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Fravizel - Equipamentos Metalomecanicos, S.A.

Fravizel - Equipamentos Metalomecanicos, S.A.

Portugal Portugal

Company Profile
Company Name: Fravizel - Equipamentos Metalomecanicos, S.A.
Business Type: Machinery, Tools,Abrasives
Main Product:

Drilling Machines, Quarry Machines, Loader, Splitting Machinery

Country/Region: Portugal Portugal
Addr: Estrada 5 de outubro, Apartado 47 Pé da Pedreira 2025-999 Alcanede Portugal
Established: Dec 31,1997
WebSite: http://www.fravizel.com
Company Description

Fravizel is a Portuguese engineering and metalworking company dedicated to construction of equipments to markets like natural stone, mining, construction, forestry, sea ports and general industry. The company develops innovative and quality attachments to all kinds of earthmoving machinery (buckets, ripers, forks, hydraulic bench pusher, quick couplers, conveyors, container slab loader, container grabs) and machinery (drilling, cutting and splitting machines, impact crusher, machines to turn blocks and slabs, containers block loaders, hydraulic booms) to make their clients work easier (Problem Solver). Belongs to SME innovation network (COTEC) and has a strong research & development department.

Fravizel was founded in November 1998 in Pé da Pedreira. Its purpose was provide better services to its clients through specialised production methods, as a complement to the company Coremaq, a machine sales and repair company (www.coremaq.pt), formerly Auto-Frazão.

It was founded by Eliseu Manuel Vicente Frazão, a true self made man.

Back in 1984, he began to work on the repair of machines and vehicles, as an individual business. Since the age of 19 his strong entrepreneurial energy has been constantly increasing and his business areas have diversified, yet always in connection with mechanics.

The company's location is characterised by having various limestone quarries. Due to market demands, Eliseu Frazão went on to establish the company Auto-Frazão, Comércio e Reparação de Máquinas e Combustíveis, Lda, incorporated in 1992.

In 1998, as the construction and natural stone market began to grow steadily, the company felt the need to upgrade its machines and to develop them, not only due to its location but also to its interest in improving processes and entrepreneurship.

This is the spirit that has led Fravizel to learn more about the manufacturing and production processes and to understand the margin developments together with those who use the equipment. This knowledge is also enhanced by constantly studying the state of the art at international level.

This is how the Fravizel brand came into the market!

Here you can see our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK7CvRbFi0c

Trade Show
Vitoria Stone Fair 2015

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