• Sarntal Green Porphyry

    Additional Names: Porfido Sarentino Verde...
    Porfido Sarentino Verde,Porfido Sarentino Grigio Verde,Sarner Porphyr Grau/Gruen,Sarner Porphyr Green,Sarner Porphyr Gruen,Sarntal Porphyry Green,Sarntal Porphyry Gruen

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Sarntal Porphyry

    Additional Names: Sarntal Rot Porphyry...
    Sarntal Rot Porphyry,Sarntal Red Porphyry,Porfido Rosa Sarentino,Sarentino Porphyr,Porfido Rosso Sarentino,Porfido Sarentino,Porfidi Sarentino,Sarner Porphyry Rot,Sarner Porphyry Rosso Granite,Sarner Rosso Porphyr,Sarner Rosso Porfidi,Sarntal Porphyry Red

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Molten Red Porphyry

    Additional Names: Mölten Porphyry...
    Mölten Porphyry,Molten Porfido Rosso,Mölten Porphyry Rot

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Groden Porphyry

    Additional Names: Porfido Groden...
    Porfido Groden,Gröden Porphyry,Groeden Porphyry,Grodner Brown Porphyry,Groedner Porphyry,Lajen Porphyry,Porfido di Lajen,Grodner Porphyry Granite,Grodner Porfidi,Grödner Porphyr Rot

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Fortebuso

    Additional Names: Porfido di Forte Buso...
    Porfido di Forte Buso,Porfido Forte Buso,Forte Buso Porphyry,Porfido Grigio Fortebuso

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porphyry Gardena

    Additional Names: Porphyry Gardena Layon...
    Porphyry Gardena Layon,Porfido Gardena,Gardena Porphyry,Grodner Porphyry Gardena

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Giallo Renon

    Additional Names: Ritten Porphyry...
    Ritten Porphyry,Porfido di Ritten,Rittner Porfido,Porfido Giallo di Renon,Porfido del Renon,Renon Golden Porphyry,Rittner Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Selva

    Additional Names: Selva Porfido...
    Selva Porfido,Selva Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Marrone Porphyry

    Additional Names: Marrone Porfido...
    Marrone Porfido,Porfido del Val di Cembra,Porfido di Trento,Porfido di Albiano,Porfido Albiano,Porfido Marrone

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Rosso Rubino

    Additional Names: Rosso Rubino Porphyry...
    Rosso Rubino Porphyry,Porfido Rosso Rubino,Rosso Rubino Porfido,Porfido Rosso

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfidi Pianacci

    Additional Names: Porfido Pianacci...
    Porfido Pianacci,Porfido di Albiano,Porfido Val Cembra,Porfido del Val di Cembra,Porfido di Trento,Porfido Albiano

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • China Grey Porphyry

    Additional Names: Purple Point Gray Hemp Porphyry...
    Purple Point Gray Hemp Porphyry,Hubei Red Porphyry,Hubei Purple Porphyry,Purple Spot Sesame Grey Granite,in China stone market:紫点灰麻-白底(Zǐ diǎn huī má -bái dǐ)

    China -- Porphyry

  • Agate Green Porphyry

    Additional Names: China Green Porphyry...
    China Green Porphyry,in China stone market:玛瑙绿(Mǎnǎo lǜ)

    China -- Porphyry

  • China Purple Porphyry

    Additional Names: Purple Point Gray Hemp Porphyry...
    Purple Point Gray Hemp Porphyry,Hubei Red Porphyry,Hubei Purple Porphyry,Purple Spot Sesame Grey Granite,in China stone market:紫点灰麻(Zǐ diǎn huī má)

    China -- Porphyry

  • Green Grey Porphyry

    Additional Names: Mexico Green Porphyry...
    Mexico Green Porphyry,Mexico Grey Porphyry

    Mexico -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Rosso Dolomiti

    Additional Names: Dolomite Red Porphyry
    Dolomite Red Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Verde Dolomiti

