Grupo FAYCO SA de CV

Mexico-San Pedro Garza García

Main Products:Alabaster, White Alabaster, Block Alabaster, Block White Alabaster, Alabaster Block, Alabaster Slabs

Contact Person :Adolfo Flores
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  • Company:Grupo FAYCO SA de CV
  • Country/Region:Mexico
  • Province/State:San Pedro Garza García
  • Type:Quarry Owner, Factory, Wholesaler, Exporter
  • Number of Employees: 5 ~ 50
  • Establishment Date: 1992
  • Annual Turnover:1 ~ 2.5
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Humberto Lobo No. 520 Interior M-1, Col. Del Valle, San Pedro Garza García Nuevo León México
  • Telephone: +52-8182982550
  • Mobile Phone: +52-8119081808
  • Post Code: 66220
  • Contact Person: Adolfo Flores

Alabaster FAYCO complies with the most high quality standards worldwide, our quarry is located in the southern part of the State, by its privileged location we can restock quantities required in large volumes from our plant in NL to the North of Mexico and United States of America and the world, our process plant in Puebla throughout the center of Mexico and South America.

One of the main characteristics that make that Alabaster is appreciated is the fact that it is translucent. The churches of the Valley of the Ebro, in Spain, instead of crystals had sheets of Alabaster. The relative softness of this material allows that it can carve even with a. The Ca thedral of our Lady of the Angels is an example of modern construction that Alabaster is used in its windows. Currently used in architecture to decorate all kinds of surfaces, interior and exterior, to manufacture furniture and all kinds of decorative items.In our company we want to extract the alabaster and have plants to process it, which allows us to be open to any type of market even sell ingots, plates, and parquet in measures that your project requires, up to 1.65 meters by 3 meters.

Group FAYCO we offer the best of the Mexican Alabaster for the world, we are confident to fulfill the volumes that we require at established times, since we have all the processes; Since the extraction, cut, cut to size, packaging, logistics and distribution, we are the most competitive company of the market that we have no middlemen.  We are ready to be the largest supplier of Natural stone of Alabaster in North America.  

I José Adolfo Flores Calderon put at your service to assist you in a personal and professional way, listening to your needs and give you solutions according to your projects.

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