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Main Products:Monuments, Granite

Telephone:+81-120 514832
Contact Person :Seiji Naito
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  • Company:Sato Sekizai-Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Country/Region:Japan
  • Province/State:Wakuya
  • Type:Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Establishment Date: 2000
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: 〒 987 - 0121 Miyagi ken Tōda-gun Wakuya-chō Wakuya jiire Shigeta 15 - 1
  • Telephone: +81-120 514832
  • Contact Person: Seiji Naito
We consider universal standards in units of "100 years"
Provide the value of "universal" connecting time and time, people and people.
For more than 100 years since our establishment, we have stuck to the natural material "stone" which is a gift of miracles from the earth. It is not just "making things", but "making a mind". Just to offer 'peace of mind' instead of 'selling'.
We believe that this mission is to realize this philosophy based on "technology" that we have cultivated over the years and "trust" based on steady corporate activities rooted in the local community, We always try to build a service that will allow you to build a bridge connecting your heart and mind.
From the foundation to the present, not only the tombstone but also the stone works related to shrines and temples such as torii and lanterns, public facilities such as monuments, monuments and railings, and stone constructions of private homes such as stone monument, stone pillar and garden related stone We have worked on various fields and have kept a lot of achievements in various places. As we have been in the past 100 years, we believe that the culture of stone will be handed down to future in the future.
The use of stone is still expanding. I hope to pursue the universal "stone world" by making full use of the abundant experience and skill that I knew about all the stones.
tel:0120 514832
〒 987 - 0121 Miyagi ken Tōda-gun Wakuya-chō Wakuya jiire Shigeta 15 - 1 TEL: 0229 - 43 - 3030 
Fax: 0229 - 43 - 3032

Factory and Machinery

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