Abiviruthi Exports India (OPC) Private Limited


Main Products:Absolute Black Granite Gangsaw Slabs & Cut To Size, Black Galaxy Granite Gangsaw Slabs & Cut To Size, Sira Gray Granite, Indian Black Granite, Sky Blue Granite, Monuments,Marbles & Curbstones

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  • Company:Abiviruthi Exports India (OPC) Private Limited
  • Country/Region:India
  • Province/State:Karnataka
  • Province/State:Rajajinagar
  • Type:Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Establishment Date: 2000
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: 363 19th Main Road 1st Block Rajajinagar Karnataka
  • Telephone: +91-8971615131
  • Skype: Abiviruthi ExportsIndia
  • Contact Person: Abiviruthi Exports


Abiviruthi Exports India (OPC) Private Limited is one of the premier granite companies in India. We are engaged in exporting and supplying Indian granite slabs and tiles,Monuments,Marbles and Curbstones all over the world.


We provide granites for varied industries. Owing to our material quality, color availability, and new designs, we are popular with stone importers, builders, architects, contractors, and designers related to our industry.

Our wonderful and naturally beautiful granites are ideal for all purposes such as flooring, building exteriors, decorating interiors, building memorials, cladding countertops, kitchen countertops, turntables, gravestones and bar top etc.


The core strength of our company lies in its constant effort to procure new varieties of granites that can be fine-tuned to the customer’s liking and needs. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and our ability to understand and cater to the exact requirement of the customer enables us to exceed customer expectations through our materials and prompt services.

With our committed efforts and rigorous quality standards, we have been able to earn the trust and respect of our clients. That is why today we are widely recognized as a highly dependable exporter and provider of premium quality granite.

Our products are 

Product: Granite

We are specialized in Absolute Absolute Black Granite Gangsaw Slabs & Cutter Slabs, Absolute Black Granite Monuments,Black galaxy Granite Gangsaw Slabs & Cutter Slabs,

Sira Gray Granite, Indian black  Granite, Sky Blue Granite, Silver Pearl Granite, New Ivory Fantasy Granite,New Indian Dacota Granite,New Imperial White,Ivory Pearl Granite, Giblee Gold Granite,Fantasy White Granite, Amedeus Blue Granite

Product: Marble
Buy famous Indian green marble/verde guatemala and other Indian varieties at Abiviruthi Exports

Product: Curbstone

Consistently provide four colors; Black,Red,Gold and Grey, Provide us the technical specifications of Curb stone & we will offer you our best price with good quality

Product: Monuments

At Abiviruthi we stock and supply many designs for monuments

Please feel free to contact us for selecting the right designs and we will gladly assist you

Project Related products: Products delivered based on Residential, commercial and other building construction projects

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