    Additional Names: Dolomite Green Porphyry...
    Dolomite Green Porphyry,Verde Dolomiti Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Grigio Dolomiti

    Additional Names: Porfido Grigio...
    Porfido Grigio,Dolomite Grey Porphyry,Porfido Classico

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Alpen Red

    Additional Names: Porfido Rosso...
    Porfido Rosso,Porfido Sarentino Rosso

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Shokufeh Esfahan Porphyry

    Additional Names: Shokufeh Granite...
    Shokufeh Granite,Esfahan Granite,Shokoufeh Granite,Shokoufeh Porphyry,Shokufeh Esfahan Red Porphyry,Shokufeh Esfahan Granite

    Iran -- Porphyry

  • Terlaner Porphyry

    Additional Names: Terlan Porphyry...
    Terlan Porphyry,Wine Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Montiggler Porphyry

    Additional Names: Montiggl Porphyry...
    Montiggl Porphyry,Porfido di Monticolo,Porfido Monticolo

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Moltner Porphyr

    Additional Names: Möltner Porphyr Rotbraun...
    Möltner Porphyr Rotbraun,Mölten Porphyry Red-Brown,Moelten Porphyry Red Brown,Moeltner Porphyr Rot Braun,Moltner Porphyr Rotbraun

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Molten Grey Porphyry

    Additional Names: Mölten Porphyry Grey...
    Mölten Porphyry Grey,Moelten Porphyry,Moelten Grey Porphyry,Molten Gris Porfido,Möltner Porphyr Grau

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Leiferer Porphyr

    Additional Names: Porfido di Laives...
    Porfido di Laives,Leifers Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Cembra Porphyry

    Additional Names: Porfido di Albiano...
    Porfido di Albiano,Porfido Val Cembra,Porfido del Val di Cembra,Porfido di Trento,Porfido Albiano,Porfido Val di Cembra

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Bozner Porphyr

    Additional Names: Bozen Porphyry...
    Bozen Porphyry,Etsch Porphyr,Bozener Porphyr,Bozener Quarzporphyr,Porfido Rosso,Porfido Val d`Adige,Porfido Trentino,Porfido Adige,Porphyr Rot Bozen

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Herbruikte Porfier

    Additional Names: Herbruikte Porphyry...
    Herbruikte Porphyry,Herbruikte Gres Porphyry

    Belgium -- Porphyry

  • Herkapte Porfier

    Additional Names: Herkapte Porphyry
    Herkapte Porphyry

    Belgium -- Porphyry

  • Jarrah Red Porphyry

    Additional Names: Jarrah Porphyry...
    Jarrah Porphyry,Jarrah Red Granite,WA Porphyry

    Australia -- Porphyry

  • Adoquin Morado Porphyry

    Additional Names: Adoquin Porfido...
    Adoquin Porfido,Adoquin Morado Red Porphyry

    Chile -- Porphyry

  • Thunder Brown Porphyry

    Additional Names: China Brown Porphyry...
    China Brown Porphyry,Thunder Brown Granite,Thunder Brown Porfido

    China -- Porphyry

  • Slovakia Red Porphyry

    Additional Names: Red Porfido
    Red Porfido

    Slovakia -- Porphyry

  • Putian Red Porphyry

    Additional Names: Dayang Red Granite...
    Dayang Red Granite,China Red Porphyry,Putian Red Porfido,Putian Red Granite

    China -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Sarentino Grigio

    Additional Names: Porfido Sarentino...
    Porfido Sarentino,Sarner Porphyr Grigio,Porfido Sarentino Grigio Verde,Sarner Porphyr Grau/Gruen,Sarner Porphyr Gruen,Sarner Porphyr Green,Sarntal Porphyry Green,Sarntal Porphyry Grey,Sarntal Grey Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

  • Porfido Ortisei

    Additional Names: Black Porphyry Ortisei...
    Black Porphyry Ortisei,Porfido Nero,Black Porfido,Sank Ulrich,Nero Porfido,Ortisei Porphyry

    Italy -- Porphyry

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