gneiss

    Additional Names: Gneiss Verde Spriana...
    Gneiss Verde Spriana,Spriana Verde,Spriana Gneiss,Verde Spriana Quartzite

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Verde Dorato di Cheran

    Additional Names: Verde Dorato di Cheran Gneiss...
    Verde Dorato di Cheran Gneiss,Verde Dorato Cheran,Golden Green Gneiss,Verde Dorato di Cheran Granite,Vert Doré,Vert Dore Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Balaka Gneiss

    Additional Names: Balaka Quartzite...
    Balaka Quartzite,Ivaylovgrad Gneiss

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Quincinetto

    Additional Names: Granito Quincinetto...
    Granito Quincinetto,Verde Aosta Gneiss,Verde Italia Granite,Verde Argento Aosta Gneiss,Quincinetto Granite,Quincinetto Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Passeirer Gneiss

    Additional Names: Passeirer Silbergneis...
    Passeirer Silbergneis,Gneiss della Val Passiria,Gneiss Passeier,Gneiss Val Passiria,Passeirer Gneis Granite,Naturstein Gneis Passeier,Passeier Garnet Gneiss,Passeirer Gneis Granat,Nero Silver Black Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Miracema Cinza Gneiss

    Additional Names: Miracema Grey...
    Miracema Grey,Miracema Cinza Quartzite,Miracema Grey Gneiss

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Miracema Gneiss

    Additional Names: Miracema Amarela...
    Miracema Amarela,Miracema Amarelo,Miracema Gold,Miracema Amarela Quartzite,Miracema Quartzite,Miracema Stone

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Beola Bianca Gneiss

    Additional Names: Beola Bianco Gneiss...
    Beola Bianco Gneiss,Bianco Beola Gneiss,Blanco Beola Gneiss,Beola Bianca Quartzite,Beola Bianca Granite,Bianca Rubella Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Silber Grun Gneiss

    Additional Names: Silver Grey...
    Silver Grey,Silber Grün,Silber Gruen,Silber Grun Quartzite,Silber Grun Paragneis

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Bergell Gneiss

    Additional Names: Quarzit Soglio-Grau...
    Quarzit Soglio-Grau,Silberquartzit,Bergell,Bergell Quarzit,Bergeller,Bergeller Gneis,Soglio,Soglio Granit,Soglio Paragneis,Soglio Quartzite,Soglio Quarzit,Bergell Paragneiss,Bergell Granite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Bodio Nero Gneiss

    Additional Names: Bodio-Granit...
    Bodio-Granit,Bodiogranit,Bodio Granite,Bodio Dunkel Gneiss,Bodiogranit Dunkel,Bodio Dark Gneiss,Leventina Granit,Faido Gneiss,Lavorgo Gneiss,Bodio Black Gneiss

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss da Chainca

    Additional Names: Jane...
    Jane,Gnaisse da Chainca,Gnaisse da Chainca Jane,Gneiss da Chainca Granite

    Portugal -- Gneiss

  • Dovre Gneiss

    Additional Names: Is-hvit...
    Is-hvit,Eisweiss,Dovre Quartzite,Dovrefjell Gneiss

    Norway -- Gneiss

  • Gloria Gneiss

    Additional Names: Arda Quartzite...
    Arda Quartzite,Arda Grey Gneis,Arda Graugelb,Arda Yellowish Grey Gneiss,Sofia Gelbgrau,Augengneiss California,VM-Gneis,Gneiss Gloria Gray Quartzite,Gloria Gray Gneiss

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Gloria Platin Gneiss

    Additional Names: Gneiss Bulgaria...
    Gneiss Bulgaria,Lolova Gneis,Gloria Platin Quartzite

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Gloria Silver Gneiss

    Additional Names: Silber Gneis...
    Silber Gneis,Gneis Gloria,Silver Gneiss,Bulgarian Grey Gneiss,Gneiss Gloria Silver Quartzite,Gneiss Gloria Silver

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Kardjali Yellow Gneiss

    Additional Names: Gneiss Gloria Yellow...
    Gneiss Gloria Yellow,Arda Quartzite,Arda Gold Gneis,Arda Goldgelb Gneiss,Sofia Gelb,Sofia Yellow,Augengneis California,Gloria-Gneis,Gneis Gloria,Arda Golden Beige,VM-Gneis,Gneiss Yellow Quartzite

