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Main Products:Purple Wooden Sandstone, Purple Wood Grain Sandstone, Striped Sandstone, Purple Wenge Sandstone

Contact Person :Wang Boquan
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  • Company:Juxian Guoling Stone Factory
  • Country/Region:China
  • Province/State:Shandong
  • Province/State:Rizhao City
  • Type:Service, Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Establishment Date: 2000
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Sangyuan Town,Ju Country,Rizhao City,Shandong
  • Telephone: +86-13506428263-18953238777
  • Mobile Phone: +86-18953238777
  • Contact Person: Wang Boquan
Guoling Sandstone: It has the largest purple sandstone orebody and many green sandstone mines in China, and is rich in red sandalwood grain sandstone, landscape grain purple sandstone, and other products and green sandstone products. The company has 3 purple sandstone mines, 3 green sandstone mines, 1 gray hemp mines, more than 30 stone processing equipment, more than 100 employees, and has a group of highly qualified technical personnel and a professional construction team with complete specifications.
Rosewood sandstone (Ziwenwen sandstone) is a new mine product of our company. It is an ecological and environmentally friendly product. It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, non-slip, sound absorption and heat absorption, and no radiation. Its noble and luxurious decoration effect is suitable for different architectural styles at home and abroad. demand.
     The hardness and easy maintenance of this sandalwood sandstone are more suitable for floor decoration. It is similar to the color of wooden flooring. It is the most ideal substitute for wooden flooring in many projects. In the north, indoor floor heating decoration works The use of this product is even more outstanding. This product has 8 times the thermal conductivity of ordinary wood flooring. It can absorb heat faster and release slowly and uniformly. Its energy saving and consumption reduction effects have been well received by customers.
Series product introduction; rosewood wood grain sandstone board, landscape board, special-shaped, sand blasting, wool board, smooth board, block, and a series of large-scale house stone, green sandstone and gray hemp sandstone. Incidental management products such as red, five lotus, five lotus red, etc.
The purple sandstone series products are currently the best-selling home decoration stone, with smooth lines, natural and environmental protection, good moisture absorption and thermal conductivity up to 8 times that of wooden flooring, and also have health care effects, so that your dwellings are full of grace and luxury. To make your life healthy and fresh.
Our products are sold at home and abroad, dozens of countries and regions due to their large scale, high quality and low price.
Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life!
Sangyuan Town,Ju Country,Rizhao City,Shandong
Contact Person:王经理
WEB: www.guolingshayan.com
Email:792118635@qq.com; guolingstone@126.com
Q Q:792118635
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