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Pedrini S.p.a. ad Unico Socio

Pedrini S.p.a. ad Unico Socio

Italy Italy

Company Profile
Company Name: Pedrini S.p.a. ad Unico Socio
Business Type: Machinery
Main Product:

Gs 121 Open Frame Gang Saw, M945 Bridge Saw, B220mv Slabs Polishing Machine For Marble, Wire Saw Machines, Gang Saw Machines, Giant Disc Saw, Bridge Saw, Polishing Line, Slab Scanner, Resin Line, Trimming Machine, Cruss Cutting Machine, Chamfering Machine

Country/Region: Italy Italy
Addr: Via Fusine, 1, 24060 - Carobbio degli Angeli, Bergamo - Italy
WebSite: www.pedrini-italia.it
Company Description
The trademark Pedrini has been known since 1962 for having industrialized - first in the world - the cutting, polishing and side finishing technologies of standard elements taking the name of "modulmarble". Pedrini has innovated many processing steps for marble and similar stones with its solutions, among which: the high power block cutter for cutting strips, the technology for ultra-slim material, the Rotor spindles with direct drive, the calibrating heads with inclined rollers. Loyal to its tradition, PEDRINI produces the most complete range of machines and lines for slabs and modular elements, able to solve the cutting, polishing, resining, finishing and handling problems in a competitive and lasting way. More than 55 years of tenacity, passion, research and technology, make Pedrini your perfect partner for the supply of machines and systems for the processing and enhancement of natural stone products. Pedrini boasts a wide range of products for all the processing phases: from cutting to polishing, from resining to finishing, up to the slabs handling it offers advanced solutions which are the result of research and attention to detail. Pedrini S.p.a. ad Unico Socio Via delle Fusine, 1 24060 Carobbio degli Angeli Bergamo – Italia Tel.: +39 035 4259111 Fax: +39 035 953280 info@pedrini.it Contatti utili Marketing marketing@pedrini.it Commerciale sales@pedrini.it Acquisti acquisti@pedrini.it Post-vendita assistenza@pedrini.it Amministrazione adm@pedrini.it Lavora con noi hr@pedrini.it Richiesta informazioni generiche info@pedrini.it
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