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Main Products:Marble,Granite, Monuments, Tombstones, Countertops, Vanity Tops, Mosaics, Tiles, Sinks, Wall Panels

Telephone:370-8 630 00124
Contact Person :Tomas Zykas
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  • Company:UAB Zemaitijos Paminklai
  • Country/Region:Lithuania
  • Province/State:Viešvėnų
  • Type:Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: <5
  • Establishment Date: 2007
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Viešvėnų sen.,LT-88405 Telšių raj.,sav.
  • Fax No: 370-8 444 43621
  • Telephone: 370-8 630 00124
  • Mobile Phone: 370-8 612 80301
  • Contact Person: Tomas Zykas
UAB Žemaitijos monuments established in 2007. Founders of the company have many years of experience in stone already up to its establishment. UAB Žemaitijos monuments engaged in various products of granite and marble production, according to individual orders slit plates and custom details. Our customers can choose the desired output of more than 14-granite of different colors, textures, patterns of granite and marble, the traffic from all over the world: Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, India and others. Our offered products and services, customers can buy and hire. The company employed stonemasons - artists with many years of experience in new stone industry thanks to the stone block is converted into a beautiful, delicate workmanship, created in comfort and luxury interior.
The main activity of the company, a monument to the production of various kinds of granite and marble, and likewise provide authentication sell granite blocks and slabs. In the long term, the knowledge and experience to help achieve the highest quality stone product processing. The monument is an individual product, our experts will help you choose, a monument designed and manufactured according to your wishes and needs. Production of the monument and tomb-installation is the last gift for your neighbor; Believe it to us, their craft professionals. We do not want to brag, but the stone can produce anything!

Factory and Machinery

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