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MGS – Marble & Granite Service S.r.l.

MGS – Marble & Granite Service S.r.l.

Italy Italy

Company Profile
Company Name: MGS – Marble & Granite Service S.r.l.
Business Type: Natural Stone, Stone Service
Main Product:

Marble And Granite, Onyx, Slabs, Blocks

Country/Region: Italy Italy
Addr: Via Napoleone 11 37010 Fraz. Ponton – S.Ambrogio v.lla (VR)
WebSite: http://www.mgsitaly.com
Company Description
Find out what make MGS different! Read the points that characterize our philosophy. You will learn to appreciate all the features that make the natural stone the right material for every occasion.
Who's Marble & Granite Service?
The natural stone charms
Natural stone is a natural product, which determines its individual properties through the nature and compactness of the minerals which compose it. Among all construction materials, only the elements of construction in natural stone may be combined with each other and with other different materials.
Natural stone is ecological
To produce it is not necessary to use energy, but only for the extraction and subsequent processing. Compared with other construction materials the use of energy is low. The extraction takes place in quarries reduced dimensions without generating excessive explosions. The covering layer is not used to fill the excavated groove. Considering the whole cycle of extraction, processing and reconciliation to the nature there are no waste.
Natural stone is environmentally friendly
As a natural building material natural stone contains absolutely no harmful or toxic to health. The natural stone is not flammable in case of fire, natural stone does not give off toxic substances. For use and installation with no need for chemical protective layers, coatings and fillers of any kind.
The natural stone is varied using
Natural stone is the only building material that has a different congenital and for different levels of chromium is that its structure as natural stone. It is available in a large number of colors, structures and different weaving.
Natural stone ages well
While many building materials become less presentable with the passage of time, the natural stone gets a natural patina that does not take away its beauty. Even centuries-old natural stone floors can be abraded and then be restored to their original condition.
Natural stone is economic
The initial investment is fairly costly, but is to be compared with the low long-term costs such as maintenance and high durability for over 30 years.
The Natural stone is strong
The high resistance to stress of many natural stones have brought to this material a reputation as a building material ever. Even the floors natural stone has the best ratio between maximum load and minimum wear.


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