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss Caroux

    Additional Names: Caroux Gneis...
    Caroux Gneis,Gneis Caroux,Caroux Quartzite

    France -- Gneiss

  • Arda Grey Gneiss

    Additional Names: Arda Quartzite...
    Arda Quartzite,Arda Grey Gneis,Arda Graugelb,Arda Yellowish Grey Gneiss,Sofia Gelbgrau,Gneis Gloria Gray,Augengneiss California,VM-Gneis,Arda Grey Quartzite

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Tauern Gneiss

    Additional Names: Maltataler Gneis...
    Maltataler Gneis,Kaerntner Gneis,Maltatal,Tauerngneis,Tauerngranit,Tauern Granite,Tauern Granit

    Austria -- Gneiss

  • Leubsdorf Gneiss

    Additional Names: Flammengneis...
    Flammengneis,Leubsdorfer Gneis,Silbergneis,Leubsdorf Quartzite

    Germany -- Gneiss

  • Verde Aosta Gneiss

    Additional Names: Verde Argento Aosta Gneiss...
    Verde Argento Aosta Gneiss,Granito Verde Aosta Monthey,Granito Verde Monthey,Monthey Gneiss,Verde Aosta Monthey Gneiss,Verde Monthey Granite,Quincinetto Gneiss,Verde Italia Granite,Verde Barthelemy Gneiss,Verde Barthelmy Granite,Verde Sasso Gneiss,Green Gold Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Labradorite Gran Paradiso

    Additional Names: Labradorite del Gran Paradiso...
    Labradorite del Gran Paradiso,Gneiss Gran Paradiso,Labradorite Azzurra,Paradiso Nuvolato Gneiss,Labradorite Gran Paradiso Granite

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Dorato Valmalenco Gneiss

    Additional Names: Serizzo Dorato Quartzite...
    Serizzo Dorato Quartzite,Dorata Valmalenco Gneiss,Dorato,Dorato Valmanenco,Granito Dorado,Granito Dorato,Sarizzo Dorato Gneiss,Serizzo Dorato Valmalenco Granite

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss Bulgaria

    Additional Names: Grey Gneis Bulgaria...
    Grey Gneis Bulgaria,Bulgaria Gneiss

    Bulgaria -- Gneiss

  • Valser Gruen

    Additional Names: Valser Quarzit Gruen...
    Valser Quarzit Gruen,Vals Gneiss,Valser green Gneiss,Valser Quartzit,Valser Grau Gneiss,Valser Guen Quartzit,Valser Grun Quartzit,Valser Grün Gneiss,Valser Gneis,Valser Gneiss,Valser Quartzit Grau,Valser Quartzit Gruen,Valser Granit,Valser Kwartsiet,Valser Gruen Quartzite,Truffer Vals Gneiss,Vals Quartzite Fleuri,Valser Gruen Gneiss

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Valser Gneiss

    Additional Names: Vals Gneiss...
    Vals Gneiss,Valser Quartzite,Valser Quartzit,Valser Grau Gneiss,Valser Guen,Valser Grun,Valser Grun Quartzite,Valser Gneis,Valser Quartzit Grau,Valser Quartzit Gruen,Valser Granit,Valser Kwartsiet

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Hail Gneiss

    Additional Names: Hail Granite...
    Hail Granite,Granito Hail,Hail Gneiss Granite

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Vert Evolene Gneiss

    Additional Names: Oierre d'Evolène...
    Oierre d'Evolène,Verde Evolene Granite,Vert de Evolene Gneiss,Pierre Evolene,Evolene Quartzite,Vert Evolène

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Boschetto Scuro Gneiss

    Additional Names: Maggia Boschetto...
    Maggia Boschetto,Maggia Granite,Dunkler Tessinergranit,Gneiss Beola di Riveo,Grigio Maggia,Maggia Gneis,Maggia Granit,Maggiagranit,Sarizzo Maggia,Valmaggia,Vallemaggia,Valle Maggia,Boschetto Dunkel,Boschetto Dark,Boschetto Light,Boschetto Granit,Boschetto Scuro Granite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Boschetto Chiaro Gneiss

    Additional Names: Maggia Boschetto...
    Maggia Boschetto,Maggia Granite,Dunkler Tessinergranit,Gneiss Beola di Riveo,Grigio Maggia,Maggia Gneis,Maggia Granit,Maggiagranit,Sarizzo Maggia,Valmaggia,Vallemaggia,Valle Maggia,Boschetto Light,Boschetto Granit,Boschetto Chiaro Granite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

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