Piedra Purpura S.A.

Argentina-Puerto Madryn

Main Products:Porfido Argentino, Porfiris Granite, Porfido Rojo, Porfido Puerto Madryn

Telephone:54-2965 451341
Contact Person :Piedra Purpura
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  • Company:Piedra Purpura S.A.
  • Country/Region:Argentina
  • Province/State:Puerto Madryn
  • Type:Quarry Owner, Contractor, Factory, Exporter
  • Number of Employees: 5 ~ 50
  • Establishment Date: 1990
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Ruta 1 - C.C.138 - Parque Industrial Pesado (9120) Puerto Madryn - Chubut - Argentina
  • Fax No: 54-2965 471414
  • Telephone: 54-2965 451341
  • Contact Person: Piedra Purpura
Piedra Púrpura S.A. Italian capitals, began its activity in the northeast of the province of Chubut on June 1, 1991 occupying the same year twenty people to arrive in December 2010 to the amount of 118 workers and more than twenty people and indirect staff .
The manufacturing plant is located in Puerto Madryn and has in its wide beaches of 120,000 square meters with a permanent stock of tiles, irregular plates in all types and sizes and cobblestones. In 1992 it begins with export reaching currently marketed in the international market 80% of the finished product and the remaining 20% in Argentina.
Our site is located in the Sierra Chata, Telsen department. Province of Chubut distant 70 Km. From Puerto Madryn. Its length is approximately 8,700 ha. Exploited in seven different points being included a quarry extraction of solid blocks. In addition, from May 1, 1998 has a quarry called "Namuncurá" a distance of 220 km. From Puerto Madryn with an area of 200 Ha. And extracted material is violet.
With the establishment of the province of Chubut PURPLE STONE SA in 1991, begins an extraction step and mass marketing in our quarries located in the Sierra Chata and our manufacturing plant in Puerto Madryn using techniques and latest equipment with highly trained professionals in the extraction, processing and export of Argentine porphyry. Piedra Púrpura S.A.is porphyry for Argentina and the world.
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