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Main Products:Grolla Marble, Grigio Olivo, Grolla Filettato, Grolla Rosato

Telephone:+39-445 953081
Contact Person :Mr Nicola Faedo
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  • Company:Marmi Faedo S.p.A.
  • Country/Region:Italy
  • Province/State:Cornedo
  • Type:Quarry Owner, Contractor, Factory, Exporter
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Establishment Date: 1961
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Via Monte Cimone, 13 36073 Cornedo (VI) Italy
  • Fax No: +39-445 952889
  • Telephone: +39-445 953081
  • Contact Person: Mr Nicola Faedo
Grolla marble is our flagship product: Marmi Faedo is in fact the exclusive owner of the one and only Grolla marble quarry in the world, which is located a short distance from our company, in the Cornedo-Valdagno valley.
The passion of the Faedo family for marble goes way back: it was Angelo Faedo who moved the first steps in the marble industry, more than seventy years ago. He then passed the baton on to his son Alessandro, who bought the whole quarry located in Spagnago in the second half of the Eighties, thereby making Marmi Faedo the only company in the world to extract Grolla marble. Marmi Faedo has since become the reference point for the domestic market as well as for foreign markets. The company has acquired an important role in the global market and has created works both outside the Veneto Region and abroad: from Algiers to Washington, to France and Russia.
The uniqueness of the Grolla marble lies in its exceptional mechanical-technical properties, all of which have been strictly certified. Low water absorption, resistance to abrasion, to swimming pool salts and crystallization make this marble also suitable for outdoor applications. But that’s not all: Grolla marble is an extremely versatile product that lends itself to any type of processing.
Marmi Faedo S.p.A.
Via Monte Cimone, 13 36073 Cornedo (VI) Italy
Tel. +39 0445 953081
Fax. +39 0445 952889

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